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  • ." Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, REGIONAL OFFICE, BORING ROAD, PATNA - 13


    Members PETs of Regional Sports committee and other PETs of Patna Region, Member Principalsand officers of NVS, Patna Region attended the meeting held at NVS Regional Office, Patna on21.03.2015 in order to review, analyze and identify the short coming of NVS performance in 25th NVSNational Games and Sports Championships and 60th SGFI 201'4"15 and to plan an effective AnnualPlanner for cluster, Regional as well as National Coaching Camp 2015"16 session.

    Hon'ble Sh. S. Ram, Dy. Commissioner ,NVS Patna Region, presided over the meeting.The following officers from NVS R.O Patna and Principals of JNV have attended the meeting.

    S.N Name Designation NVS, RO Patna/ JNV

    1 Mr. B. Husainappa Asstt. Commissioner NVS, RO, Patna2 Mr. R. Upadhyay Asstt. Commissioner NVS, RO, Patna3 Mr. N. Ramalingam Asstt. Commissioner NVS, RO, Patna4 Sh. C. Roy Principal, JNV. Samastipur5 Sh. J. P. Pandey Principal JNV, Bhojpur6 Smt. P.S. Bara Principal JNV. Ranchi7 Sh. S. K. Sinha Principal JNV, Dhanbad8 Sh. D.K. Modi Principal JNV, Bokaro9 Md.Haji A.Ali Principal JNV. Murshidabad10 Dr. J.C. Kaluawat Principal JNV. Cooch Behar11 Sh. Anil Kumar Singh P.E.T. JNV. Kishanganj

    12 Sh. Sanjay Kumar P.E.T. JNV. Mujaffarpur

    13 Sh.P.k.Thakur P.E.T. JNV. W. Singhbhum

    14 Smt. Pramila P.E.T. JNV. W. Champaran

    15 Smt Rekha Singh P.E.T. JNV. Rohtas

    16 Sh. R. B. Choudhari P.E.T. JNV. Patna

    17 Sh. K. N. P. Singh P.E.T. JNV. Smastipur

    18 Smt. Hemlata N. H. P.E.T. JNV. Shekhpura

    19 Smt. Minu Das P.E.T. JNV. Purnea

    20 Sh. Umesh Prasad P.E.T. JNV. HazaribagSharma

    21 Sh. B.BeneIjee P.E.T. JNV. Birbhum

    22 Smt. Pratibha Kumari P.E.T. JNV. Ranchi

    23 Smt. Madhuri Sinha P.E.T. JNV. S"24 Pargana

    24 Smt. Shobha Rani P.E.T. JNV. Koderma

    25 Sh. T. K. Nandi P.E.T. JNV. N"24 Pargana

    26 Smt. Smita Kumari P.E.T. JNV. Hoogly

    AGENDA POINTS OF THE MEETING(i) To frame an effective Planning and Calendar of Games & Sports Competitions for the Session-

    2015" 16.(ii) To frame an efficient Comprehensive Calendar of Annual Inter House Games &

    Sports (Intramural) Competitions for the Session-2015-16 and common weekly P.T.Activities Schedule.

    (iii) To form Regional Sports Council.BENCH MARK FOR JNVS OF PATNA REGiON FOR .3(>15-16

    :. From Cluster to Regional - 8 % to 10 % of total strength.From Regional to National-- 4 % to 5 % of total strength.From National to S.O.F.l. - 1 % to 2 % of total strength.

    TARGET FOR 2015-16 1'0 identify the shortcoming of last year planning I coaching etc and tofind the measures for further improvement and enhancement of sports performance in variousdisciplines. ,Judo, Wrestling, Badminton ,T.T., Hand ball, Kabaddi, kho-kho preferably.


  • .:. To organise Intramurals/ Inter House Games and Sports Competitions Category wise asper NVSGames & Sports Annual Calendar & maintaining of records .

    :. Ensuring outside participation of boys and Girls i.e. District level, State Level, Nationaland SGFI Competitions, with escorts as per norms of Samiti .

    :. Specific coaching should be imparted to selected Athletes / Players.


    1. Fair and transparent selection.2. Efficient organization of Games & Sports Inter House Competitions and morning P.T. in the

    Vidyalaya.3. Effective coaching camp in three sessions a day minimum for 20-30 days with written

    schedule of concerned sports and Games.4. Punctuality, devotion and commitment of PETS in their Vidyalaya and during the coaching

    camp.5. Proper Sports nutrition during coaching camp.6. Use of standard equipments and providing proper games kit to the participants.7. Co-Ordination between PETs and coaching venue Principal.8. Comfortable TO and FRO Railway reservation for National/ SGFI Participation.

    Reasons for Poor performance in some Games like Handball. T.T Judo. Badminton.Kabaddi kho-kho. wrestling. etc.1. Lack of fair and transparent selection of players during Cluster and Regional Meet.2. Lack of technical knowledge, punctuality and involvement on part of PET as a Coach.3. Poor management of coaching camp.4. Lack of co-ordination between PETs and venue Principal.5. Lack of Standard equipment during the coaching camp.6. Lack of competition exposure /Match practice before and during the coaching camp.

