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By Chris Pearce and Isaac Bianco. FISH WATCHING (BETTER THAN BIRD WATCHING). Tail. The Story of Tedzi. Somite. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

FISH WATCHING (BETTER THAN BIRD WATCHING)His activity was still the same, still but thrashing from time to time. His heartbeat this day was higher than yesterday and also you could see a little of his red blood go through his body.

TailEyesYolk SacEyesEgg YolkSomiteThe Story of TedziIt was a bright sunny day in the bio room when we got tedzi. He was still a zebra fish embryo sucking on his yoke in his egg. You could see the faint heart beat of his still body that would thrash from time to time. ByChris Pearce andIsaac BiancoFISH WATCHING (BETTER THAN BIRD WATCHING)

TailEyesFins (DorsalHeartEyeBrainMe and my partner in crime got are egg to see if he hatched because this day the eggs were hatching. We got are egg put him under the microscope and looked through it only to see that he was still sucking on the yoke in his egg. As we heard the cheering of others that there babies have grown up, we would have to wait another suspenseful day without knowing if he would be ready. As we get are egg we suck it up into the pipet and put it onto the the slide slide it under and focused it. When we looked in though, it was a mystery. It was gone! There was nothing inside the egg are tedzi was MIA and we had to find him. Luckly enough are fellow members of the class saw him in the water that the egg was in so we got him under a slide and took a picture of our newly hatched Zebra Fish.

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