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Chapter 1 Executive SummaryExecutive Summary

1.1 EXECUTIVE SUMMRY This project focuses on understanding the awareness and perception tools and technique used by Hero motocorp Pvt Ltd. Hero motocorp Pvt Ltd. is a very famous and trusted brand in two wheeler sector all over the India. Hero moto corp is operating in Nagpur, and trying to increase its market share by undertaking awareness and perception techniques in order to attract consumers. So, this project workA Study of Rebranding of Hero Honda to Hero moto corp. In which we study the Awareness & Perception of the consumers after Rebranding and what the affect onto the consumer in Nagpur City. (2011-2012)is carried out to know the various awareness and perception techniques that is been used by Hero moto corp Pvt Ltd for its consumers in Nagpur city and to study the effectiveness of these technique. Brand awareness and Brand perception being one of the important tool used by marketer to promote its product in the market. More than any other element of the promotional mix (advertising, personal selling, publicity, direct marketing), this tool is about action. It is about stimulating customer to respond and the brand. It acts as a competitive weapon by providing an extra incentive for the target audience to support one brand over another. The objectives of the study are: To determine the level of Brand Repositioning of HERO MOTO CORP amongst the users in Nagpur city. To determine the Brand Perception and Brand Image perceived by the users in Nagpur city.

To determine the level of brand performance of HERO MOTO CORP in relation to certain aspects such as Quality, style, Services after the Rebranding For this the researcher has designed a well sequenced questionnaire. This work attempted to find out which awareness and perception tools are more effective which are used by Hero Moto.Corp.for theconsumers in Nagpur city. An interview of theconsumers & brand tracking survey is used for the data collection work. The main conclusions of the research work is that Co-relation among users choice, programs is the awareness and perception tool of Hero motocorp which are found to be more effective to promote the brand. After rebranding it is most difficult to change the customers mind set thats why the more affords will be required to the company.

Chapter 2 Introduction

2.1INTRODUCTION This project is mainly concerned with the study of Rebranding and brand perception of HERO MOTO CORP among its users in NAGPUR city. Nagpur is turning out to be a great potential for private Sector to establish its service. There are many private two wheeler company operating in Nagpur city, off which HERO MOTO CORP is proving to be leader and initiator of private Two Wheeler brand. Hence, I selected HERO MOTO CORP for my research study to study its brand awareness and perception amongst the users after rebranding. Strong brand equity has become a very important factor that influences consumers perceptions of a brand. Success in brand management arises from understanding and managing brand equity correctly to produce strong attributes that will influence consumers when making their choices. This project focuses on the study of these dimensions (brand awareness, brand loyalty, and brand performance Brand repositioning) of customer-based brand equity on consumers perceptions of a brand. This is based on the assumption that all these dimensions of customer based brand equity will have influence on consumers perceptions of brand. For the purpose of study, a structured questionnaire is constructed. In this study, one hundred questionnaires were distributed, and all two hundred questionnaires were realized. The study surveyed four dimensions of consumers based-brand equity namely brand awareness, brand image, brand perception and brand loyalty.

2.2 PROJECT JUSTIFICATION This Project will help to determine the level of Brand awareness of Hero moto corp and determine the perception regarding Hero moto corp, also determine its Brand performance in relation to certain aspects.

2.3 RATIONAL FOR THE PROJECT Nagpur is turning out to be a great potential for private two wheelers company to establish its service. There are many private two wheeler operating in Nagpur city, off which is proving to be leader and initiator of brand. Hence, I selected hero moto corp for my research study to study its brand awareness and perception amongst the users. This Project will help to determine the level of Brand awareness of Two wheeler brand and determine the perception regarding rebranding, also determine its Brand performance in relation to certain aspects.

