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Transportation Services . Ca is an asset based flatbed trucking Company that can help you with all your transportation needs. We currently provide service in Flatbed Shipping, Reefer Trucking, intermodal or Rail shipping, and expedited trucking. Working with over 150 owner operators has allowed us to become a competitive Trucking Company in Canada. Rest assure that your shipment is safe and sound on our trucks.

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Transportation Services .ca is the premier Canadian Asset Based Carrier. We can help you with all of your less than Truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), Flatbed, Reefer and Expedited shipping needs. Our freight shipping quotes are instant and accurate because we have relationships with the top freight carriers across the United States and Canada. We are a nationwide cargo shipping company you can count on! Transportation Services .ca is the premier online transportation rate provider. This site was designed to assist the growing number of individuals with transportation responsibilities. Our site provides an easy to use, fast, efficient process to handle all of your shipping needs.

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What is a freight Forwarder? The original function of the forwarder, or spediteur,

was to arrange for the carriage of his customers’ good by contracting with various carriers. A freight forwarders responsibility included advice on all documentation and customs requirements in the country of destination. Their main goal is to look at their customers’ interests and keep them informed about matters that would affect movement of goods.

Freight Brokers & Forwarders

Transportation Services .Ca provides competitive freight forwarding and freight broker service. While providing excellent service in Flatbed trucking, LTL shipping, Rail transportation, Expedited shipping, Reefer trucking and over the road trucking service, we have been able to dominate as a premier freight broker and freight forwarder.

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ALBERTA TRUCKING SERVICES Transportation Services provides excellent LTL service in Alberta. They

also provide affordable rates whether covered or enclosed trailers are required. This company offers efficient LTL service routings tailored to fit any customer time constraints and other special needs. They provide a flexible service solution to meet the challenges of their clientele within Alberta. There are only a few refrigerated LTL carriers that utilized temperature control facilities and most carriers use trailers that can haul up to two trailers in tandem. A pallet jack is used so that drivers can adjust the freight to accommodate greater space. What the carriers usually do is to place terminals in strategic areas where they can organize all the freight to be picked up and delivered. As the shipment moves, freight that is bound in the same area will be used to deliver the cargo.

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Rail Transportation Rail shipping is a transportation service that uses multiple modes of shipping from

origin to destination, without any handling of freight itself while changing modes of transportation. Rail transportation incorporates the use of rail companies, rail freight companies and rail trucking. Utilizing special containers or trailers which allow commodities to be moved directly from one mode of transportation to another without having to be repackaged,rail freight shipping and rail freight transportation is a very effective method of shipping.

Rail services can haul more cargo at one time than a single truck, which makes rail far more efficient than trucks to move large loads. Using freight trains to haul goods also significantly reduces the amount of greenhouse emissions. Though trains cannot be used in “door-to-door” delivery and have less scheduling flexibility than trucks, Transportation Services combines the best attributes of both rail and trucks to provide timely and cost effective rail shipping. With rail shipments, you are guaranteed that your container will go directly from rail freight transportation systems onto trucks, without any off-loading in between. Rail trucking in Canada is one of the most efficient forms of over the road transportation.

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We deliver top quality service and on-time delivery

It is not easy to find a reliable trucking company in Canada that will offer you dependable flatbed trucking service. You will have to go through word of mouth publicity or read some testimonials on a score of websites to make a decision on a dependable transportation service provider. We are just that and we call ourselves `Transportation Services’. We are at your service and your search process can become much simpler if you leave behind the irritation of comparing service quality provided by each trucking company along with their rates and the delivery track record.

Simply call us at 1-877-742-2999 or 905-761-9999, Ext. 1 and check our rates out. Your transportation problems will be solved when you let us handle your flatbed trucking needs. You can depend on us for your flatbed freight forwarding needs. We possess the capacity and the capability to get your equipment delivered safely to your destination and on time.

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Ontario Trucking – Keeping Your Cargo On the Move

Ontario reefer trucking is experiencing a period of growth. To understand this, one must first understand that a reefer truck or van is a refrigerated vehicle. It is designed to carry foods and other perishable items. There are many versions of reefer trucks ranging from insulated vans to high tech temperature controlled interiors which must be pre-cooled before loading. The driver monitors the temperatures to be certain the cargo is cooled properly during transport. Routine care of a reefer is essential and includes inspections at 3 month intervals or less.

  Reefer drivers require a host of different skills and special training.

Ontario reefer trucking may be transporting food or pharmaceutical, medical materials, photographic equipment or other temperature sensitive cargo.  There are multiple ways to keep the interior of the reefer truck cooled to the proper temperature. It is much more complicated than just using dry ice.

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