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EXPERIENTIAL SCIENCES 11 ES 11 Salt Spring Island)

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EXPERIENTIAL SCIENCES 11 ES 11 Salt Spring Island) Slide 2 PRINCIPLES OF ES 11 Offering a variety of learning styles: visual, auditory and tactile hands on field work activities related to curriculum material (integration of subjects) speakers sharing working experiences Providing students opportunities Personal choice about the program Field projects Providing life experiences with a group of peers Slide 3 Courses offered Biology 4credits Chemistry4credits Geography4 credits Physical Education4 credits Applied skills (field studies)2 credits Applied art (art)2 credits Total: 20 credits instead of 16 More hours spend in classroom (no bells) and in the field (long days). Slide 4 Program features Field activities: monitoring activities: beach transects (inventory), forestry plots, population studies (barnacles, shore crab) Laboratories (Tuesdays and Thursday at the College). Major field trip (25 days +) Semester projects (birds, squeleton, slide show, film, website, etc.) Controlled agenda with no bell / effective use of time Slide 5 Day field trips Examples of previous day trips: -Seedling plantation Haines Junction (1995) -Teslin model forest -Frog population study -Envirothon field work -Snow studies -Caribou tracking field work Slide 6 Hands on activities Forestry triangular plot Slide 7 Major field trip (September 26-October 22) Rules for major trip - follow teacher s agenda - eat the food that is offered to you - always stay with the group - no alcohol, no smoking and no sex - polite communication with instructors and peer - serious disciplinary problems could result in a fly back to Whitehorse - liability issues are high for the teacher, and what the teacher and chaperon say goes. - have fun and learn as much as you can from this trip Slide 8 Trip dates Departure: September 26th 8:30 am Wood Street School -Bring material to school the day before General driving schedule: -Drive to Prince Rupert -Ferry to Port Hardy -Travel on the Island -Ferry to Prince Rupert -Ferry to Juneau -Ferry to Skagway Arrival October 22 nd at 4pm Wood Street Slide 9 Program fee Student cost: ($550) -Food (lunch and breakfast) when not on the ferry and two dinners. -Activities cost (sailing, scuba diving, caving, marine ecology station, museum visit, surfing) Department cost: - Transportation, chaperon and gas -Lodging when needed Slide 10 Trip expenses Personal expenses: Minimum $300.00 for the trip to pay for: -food on ferry (4 breakfasts- 4 lunches- 4 dinners) - 2 dinners in restaurant - Laundry (approx. 6 times ) - Personal shopping expenses - One dinner for the group Slide 11 Trip organisation: -Equipment list supplied in trip journal -One duffle bag and a small day pack -Books: art journal, trip journal, marine journal, geography workbook, chemistry or biology textbook -Group material: Field study kits, cooking gear, reference books, art material Slide 12 Forms to be completed as soon as possible: Diving forms ___Diving medical form ___Waiver and release of responsibility (SSI) - signed in advance - video to be watch with instructor ___Training record diver Others: ___US customs form Slide 13 Location we visit: Skagway Juneau Prince Rupert Port Hardy Port McNeil Campbell River Courtney Nanaimo Victoria Sidney Port Alberni Tofino Salt Spring Island Slide 14 Field work dissection Slide 15 Sailing around Pirates Cove Slide 16 Sailing hobie cat catamaran Slide 17 Horn Lake Caves Slide 18 Forestry activities Western Forest Product Log Sort Yard Slide 19 Diving in Port McNeil Slide 20 Slide 21 Marine Ecology Station Sidney Field work Plankton grab Slide 22 Monitoring the forest at the Mount Tuan ecological reserve on Salt Spring Island Slide 23 Royal BC Museum Victoria Slide 24 Ferry time Slide 25 Shore-Crabe mark- recapture study in Courtenay Slide 26 FROG: MARK-RECAPTURE (Whitehorse) Slide 27 SURFING WITH SURF SISTER IN TOFINO Slide 28 Whale museum Telegraph Cove Slide 29 Marble River Hatchery (Port McNeil) Slide 30 Juneau University of South-East Alaska Slide 31 Laundry time Prince Rupert Slide 32 Lunch on the Road Slide 33 Old growth forest and estuaries (Gold Stream Park) Slide 34 Field work Tide pool inventory French Beach Slide 35 Speakers in the Field Salt Spring Island (John Flannigan mayfly specialist) Slide 36 Sleeping in gymnasiums Slide 37 Resource management (geography) and fish farms Port McNeil

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