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Fuze Insights - · 2016-07-12 · Fuze Insights Fuze Analytics Powerful Dashboards and Customizable Reports

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  • Fuze Insights

    Fuze AnalyticsPowerful Dashboards and Customizable Reports

    Fuze Analytics is the only application of its kind on the market, fully integrated into your UC efforts right from the start. Our powerful, cloud-based business intelligence environment equips your business with the tools to capture, analyze, and act on information about workforce performance, customer engagement, and enterprise processes. Imagine being able to aggregate data from across your organization, communications, and business applications, from the contact center to your mobile workforce. Fuze can help you monitor productivity by highlighting workforce and BYOD activity across all Fuze applications — from the front office to the back office to no office at all.

    Whether line graphs or pie charts are the preference, Fuze analytics present a collection of dashboards and pre-built, out-of-the-box reports. Our big data solutions deliver relevant, contextual, customer information that can be translated to the specific needs they have. This actionable intelligence that can be accessed across an organization to help companies and their employees gain a competitive advantage. For example, one click within a report links you quickly to customer contact information, in your CRM system for further exploration. Not only that, our system provides access to key activity previously locked in the business voice system, managers and decision makers can see call time, SMS texting, CRM data, and much more.


  • Fuze Identity Graph

    Always be prepared. The Fuze Identity Graph™ actively combs through hundreds of public and private data sources to provide in-depth profiles for outgoing and incoming calls. Fuze Identity Graph™ technology presents relevant customer insights compiled from public sources like LinkedIn and Twitter combined with your private data sources like Salesforce and Zendesk. You can tailor the information to meet your individual needs, displaying customer history and real-time industry data – and it even works with your calendar to present you with profiles for each meeting attendee.

    Next Generation Business Intelligence

    Additional Benefits:• Analyze activity and CRM data together - integrate your leading business applications, such as, with your business activity metrics.• Identify productive employee behavior – objective visibility into mobile and remote workforce. • Real-time measurement of KPIs• Data available to ensure compliance with any internal, legal, or regulatory policies

    • Increase effectiveness of 3rd party line of business applications• Visibility into unused and underutilized services and assets• Simultaneously provide always-on connections to 3rd party enterprise, social, and public data sources in a single view. (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, LinkedIn, Facebook)• Understand efficiency or performance gaps by comparing activity to that of similar businesses