Go Big! with Your Donor Relations to Build Future Sustainability

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John A. Hartford Foundation Webinar June 2010. Go Big! with Your Donor Relations to Build Future Sustainability. Dena Baldwin & Karen LaPolice Cummins. Session Overview. Identifying Donor Prospects Team Approach/Collaborative Asks Segmenting priority donors Cultivation/Stewardship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p> Go Big! with Your Donor Relations to Build Future Sustainability</p> <p>John A. Hartford Foundation Webinar June 2010</p> <p>Dena Baldwin &amp;Karen LaPolice Cummins1Session OverviewIdentifying Donor Prospects</p> <p>Team Approach/Collaborative Asks</p> <p>Segmenting priority donors</p> <p>Cultivation/Stewardship</p> <p>Making the Ask</p> <p>2Identifying DonorsGroup A Knowledge of your vision/programsAlumni, Current SupportersGroup B Obvious PartnershipsHealthcare Professionals/IndustryGroup C Outside the boxWho markets to seniors? </p> <p>CREATE A TARGET LIST3Segmenting/Prioritize ProspectsTimeline - length to close giftGiving HistoryInterest/GoalsNeeds requirements Can you get in front of them?Relationships using team versus individual approach</p> <p>4 Touch PlanTreat donors like family and friends</p> <p>Develop customized planKnow key dates, interests, charitable giving history</p> <p>Roll into University stewardship plan</p> <p>Be strategic stay in front of your donors</p> <p>Engage donors in your programs</p> <p>5Funding OpportunitiesScholarship/Funding Opportunities need to be established prior to any solicitationMenu clear compelling descriptionsCase for Donor supportLevels what funding will provide to organization, make it personalDonor Recognition/Benefits</p> <p>6Who can help?Create Ambassadors/Champions</p> <p>Market your department create new initiative</p> <p>Use Advisory Group</p> <p>Open the door to new leads</p> <p>7Engaging LeadershipADVISORY GROUP</p> <p>Strategy to engage highest level community &amp; university leaders for short-term project</p> <p>Be clear about need </p> <p>Limit to that request</p> <p>Honor time commitment</p> <p>Use for connections and/or intros</p> <p>8Exploratory MeetingResearch Prospects Be timely</p> <p>Introduce Program/Case for Support</p> <p>80/20 Rule Listen 80% / Talk 20%</p> <p>Use time to learn passions/hot buttons</p> <p>Who ELSE should you be talking to?</p> <p>9Making the AskHeld Exploratory meetingShared Case for SupportBoth on the same page</p> <p>Ask them, Stop and Listen</p> <p>Do not leave without something Be French</p> <p>ASSUMPTIONS:10Strength in Team WorkShare Successes Tips (Blog/Web opportunity to brainstorm)</p> <p>Joint Asks cross state lines</p> <p>Resources dont duplicate a good thing</p> <p>Build on your expertise and knowledge</p> <p>11 SummaryBy being strategic, creating ongoing target lists and cultivating prospects throughout the yearyou can grow your prospects into donors to become self-sustaining to Go Big!</p> <p>12 QUESTIONS?????</p> <p>13THANK YOU!</p> <p>Contact us at: gobigusa.com</p> <p>dena@gobigusa.comkaren@gobigusa.com</p> <p>14</p>