Frontalis – Elevates eyebrow Orbicularis oculi – Flexes eye Zygomaticus – Elevates lips Orbicularis oris – Flexes lips Masseter – Elevates mandible

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Major Muscles of the Human Body

Frontalis Elevates eyebrowOrbicularis oculi Flexes eyeZygomaticus Elevates lipsOrbicularis oris Flexes lipsMasseter Elevates mandibleMuscles of the Head/Face

Sternocleidomastoid Rotates and flexes neckTrapezius Elevates and depresses scapulaDeltoid Abducts armLatissimus dorsi Adducts armRotator cuff (composed of 4 muscles) Rotates, elevates, depresses scapulaPrime Mover - Subscapularis

Muscles of the Neck/Shoulder/Back

Pectoralis major Flexes and adducts armPectoralis minor Protracts scapulaRectus abdominis Flexes vertebral columnObliques Rotates vertebral columnSerratus anterior Protracts and depresses scapulaMuscles of the Chest/Abdomen

Biceps brachii Flexes elbowTriceps brachii Extends elbowBrachialis Flexes elbow, supinates handBrachioradialis Flexes elbow, pronates handFlexor/Extensor digitorum Flexes and extends digitsMuscles of the Arm

Gluteus maximus Extends hipQuadriceps (composed of 4 muscles) Extends kneePrime Mover Rectus femorisHamstrings (composed of 3 muscles) Flexes kneePrime Mover Rectus femorisGastrocnemius Flexes knee, plantar flexionTibialis Anterior Dorsiflexion, inverts footMuscles of the Leg