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  •   Flavored  Tobacco  Guerilla  Marketing  Ideas  

      Guerilla  Marketing  is  about  unconventional  promotional  tactics  that  are  creative,  high-­‐energy   and  easy  to  understand.  It’s  all  about  grabbing  your  audience’s  attention,  and  often  taking  your   audience  by  surprise.  Guerilla  Marketing  works  well  to  raise  awareness  and  help  advance  a  social   cause.  It’s  an  easy-­‐to-­‐implement  and  inexpensive  way  to  DELIVER  your  MESSAGE.                                   Here  are  some  Guerilla  Marketing  examples  associated  with  flavored  tobacco:     • Create  a  makeshift  candy-­‐flavored  tobacco  stand  for  events,  such  as  a  “Toxic  Candy  Shop”  or  

    “Toxic  Café.”  An  option  is  to  have  a  bake  sale  at  the  stand  and  include  flavored  tobacco   messages  on  the  items  you  sell.    

      • Make  a  candy-­‐inspired  float  for  your  homecoming  parade  or  other  community  parade.  

    Include  flavored  tobacco  messaging  as  part  of  the  decorations.     • Have  a  candy-­‐flavored  tobacco  mascot  perform  at  a  community  event  or  school  event,  such  

    as  football  game.  DIY  mascot  costumes  or  “protest  puppets”  are  an  option.  Protest  puppets   have  been  used  throughout  history  on  political  and  social  issues.  Do  an  online  image  search   or  “protest  puppets”  for  ideas.  Here’s  an  example  of  how  truth®  used  puppets:    


    IT’S  A  M.A.D.  WORLD    

    Remember,  building  an  effective  advocacy  communication  campaign  can  be  as  simple  as  M.  A.  D.     MESSAGE  –  What  do  you  want  people  to  know  or  understand  about  your  SWAT  campaign?     AUDIENCE  –  Which  specific  people  or  group  of  people  do  you  wish  to  reach  with  your  SWAT  Message?     DELIVERY  –  What  is  the  most  impactful  way  to  deliver  your  Message  to  your  selected  Audience?                                            Sometimes  how  you  deliver  a  Message  is  often  just  as  important  as  what  you  say!  

  •   • Candy-­‐inspired  “prank”  at  school.    

    *Disclaimer:  While  you  can  do  this  and  it  can  seem  impromptu  or  guerilla,  getting  permission   is  always  smart.   Here  are  some  examples  of  pranks:    

    o Block  one  main  hallway  with  messages  about  flavored  tobacco   o Impromptu  message  or  mock  “emergency  alert”  on  the  PA  system  during  class     o Spray  paint  or  chalk  the  student  parking  lot  with  flavored  tobacco  messages   o “Vending  Machine  Takeover”  using  flavored  tobacco  messages  

      • Place  wraparound  with  flavored  tobacco  messages  on  school  newspaper.  

      • Decorate  classrooms  with  overwhelming  number  of  signs/images/information  about  flavored  

    tobacco.       • Place  makeshift  “Toxic  Candy”  in  an  open  area  of  your  school,  like  a  courtyard,  or  inside  a  

    local  youth  center,  such  as  a  YMCA.  The  candy  will  have  flavored  tobacco  messages  on  them.       • Place  flavored  tobacco  postcards  or  bookmarks  in  library  books.     • Computer  Takeover:  Change  desktop  backgrounds  and  screensavers  to  images  with  flavored  

    tobacco  messaging  at  libraries  or  computer  labs  in  your  school  or  in  the  community.       • Use  the  hashtag  #ToxicCandy  (or  a  different  hashtag  that  coincides  with  your  campaign  or  

    your  messaging)  throughout  your  school,  a  high-­‐trafficked  location  in  your  community,  or  at   event  like  a  fair.  This  should  coincide  with  a  Twitter  campaign  using  the  hashtag  along  with   flavored  tobacco  facts.  Tweets  should  direct  to  the  SWAT  website  when  appropriate.    

      • The  Creeper  Exhibit:  Design  and  build  life-­‐sized  monuments  or  portraits  of  creepy  tobacco  

    executives  and  include  tobacco  industry  quotes  regarding  flavored  tobacco.  Place  them  in  a   school  courtyard  or  other  heavily  trafficked  areas,  or  host  an  “art  exhibit”  displaying  the   monuments  and/or  portraits.    Optional  catchphrase:  “  No  wonder  tobacco  executives  hide   behind  candy  flavors.”  (e.g.  Similar  to  Florida  truth’s  ad  that  ran  around  1999  and  that  states:   “No  wonder  tobacco  executives  hide  behind  sexy  models.”)  


  •   • Influential  Executives  of  America  Exhibit:  Design  and  build  life-­‐sized  monuments  or  portraits  

    of  tobacco  executives.  Place  them  in  a  school  courtyard  or  other  heavily  trafficked  areas,  or   host  an  “art  exhibit”  displaying  the  monuments  and/or  portraits.    Include  messages  about   how  the  tobacco  industry  flavors  their  products  and  then  markets  those  flavored  products  to   influence  youth  to  use  tobacco  and  become  addicted.  The  idea  is  to  mockingly  pay  tribute  to   these  “influential  executives”  while  educating  your  audience  about  how  youth  are  being   target/influenced.  You  may  want  to  include  messages  with  proof  that  youth  are  successfully   influenced  (i.e.  9  out  of  10  smokers  start  before  age  18,  about  3  out  of  4  high  school  smokers   will  smoke  in  adulthood,  etc.)  

      • During  sporting  events  in  the  community  or  at  school,  such  as  at  a  game  or  pep  rally,  SWAT  

    members  throw  “Toxic  Candy”  (candy  with  flavored  tobacco  messaging)  into  the  crowd.  The   “Toxic  Candy”  can  be  individual  and  contain  customized  wrappers,  or  the  candy  can  be  in   bags  that  include  tags  with  flavored  tobacco  messages.    

      • Target  school  bathrooms  with  signage,  toilet  covers  or  urinal  cakes  that  inform  students  that  

    ammonia,  a  toxic  substance  used  in  cleaning  products,  is  found  in  cigarillos  and  little  cigars.     Sample  Message:  “Ammonia  works  great  to  clean  these  toilets  (or  urinals).  It’s  also  found  in   your  candy-­‐flavored  cigarillo.”    



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