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  • GIVE WATER,GIVE LIFEWelcome to our fourth edition of Field Notes. I havejust returned from a memorable trip to Uganda andRwanda. We hosted our 7th Annual EducationConference in Lira, Northern Uganda entitledServant Leadership. We were delighted that over90% of Fields of Life supported schools were inattendance to share good practice, fellowshiptogether and learn from the excellent line up ofspeakers present in order to seek to improve schoolperformance. I am delighted that many of the Fieldsof Life supported schools are amongst the topperforming in their districts and some even atnational level.

    It is always a joy to visit our water drilling teams.The commitment, dedication and desire of theseguys to see communities access clean water is areal challenge to me. I am convinced that this workis vital in order to see young childrens lives savedand communities transformed by reducing theravages of disease and death. As we break throughthe barrier of 500,000 people accessing clean watersince we acquired our drilling machinery in 2009 weare committed to reaching 1,000,000 people by2020. We need your help and ask you to join with us.On this World Water day, 22nd March 2015, we arelaunching a new campaign called Water for Lifewhere we are asking our supporters to save the lifeof one child every single month by committing to 4per month to support this essential work. Pleaseconsider completing the Direct Debit form enclosed.

    We are also having an event called Carry Jerry onSaturday 23rd May 2015. We hope you will considerjoining with us and stand in solidarity with thevulnerable women and children who walk long andardous journeys with many risks and dangerssimply to get a drink of water. Please encourageyour school, business, church, family and friends toget involved, have some fun and change the worldfor someone!

    In Christian partnership,



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  • In July 2015 we will be celebrating our two year anniversary at Practically Perfect, the Fields ofLife Charity Shop! It has been an exciting couple of years and we are extremely thankful to ourfaithful and committed volunteers who have donated stock to sell, volunteered their time andhelped raise awareness.


    For those who havent had the opportunity to visitthe shop we are located at 16 Railway Road,Coleraine and would love to see you. Please call into say hello and check out our stock in storeconsisting of quality and branded items.

    How can you help?

    DONATE!We are always looking for new stock to sell inPractically Perfect!

    Ladies Fashion and Accessories Menswear and Accessories Childrens / baby wear and toys Handbags Jewellery Books, DVDs, CDs, Videos Occasional Furniture Homeware

    VOLUNTEER!By volunteering with Practically Perfect you will getthe opportunity to meet new people, make newfriends, become part of the Fields of Life team andlearn new skills while raising money to support ourwork in East Africa.

    BECOME A PRACTICALLY PERFECT CHAMPION!Each quarter Practically Perfect will run variousappeals for stock and we are looking for PracticallyPerfect Champions to commit to spreading thenews amongst friends and family as well as withinyour church/school/business. Fields of Life willsupply all Champions with posters and promotionalmaterial; all you have to do is help spread the word!

    We are very excited to announce that we will beopening our second Practically Perfect store laterin 2015 which will be located in the North Down area.

    g Keep checking our and social media pages tokeep up to date!

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  • 4CLEAN WATER FOR1 MILLION PEOPLEClean accessible drinking water is a basic human right, essential to life yet over one eighth of the worlddoes not have access to it. Many people suffer sickness and death due to waterborne diseases andvaluable hours are lost fetching dirty water over long distances.

    Fields of Life is committed to addressing the vitalneed of supplying safe, clean water especiallyamongst the vulnerable and marginalised groups,mainly women and children and in 2009 purchasedits own drilling equipment. The new rig drilled the firstwell in January 2010. We set an ambitious target todrill 1,000 wells within a 10 year period providing1,000,000 people with clean water. This year, 2015,we are approaching our half way mark.

    Fields of Life purchased a second rig in early 2012enabling our teams to drill up to 10 wells each month.

    In 2014 our teams provided more than 100communities in East Africa with access to clean water.

    Each day last year, more than 330 people receivedaccess to fresh water.

    Over 120,000 lives were saved through receivingthe gift of clean water in 2014.

    Since our first well was drilled in 2010, more than500,000 people have received clean water.

    Will you join with us this year as we step closer toreaching our target of providing 1 million people withclean water?

    g Throughout 2015 we will be planning a numberof events and campaigns to raise vital funds tofurther extend this work. We would love for you tojoin with us. For more information on any of ourevents or campaigns please for more information.


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    Lera Atar community received the gift of a borehole through the Fields of Life water drillingprogramme. The village is located in Adennokwok Sub County in Lira district in Northern Uganda.Mr Woro Patrick of the Lera-Atar village tells us their story:

    The biggest problem in the north of Uganda is access to safe clean water, in fact many areas have nottasted or even seen clean water. The consumption of contaminated water is a way of life for people inNorthern Uganda, due to the fact that the region suffered insurgency for the past two decades. Many arenow returning from the camps and are trying to resettle, but access to safe clean drinking water is still abig challenge. Fields of Life has been involved in changing lives and building hope through the provision ofclean water and this has been a blessing to all the families.

    Patrick explains, My family has 7 children, 4 girls and 3 three boys. My family has been suffering fromwater borne diseases like typhoid, hook worms, diarrhoea and bilharzia for a long time. We would spendmuch time at hospital and a lot of the little money we could save from subsistence farming was spenton medication as a consequence of drinking water from an open well.

    Mr Cogan Okello, a leader within the village told us Due to a lack of a safe water source for the village,accidents of snake bites were reported due to bushes covering the path and the water source being in aswamp. I joyfully receive this new water source with both hands as a gift from God. I believe we will nolonger receive any cases of children being bitten by snakes and this will allow our pupils to go to schooland the standard of living in my area will improve.

    Patrick finished by saying My family had never tasted clean water before and now this new watersource is why my children have been saved from all sorts of water borne diseases, and they will be ableto attend school.

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  • 6UPSKILLING UGANDA is an exciting new venture and partnership between South Eastern Regional College(SERC) and Fields of Life. The objective is to build and equip a new Vocational Training Institute in the under-developed region of Northern Uganda, where not everyone has even the opportunity for primary education.

    SERC is a top UK College promoting aninspirational, innovative and inclusive learningenvironment, which empowers and enablesindividuals and businesses to fulfil their ambitionsand contribute to the prosperity of Northern Ireland.SERC currently has over 35,000 students and workswith over 5,000 local businesses annually.

    Northern Uganda was a war-torn region devastatedby the atrocities of the Lords Resistance Army.Today many areas still lack basic services. Fields ofLife has been working there for more than 20 yearsbuilding schools, drilling boreholes, providingsanitation and hygiene training helping to breathenew life into impoverished communities.

    Working in partnership with Fields of Life, SERChopes to enrich, transform and inspire the lives ofthose living in Northern Uganda by providing anopportunity for students from Fields of Life schoolsto pursue a vocational education at a new purpose-built Vocational Training Institute.

    Not all children from Fields of Life schools have theopportunity or academic ability to pursue a thirdlevel or further education and are often left with nooptions upon completing school. In Uganda themajority of girls dont even complete primaryeducation because of the demands of home,tending the garden, collecting water and caring for

    siblings. By providing a Vocational TrainingInstitute, students will be given the incentive andopportunity to continue their studies and gain skillsto pursue a career, something many students inIreland take for granted!

    In order to support Fields of Life and upskill theyoung people of Uganda, SERC aims to maximisethe technical knowledge and experience of theirstaf