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spend a great part of the day viewing historical pictures, art work and there are even kids activities


  • Fun Things To Do In St Petersburg Florida | St Pete Fl Activities

    So you plan a trip to st Petersburg and are needing a list of things to do! instead of just providing youwith a list of the St Petersburg beaches, i will list probably the most popular movie theaters andactivities in st Petersburg that does not all of the journey sites know about. Beaches, restaurants andnight time activities may also be included so after a long day of exploring you can relax at a nicewaterside coffee shop or catch a perform at among theaters in town. St Petersburg has plenty of parks and a lot of waterfront parks for visitors to enjoy. If you're spendingwhenever downtown you will observe that lower by the waterfront there are several parks where youcan enjoy a nice lunch time and view the motorboats in the down-town marina at the same time.Vinoy Park is one of the most well-liked because it is web host to many events in st Pete such as"Taste associated with Pinellas" and "Ribfest". You'll find it situated just northern of down-town StPetersburg by the Vinoy hotel about the water. There are also tennis courts and a neighborhoodswimminig pool in this common area.Fort Desoto is an excellent park located on the beaches from the Gulf Of Mexico. Beautiful sugarwhite sand and lots of places to barbeque and have family events. This park and seaside has beenabout the best beaches in America list several times. There is also camping in the near vicinity. TheGulf seaside park is situated close to st Pete seaside and off of the Pinellas Bayway in southern StPetersburg Fl.Sawgrass park is a fun place to visit and have an open-air picnic. You can enjoy a wide variety ofwildlife by walking the nature trails and visiting the lookouts where sea life can be noticed. There aremany alligators in this park and viewing them is fairly common. You can bring pets but ensure thatyou keep them on a leash all the time. The park is located off of 62nd Ave North and approximatelytwenty fifth St. N. in st Petersburg.All of these parks have additional activities and will offer you plenty of things you can do in stPetersburg.With all of the great beaches there are plenty of shops who will lease you jetskis and drinking watervehicles through boats to peddle operated carfts. You can also rent the moped to get around just alittle easier and visit some of the local shops.Visit Fun ride Rentals for a wide choice of enjoyable vehicles and scooters for rent. This is close toClearwater seaside.John's move Watersports is a cool place for rentals close to Madeira BeachUse Wheel enjoyable Rentals if you are close to Downtown st Petersburg or the southern beaches.Regardless of where you stand at there's almost always a location nearby where rentals for touristscan be found. If you are down-town St Petersburg they even rent bicycles and more in the Pier.There are several high quality museums within St Petersburg Florida the place where a person mightspend a great part of the day viewing historical pictures, art work and there are even kids activitiesfrom some.Great research Museum within St Petersburg

  • A enjoyable museum for kids where they can learn about fire prevention, better ways to eatwholesome and enjot it as well as learn about construction and how iportant it is nowadays. Greatresearch is enjoyable for children and also the whole family.The Salvador DaliAnother good museum for the family with activities for kids including vague ideas and classes wherethere's story telling and education in art. Over 20 ,000 feet square of space gives the Dali plenty ofroom for visitors to enjoy exibits associated with fine works of art.St Petersburg Museum associated with HistoryLearn about the history of st Pete along with other parts of sarasota. Artifacts and several historicalphotos and local specimens will intrigue you for many hours. Understand the heritage associated withFlorida and dig through boxes of unknown tearsures which are dropped associated with at the doorsof the museum weekly.American Stage TheaterWatch award winning drama and plays from an exceptionally wonderful theater within St PetersburgFlorida. Well known plays such as the "The rugged Horror picture Show" and "The Foreigner" are ontap for this 12 months.The Mahaffey TheaterBeautiful theater on the waterfront in st Pete just steps away from the Dali museum. Watch live shows, performing arts , magicians and comics. There's always something going on at the MahaffeyTheater.What otherwise can you do in st Petersburg fl to keep you busy? watch the video below for manyadditional suggestions and points of interest.St Petersburg waterfront restaurants and cafe's really are a big attraction when visiting the city. Withbeautiful views and a excellent atmosphere who wouldnt want to wind down from the long day'ssightseeing with a nice supper or consume. Here are a few locations to consider preventing in fromwhile in city.

    Moon Under WaterNice atmosphere to have a awesome drink or even enjoy a nice dinner with a view associated withTampa bay. Located on seaside Drive by Straub park and close to the Pier within downtown stPetersburg.

    Cafe AlmaLive amusement and great food for all occasions. Enjoy beer, wine and a menu with a wide selectionof choices. Down-town St Pete close to parks and all other activities.

    Cha Cha CoconutsOn the surface of the Pier within downtown is a cool restaurant with excellent views and tasty meals.Live songs sometimes so call ahead for more info. There are also other activities in the Pier such asthe aquarium. Ensure that you visit Cha Cha Coconuts as it is one of the fun things you can do whilein st Petersburg fl.


  • Well i am including this coffee shop because so many consumers just cannot seem to proceedwithout their expensive cup of may well from the well-liked store.

    Ceviche'sTapa's bar and restaurant situated off of seaside Drive and Central. Excellent food and wine inaddition across the street from the park and water. Close to other activities like the Mahaffey anddowntown harbour..One from the funnest things you can do in st Petersburg sarasota is obviously visit a number of ourbeautiful beaches. nUmerous gulfcoast beaches and interior beaches are ideal for a day escape mostwith easy access to restaurants along with other fun activities.

    St Pete Beach Located in the southern tip of Pinellas county is St Pete Beach. Beautiful sugar white sand beacheswith parasailing, moped rentals and much more. Public car parking and easy use of many beachfrontbars and stores.

    Clearwater Beach Midway way up the region along the beach is Clearwater beach. It lives by it's title with beautiful cleanand obvious water. There are also many places to rent enjoyable water toys and even do somecharter angling if you like.

    Fort Desoto Beach The southern the majority of beach in the region and also the most beautiful. Rated as one of thecounties best consistantly. A beautiful park and camping is also available here. A few kilometersdown the road through stores so come ready and provide your bbq gear.

    Gulfport Beach This seaside is located in the small suburb associated with Gulfport fl. This is a the southern area ofneighborhood location in st Petersburg. nIce little seaside with a angling pier. Additionally severalseaside bars and restaurants. Do not forget to check out the local art studios and fairs which are verycommon upon weekends. The gay friendly beach within St Petersburg.

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