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AsphaltPro’s Sandy Lender Presents Building a Blog Building a Blog for the for the Construction Construction Industry & Industry & Marketing With It Marketing With It [email protected] [email protected] www.theasphaltforum.blogspot.com www.theasphaltforum.blogspot.com

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How to Build a Blog for the Construction Industry and Market With It is a presentation for the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011 audience, teaching professional blog techniques to save time while building a new customer base.

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AsphaltPro’s Sandy Lender Presents

Building a Blog for Building a Blog for the Construction the Construction Industry & Industry & Marketing With ItMarketing With It

[email protected]@theasphaltpro.comwww.theasphaltforum.blogspot.cowww.theasphaltforum.blogspot.comm

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Website vs. Blogsite

SEO—rankings Static vs. dynamic Blogs of the world…stats you don’t need to write

down On the blog: tags versus labels If you use a Wordpress blog, this tagging is done

automatically. Tag code:<a href=“http://technorati.com/tag/word%20word” rel=“tag”>word


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Choose Your Server

Livejournal is the trailer park of the blogosphere Typepad has nice templates; pay to upgrade for

better www.blogger.com (blogspot) pros & cons www.wordpress.com pros & cons Your webmaster can also set up your blog on your

website and give you control (expenses)

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Make it Easy on Yourself: Advance Prep

E-mail address(es) Password(s) Signature/tagline; http://wisestamp.com Bio (long and short) Mission statement Images (flickr.com) Site & group URLs All in a folder on your desktop where you can find it

easily… Write some posts in advance—let’s discuss this

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Content (in advance)

Select your “end” person; the one who’ll upload content

Select your blog’s mission/purpose to determine your content

Set a schedule and keep it Spelling, grammar, consistency, professionalism You don’t have to create it all yourself:

discussion next

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You Don’t HaveTo Do It All Alone

Visitors will return if you’re a resource News feed widget RSS feed—video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0klgLsSxGsU Share the posting with your round-robin QC group

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Wrangling the Visitors

Comment-moderation Imperative Send notices to your phone so you don’t have to sit on

the blog all day/night Block obnoxious people; watch for trolls

Visitor Registration—pros & cons These visitors don’t appear out of nowhere; let’s

discuss how to attract them

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Registering the Blog

http://technorati.com http://www.globeofblogs.com/ The ping sites let you register These build your presence for SEO, but don’t

forget to register with your state construction directories, etc.

Decide what reciprocal links you want to share—not every request has to be accepted

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Ping Don’t wait on the spiders & bots to alert the

search engines—ping http://pingomatic.com (easy one) http://www.pingmyblog.com/ (easy one)

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Visit Other Sites Visit/comment elsewhere Let’s discuss “comment etiquette abroad”—chat

elsewhere, but don’t spam and don’t fight Your state pavement or construction association’s

blog(s), yahoo group(s)

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Once it’s out there…

Cached posts Public relations—everybody’s watching—

remember that the construction industry is a responsible, environmentally conscious industry—you want to keep your posts adequate to that no matter what content/mission you’ve selected

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Connect http://www.TheAsphaltForum.blogspot.com/

Keep tabs on LaHood’s latest at http://www.site-kconstructionzone.com/?p=3095

Go to google and put in keywords for your specialty—you’ll find more blogs than you have time to read