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Getting Started Checklist

Request a Connectivity Assessment to ensure your internet connectivity has sufficient bandwidth for optimal use of ICANotes: Call 443-569-8778 or email your request to

Create a Connection Icon on each device you intend to use by following these instructions:

Send us your patient demographic data file for import into your account by following these instructions:

Select and contract with a clearinghouse and initiate enrollment (only if you are billing electronically)

Schedule training for your staff. Call 443-569-4415 or use this online scheduling page on our website:

If you have any trouble with any of these steps, call our Support Team at 443-569-8778 (between 8 am and 9 pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday) or access our searchable Knowledge Base

Have your group administrator configure your organizations group settings: Instructions

Have each user configure their individual settings in Settings+Directories: Instructions

Use the ICANotes Upload Site or purchase a Kno2 account to upload existing charts and paper documents into ICANotes (this can alternately be done as patients are seen)

After your clearinghouse has provided your account information to ICANotes, submit a test batch of claims (only if you are billing electronically): Instructions

If you are e-prescribing controlled substances, complete the activation process: Instructions

You are now ready to go live and begin charting



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