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<ul><li><p>2 - Niche Selection </p><p>a) Simpler than You Think </p><p>Ok so now with the basics out of the way lets get to step one in our </p><p>process </p><p>Step #1 - Niche Selection/Doing Your Research </p><p>Step #2 - Targeting Buyers First </p><p>Step #3 - Expanding the Business </p><p>So the way that I do my Niche Selection and Research is possibly a bit </p><p>different than what you may hear elsewhere. </p><p>Some people tell you to go after markets with little to no competition, or </p><p>the little known golden nuggets out therewhateverI dont believe in </p><p>that, it takes WAY more sweat and tear necessary to make that line of </p><p>thinking profitable for you </p><p>I want the easy route instead </p><p>This is basically what it comes down to for me </p><p>Leverage the Success of Others. </p><p>I like to promote what is ALREADY doing well. </p><p>For example if Im promoting an offer through, Im going </p><p>to choose one of their most successful offers to promote. </p><p>Learn to WELCOME competition. If a lot of other people are also </p><p>promoting a product or services it means that it must be working well </p><p>for them and this provides a huge OPPORTUNITY for us. </p></li><li><p>Particularly with the way that Im going to show you how I drive large </p><p>amounts of TARGETED traffic. ;-) </p><p>I hear a lot of people say in business that you should pick something </p><p>your passionate about </p><p>.like thats the standard business mantra or something. </p><p>And I do agree with that phrasebut I must clarify one thing </p><p>It helps to be interested in the area youre promoting, because it can be </p><p>more fun that way </p><p>BUT </p><p>What I think is even more important than the subject matter of the </p><p>niche youre promoting, is to be passionate about the PROCESS. </p><p>Its the PROCESS behind your ACTIONS that are the biggest factor to </p><p>your success. </p><p>To be honest, Ill promote products in markets I have no personal </p><p>interest in fact, the products and services themselves </p><p>could actually pretty boring to me! :-P </p><p>But thats not the part that gets me excited, its the PROCESS behind </p><p>what Im doing! Thats the part I love! </p><p>I love going into new niches, targeting the buyers within that niche (like </p><p>Im about to show you how to do), and repeating the process over and </p><p>over to grow my business and cash in. </p><p>So lets get to it!! </p></li><li><p>b) How to Approached Different Markets/Niches </p><p>To me, there are three main Superniches that will never ever go out of </p><p>style </p><p>They are Health, Wealth, and Relationships </p><p>And these categories dont fail no matter the state of the economy, </p><p>people are ALWAYS interested in these categories (its not something </p><p>like dining out or movie rentals that people usually will cut back on in </p><p>hard economic times) </p><p>But speaking of dining out, what would be a good idea would be to sell </p><p>how to save money dining out or how to save money taking a girl out </p><p>on a date.something like that.Im just brainstorming now </p><p>But anyway, back to my point </p><p>These super niches can be broken down into subniches For </p><p>example. </p><p>Health can be things like </p><p>a. Fitness </p><p>b. Weight Loss </p><p>c. Lower Cholesterol </p><p>d. Improve your Golf game (like targeting athletes). </p><p>Wealth can be </p><p>o Making More Money </p><p>o How to Save Money (like get cheaper insurance, or credit cards) </p></li><li><p>o Coupons (for deal shoppers) </p><p>o Job Searches </p><p>Relationships can be </p><p>o Dating Advice </p><p>o Personal Growth/Life Fulfillment </p><p>o Hobbies </p><p>o Travel/Gifts </p><p>The reason that I even mention the idea of Superniches and </p><p>Subniches is that this is the way I think of everything that I promote </p><p>online, no matter how large or small the market is. </p><p>It helps me really drive deep into the market and find more traffic and </p><p>more money. </p></li></ul>