Chapter 3 Company Profile


1983 Joint Collaboration Agreement with Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Japan signed 1984 The Company was Incorporated on 19th January, at New Delhi. The Company Manufacture motor cycles upto 100 cc capacity. The Company promoted by Hero Cycles (P) Ltd. (HCPL). The Company entered into a technical-cum-financial collaboration agreement with Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan (HML). As per this collaboration agreement, HML was to furnish complete technicalinformation and know-how and trade secrets and other relevant data. Hero Honda CD-100 is the first four stroke motorcycle to be introduced in India in 100cc range. CD-100 will be equipped with electronic ignition system, illuminated speedometer, 4 speed gear box,neutral and flasher indicators, etc. 15 No. of equity shares subscribed for by the promoters, etc. In November, 119,99,985 No. of equity shares issued at par of which71,99,985 shares reserved for allotment as under: 31,19,998 shares to Hero Cycles (P) Ltd., Hero Investments (P) Ltd., and Bahadur Chand Investments (P) Ltd. 31,20,000 shares to Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan and 9,59,987 shares to friends and association of promoters. Outof the balance 48,00,000 shares, 2,40,000 shares were reserved forsubscription by the employees of the Company and 96,000 shares by business associates. The remaining 44,64,000 shares were offered atpar for public subscription during November.

1985 The Company embarked on its 2nd phase of expansion of increasing its installed capacity from 1,20,000 to 1,50,000 vehicles per annum by the addition of several critical aliminium and steel components. 1986 36,00,000 rights equity shares issued at par in prop. 3:10 1987 The Company offered 6,00,000 - 15% secured redeemablenon-convertible debentures of Rs 100 each for cash at par on rights basis in the proportion 1 debenture: 18 equity shares. Another 3,00,000 - 15% debentures were allotted to retainoversubscription. The debentures were to be redeemed at a premium of Rs 5 per debenture on the expiry of the 7th year from the date of allotment of the debentures. 3,75,000 rights equity shares issued at par in prop. 3:10. 1989 The Company introduced a new model Sleek during July. 850 No. of equity shares forfeited. 1990 The Company was planning to launch a new model motor cycle-CD 100SS suitable to semi-rural conditions. In the domestic market the Company was reported to have a market share of 46%. 850 forfeited shares reissued.

1994 The Company proposed to expand the capacity of existing plant atDharuhera to 2,40,000 nos. per annum. Another plant with an installed capacity of 1,50,000 nos. per annum at Gurgaon Industrial Estate was being set up. The Company issued 39,79,500 bonus shares to the existing shareholders in the ratio of 1:4. The Company also issued 28,557 number of fractional coupons representing 14,250 shares against which shares shall be allotted to presenting the same for consolidation and allotment. The Company's production and turnover increased to 1,83,490 motorcycles and Rs.483.85 crores respectively due to growth in demand for two wheelers and declining inflation. 1995 14,420 bonus shares issued by way of consolidation of fractional coupons. A new Technical Collaboration Agreement has been signed with Honda Moto Co. Ltd., Japan for the period upto the year 2004 which Includes technology related to models of higher Engine displacement. The Company alloted 39,79,500 No. of Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- Each as Bonus shares on 7th February, by way of capitalisation of General Reserves. The Company had issued 28557 No. of Fractional Coupon Representing 14.250 shares against which the Shares shall be alloted on presentingthe same for consolidation and allotment. 1997 Hero Honda Motors has launched its newest motorcycle, the Street, a 100 cc bike designed for use in congested urban traffic conditions. Hero Honda Motors Ltd (HHML) has set up a new motorcycle plant in Gurgaon, near Delhi for the manufacture of the Honda Super Cub 100 ccstepthro bike. Hero Honda has set up a new state-of-the-art plant, heralding a new phase of development of motorcycle industry in India, to provide the most modern and technologically advanced production facilities.

Hero Motors of the Rs.1,600crore Hero group, as part of its globalisationplan,has set up a plant in Brazil for manufacturing hero winner scooters. A new step thru model `Street-100' with unique feature wasLaunched on 24th January. 1998 The company proposes to increase the share capital to 5 croreequityshares of Rs. 10 each, 4 lakh cumulative redeemable preference shares of Rs. 100 each and 4 lakh cumulative convertible preference shares of Rs. 100 each with power to increase or reduce it from time to time. The company further proposes to capitaliseRs. 19,96,87,500 from general reserve to share capital through issue and allotment of bonus shares. Altogether, 1,99,68,750 fully paid b

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