Fair go for all?

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Fair go for all?. The Aboriginal Catholic Otherway Centre. The Otherway Centre, Pirie Street, Adelaide. Memorial Plaque. St. Martin de Porres stained glass window. Invitation to attend Papal Blessing Mass. Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Annual Reports (1995-2008). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Fair go for all

Fair go for all?The Aboriginal Catholic Otherway CentreThe Otherway Centre, Pirie Street, Adelaide

Memorial Plaque

St. Martin de Porres stained glass window

Invitation to attend Papal Blessing MassAboriginal Catholic Ministry Annual Reports (1995-2008).Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Annual Report (2003-2004) http://www.acc.asn.au/report.htm [viewed online 17/01/2005]Amnesty International outraged at continuing deaths in custody, 29 years after national inquiry http://www.amnesty.org.au/news/comments/25371/ 22/04/2011Blagg Harry (2008) Crime, Aboriginality and the Decolonisation of Justice. Annandale: Hawkins Press Clarke Jennifer When jail looks like a lifestyle option, Issues in Society, Volume 248, 2006http://www.alia.org.au/publishing/alj/51.3/full.text/fair.go.html viewed 23/03/2011Hall Lee-Anne (2004), Sitting Down in the Square: Indigenous presence in an Australian City. Humanities Research. Vol. XI No. 1 Kell, Peter (2000) Good Sports: Australian Sport and the myth of the fair go, Annandale: Pluto Press Australia Limited. Markus Andrew (1994), Australian Race Relations. St. Leonards: Allen & Unwin Australia Pty Ltd. McConnochie Keith and Hollinsworth David and Pettman Jan (1988) Race and Racism in Australia. Wentworth Falls: Social Science Press. Peisley, Shirley (2010) interview recorded with Nolan Dawn.Trepagnier Barbara (2006) Silent Racism: How well-meaning white people perpetuate the racial divide. Boulder USA: Paradigm Publishers. Twenty years on from Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Report.http://www.abc.net.au/rn/lawreport/stories/2011/3194772.htm viewed 13/06/2011