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<ul><li><p>FOODIESEDITION</p><p></p></li><li><p>WE ARETHE SOCIALATHLETICS CLUBWe Help Great Companies Become Even Greater.</p><p>Foodies Edition</p></li><li><p>NICE TOMEET YOU.Were a young team of diverse, fun-loving </p><p>personalities who believe that life is too short to </p><p>not do what you love. We are all social, creative, </p><p>international, savvy, quirky, sporty, crazy, and </p><p>passionate about helping clients discover new </p><p>ways to engage, inspire, and entertain.</p></li><li><p>WE HELP GREAT COMPANIES BECOMEEVEN GREATERWe are dedicated to bringing companies and people together in the most creative and efficient ways.</p><p>COMMUNICATIONS ENGAGEMENT EVENTS</p></li><li><p>OUR APPROACH</p><p>Our method is simple: We work closely with clients to find out the best approach, and then we come up with great ideas and make them happen...</p></li><li><p>FOODIES IDEASWhat we think Is hot in this Winter...</p></li><li><p>PIZZAPILGRIMAGEConceptIts part Food Safari, part Scavenger Hunt, part Pizza-Making workshop. Sound random? It is, especially when sourcing key items wearing a Michelangelo comedy apronand moustache. Teams meet at a carefully chosen pizza den (ok, venue but it sounded cooler) for the welcome intro and briefing pack. And comedy chef accessories of course. The pack is akin to a Scavenger Hunt but Pizza-themed, with the ultimate goal to send you into Mad London for team shenanigans for the next hour or so (i.e. challenges/dares all must be captured via camera of course), returning with the teams ultimate set of pizza ingredients, among other things/props. </p><p>Inclusions: Venue source and space</p><p> Workshop with 2 x Chefs</p><p> Ingredients and utensils</p><p> Event Manager throughout</p><p> Pizza and canapes included</p><p> Accessories including comedy aprons</p><p> Tailored themed Scavenger Hunt</p><p> Briefing pack for teams</p><p> 2 x Hosted/interactive challenges during Hunt</p><p> Drinks additional cost</p></li><li><p>GASTROQUIZConcept</p><p>Part foodies quiz, part interactive cookery, part live demo and 100% entertainment. You are about to enter competitive foodie heaven! We have teamed up with the 2012 Masterchef finalist Andrew Kojma to bring you one heck of a culinary masterclass with an interactive twist. Learn top tricks of the trade, partake in cookery challenges, learn vital facts for success in the kitchen and win prizes!</p><p>Inclusions: Event management &amp; organisation</p><p> Private Hire of kitchen/room</p><p> Locally sourced ingredients</p><p> 2 Course Meal</p><p> Chef to lead masterclass</p><p> MC/Compere to host quiz</p><p> Event Manager</p><p> Full Event Photography</p><p> Chefs hats &amp; aprons</p><p> Prizes</p></li><li><p>BRUNCH-TOPIAConcept</p><p>The Aussies are good for sun, surf, Skippy, andbrunch! Learn what it takes to prepare a tasty brunch from some of the best Aussie chefs in the City. Then take on your mates in a, well, brunch-off. And then feast away. Singlets, thongs and stubbies optional.</p><p>Inclusions:</p><p> Select from a variety of locations</p><p> Cooking workshop with a Head Chef</p><p> Choose from a range of menus you will create</p><p> All ingredients and utensils</p><p> Drinks package including choice of coffees, tea, juices, milkshakes</p><p> Once workshop is finished guests will enjoy a 2 course brunch</p></li><li><p>FOODSAFARIConcept</p><p>Take a walking tour with experienced guide through the Borough Market in London and meet the farmers, fishermen, growers and bakers who all share a passion for home grown products. Split up into teams, taste the freshest local food, source the ingredients with a specific budget and create the recipes Masterchef-style in nearby cookery school. Let your creativity flow through the taste and smell senses and turn your team into a group of innovative chefs!</p><p>Inclusions:</p><p>Event management</p><p>Market Tour with guide</p><p>Produce experts</p><p>Venue source and space at a Cookery school</p><p>Workshop with 2 x Chefs plus event manager</p><p>Ingredients and utensils</p><p>Professional photography</p></li><li><p>COOKERY WITH MASTERCHEFFINALISTConcept</p><p>Guided by Investment Banker turned Masterchef Finalist, now professional chef, teams will be encouraged to think outside the box to create delicious dishes. You will be guided in food preparation and cooking techniques as well as now to embrace your creativity in the kitchen. The best use of colour, detail and taste matching will create the award winning dish.</p><p>Inclusions:</p><p> Full event management</p><p> Experts and workshop</p><p> Quality Food and Beverage</p><p> All equipment and ingredients provided</p><p> Professional photography</p></li><li><p>COFFEE COCKTAILCLASSConcept</p><p>Learn about the rise of Londons best independent coffeehouses through history learn how an expert Barista make the perfect cup of coffee. Experiment by creating your own special blend with your team and colleagues.</p><p>Inclusions:</p><p> Sourced, hand-picked venue</p><p> Professional Barista organisation</p><p> Full event management</p><p> Expert hosts</p><p> Professional photography</p></li><li><p>STREETKITCHENWORKSHOPConcept</p><p>Pop-up markets can offer some of the tastiest food in London. With so many different cuisine choices, its a perfect option for people who are always on the go. How do these vendors do it? Street Kitchen offers an inside look of one of their food truck services. Their sustainable services offer Londoners amazing cuisine prepared with local ingredients. You and your colleagues can learn the process behind operating this bustling food cart, and even make food yourselves! Bon appetit!</p><p>Inclusions:</p><p> Professional photography</p><p> Full event management</p><p> Venue and source management</p><p> Workshop</p><p> Professional photography</p></li><li><p>BURGERMAKINGConcept</p><p>Theres nothing like a succulent burger in a bun when you need something tasty and quick. Lets be honest though, takeaway burgers are a guilty pleasure. Why not learn to make your own with high quality and fresh ingredients? With this package, you can! Bring out your inner culinary genius, take on your colleagues, and enjoy your own juicy super burger as a reward!</p><p>Inclusions:</p><p> Full event management</p><p> Venue sourcing/management</p><p> Workshop, chefs, ingredients</p><p> Professional photography</p><p> Food and beverage organisation</p></li><li><p>HAMCARVINGConcept</p><p>Who knew that we could bring the best of Spain to London? With our exclusive ham carving and wine experience you will taste and enjoy an evening long of delicious Spanish food and seriously interesting wines!</p><p>Inclusions:</p><p> Dedicated account manager</p><p> Sourcing of Ham Carving and Wine Experts</p><p> Experienced event hosts</p><p> All equipment provided</p><p> Professional Photographer</p></li><li><p>PARTNERS</p></li><li><p>HERE ARE SOME OF OUR HAPPY CLIENTS</p></li><li><p>THE SOCIALEXPERIENCES CLUB</p><p>In January 2014 we launch...</p><p>Plus, The Social Venues Club</p></li><li><p> MORE SERVICES. </p><p>MORE CREATIVE IDEAS.</p><p>COMMUNICATIONS ENGAGEMENT</p><p> Off-Sites</p><p> Live Events</p><p> Recruitment</p><p> Networking</p><p> Charity Events</p><p> Product Launches</p><p> Seasonal Parties</p><p> Team Building</p><p> Away Days</p><p> Retreats</p><p> Rewards</p><p> Client Entertainment</p></li><li><p>THANK YOU </p><p>LONDONUnit 100 134-146 Curtain RoadShoreditchLondon EC2A 3AR</p><p>T: +44 (0)20 3286 0556E:</p><p></p></li></ul>