Fifa world cup 1978

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Fifa world cup 1978. By: Salah Mahmoud 7B. Where and when. The match I chose was the finals match of the 1978 Fifa world cup. The Match was held in Argentina in June 1978. Winner and score. The Winner of the game was Argentina who beat Holland and won the world cup, the final score was 3-1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Fifa world cup 1978</p> <p>Fifa world cup 1978By: Salah Mahmoud 7BWhere and whenThe match I chose was the finals match of the 1978 Fifa world cup.</p> <p>The Match was held in Argentina in June 1978</p> <p>Winner and scoreThe Winner of the game was Argentina who beat Holland and won the world cup, the final score was 3-1</p> <p>Scoring sequenceAt the 37th minute it was the first goal for Argentina scored by Mario Kempes, at the 82nd minute Holland came back with another goal scored by Dick Nanninga. At overtime in the 104th minute there was another goal, which again came from Mario Kempes, but that wasnt enough for Argentina as Daniel Bertoni scored for Argentina again at the 115th minute. </p> <p>One of the goalsAn Attacking Player for Argentina (No. 12) not so far from the opposing teams goal, shuffles his way past two defensive midfielders as one of them attempts to slide tackle him but he luckily skips away from the tackle, while he stumbles down he quickly slide passes it to his teammate (No.14) for a one touch pass to his teammate (No.10), he gets the ball and enters the penalty area with a defender right by his side, but he slides on the ground kicking the ball which goes under the goalkeeper which went for a slide to steal the ball. What the defense could have done better I Think that the defense could have had a much better chance if most of them were not trying to hard to slide tackle the other team. The first team had four people who tried to slide tackle the attacking player but none of them did anything to help. All of the other goals scored by Argentina had many slide tackles too that did not help at all.</p> <p>Individual skillsIn the first goal the player had to use some quick thinking because he had a chance but it was not perfect but he did well by slide shooting it in. The second one needed some aiming skills since he had to pass it in a way that his teammate could head it in and the person who scored had a very good timing. The third goal scored the person who shot it had to quick because the ball was up in the air the goalie was on the floor and there were two defenders on him, it was in a hard position but he scored. And the final goal there was the person who had to think quick and pass it to the person before someone slid and tried to take the ball and the person who got the ball also had to think quick with four people running at him.Anything to keep defenders away from person with ballYes there was, in the first goal scored by Argentina the attackers were passing quickly and efficiently which made the defenders think that they must slide to take the ball away and with all of them sliding and taking time to get back up there wasnt as much defenders to try to block the attacker and it ended up being a goal. Bibliography</p>