    Sri S. Ram , D.C NVS, Patna Region expressed that there should be congenial sportsenvironment in the Vidyalaya where co-operation and assistance of other teachers can be obtained,since it is difficult for one or two PETs to handle entire group of students. In second opinion heexpressed desire that leaders from students may be identified and there help could be taken(i) Every JNVs of Patna Region should prepare a thoughtful and realistic action plan for the

    improvement of all academic activities including Games & Sports. Other teachers should beassigned the duty for the preparation of athletes/players in various sports.

    (ii) It was decided to publish a Games & Sport magazine at Regional level annually from thesession 2015-16 to highlight glimpses of Games & Sport activities in JNVs of Patna Region.

    (iii) CDs related to sports performance may be obtained and shown to students for motivationand inspirations. On TV Sports related events should be shown to students under theguidance of PET / Other Teachers and Staff Members.

    (iii) Preparation, maintenance and markings of play grounds / courts should be executedregularly and properly.

    (iv) Honor board should be displayed in JNVs with names performance and achievements ofstudents. Photographs and their achievements also should be displayed on the Notice board.

    (v) There should be good collection of Biographies, Autobiographies and memories of nationaland international sports personalities like Biorn Borg, Ebeander hollyfield , Dhyanchand,Milkhasingh, Sunil Gawaskar, Sachin Tendulakar, Usain Bolt etc in library.

    (vi) In the absence of male or female PETs Games & Sports activities for boys and girls should notbe cancelled by any JNV.

    (vii) On the basis of prevailing talent of students and experience of PETs target has been fixedminimum 180 selection in 61st. SGFI. 2015-16.

    (viii) He focused on basics of games and sports activities and suggested to focus on fitness tests,intramural meets, participation in District. State, National level tournaments, and open leveltournaments organized by various federations, and S.A.I.

    (ix) All Principals of Regional games and Sports venues 2015-16 will be responsible for minimum20 days coaching camp and Railway Reservation/online registration and participation ofteam for SGFI.

    (x) Every communication should be made by camp venue Principal and venue PETs Specificguidance given by D.C.NVS RO Patna

    (xi) Table Tennis and other indoor games equipments must be procured in each and everyVidyalaya.


  • (xii) One Principal/Vice Principal from neighboring JNVs should also be deputed to assist venuePrincipal for smooth organization of Regional Games & Sports Meet.

    (xiii) Team Manager and escorts are responsible for all the documents required and sports gearand utensils should be verified before leaving the station (Venue of Coaching camp).

    (xiv) Sports gear and equipments should be collected after regional participates only nationalparticipants are allowed to take sports shoes, socks and tract shuit along with them.

    (xv) Requirement of sports articles for national camp should be placed well in time.(xvi) March-past for regional uniform should be white pants/skit, white shirt,white shoes and

    socks.(xvii) All fields/ courts shall be prepared before opening of the Vidyalaya

    Schedule date for Cluster and Regional Games & Sports Meet 2015 16.

    Competition DisciplineScheduled to be Reporting

    Categories conducted dateSI.N From To

    REGIONAL 1. ArcheryTRAILS 2. Hockey2015--16 3. Judo

    All categories 14.07.2015 15.07.2015 13.07.20154. Taekwondo concerned as per APRIL APRIL APRILnorms.5. Wrestling

    CLUSTER 1 AthleticsSPORTS MEET 2. Badminton2015--16 3 Cricket

    4 Chess5 T. T. All categories6 Yoga7 Football concerned as per 17.04.2015 18.04.2015 16.04.2015

    8 Basketball norms. APRILAPRIL APRIL

    9 Handball10 Kabaddi11 Kho-Kho12 Volleyball

    Note:- Cluster 1/ C& Regioaal Principal will be iD.uring smooth organt..tion ofcluster& Regional Games & Sports meet.


  • Note:- Games & Sports Regional level executive committee 2015-16.i. Sh S. Ram. Deputy Commissioner (I/C) ,NVS,RO, Patna:- Chairmanii. Sh B. Hussainappa,AC Cum Cluster I/C Katihar Cluster :- Executive Memberiii. Sh Rajiv Upadhyay AC Cum Cluster I/C Burdwan Cluster :-Executive Memberiv. Sh N. Rarnlingam, AC Cum Cluster I/e Ranchi Cluster:- Executive Memberv. Sh D.K. Modi, Principal, JNV, Bokaro :-Executive Membervi. Sh C.Roy, Principal, JNV, Samastipur :-Executive Membervii. Smt P.S. Bara, Principal, JNV, Ranchi :-Executive Memberviii. Sh A.K. Singh, PET, JNV, Kishanganj .ix. Sh Sanjay Kumar, PET, JNV, Muzaffarpurx. Smt Hemlata N.H. PET, JNV, Sheikhpuraxi. Smt Sobha Rani, PET, JNV, Koderma .xii. Smt Pramila,PET, JNV, W. Champaran

    Competition Discipline CategoriesScheduled to be Reporting

    conducted dateFrom To

    REGIONAL 1 AthleticsSPORTS 2. BadmintonMEET 3 Cricket2015-16 4 Chess 22.04.20155 Table Tennis All categories APRIL

    6 Yoga 21.04.2015 20.04.20157 Football concerned as per APRIL

    (Athletics- 3 APRIL8 Basketball

    norms. days-

    9 Handball 23.04.2015 )