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  • Inv IY ST. JOSEPH, MO,s gifted ministry rocks area

    1, ivirs. Lloyd n u m l ~ ~ i r e yIYJ3,

    Avenue, St. Joseph, Missouri, do herebydeclare the lollowing tcstimony ac-curate a d truthful.I have suffered with heart trouble, and

    being a nurse 1 tried to obtain the bestmedical help possible. My heart was en-larged to the point where it resembled along-necked gourd, reaching from the ribs

    on the left to beyond the midline on theright and pressing the diaphram. Insteadof the regular rhythm of the normal heart,I had gallop rhythm, or irregular beat-ing, so that I was in pain most of thetime. The pain extended down the left arm,through the chest and ofmy neck. My breathing was very laboriousand I also had Cardiac Asthma, with the

    By REV. C. B.

    Words are simply inadequate to amply portray the scenes which have been en-xtcd at the huge auditorium in the heart of the city of St. Joseph. I t would remind one of a duplication of the great revivals one reads about in the 8th chapter of Acts, when Samaria was filled with great joy in hearing and seeing the miracles which Phil-lip did.

    Never before i n the history of the city has there been such great manifestations ol the working of the Spirit through a sign gifted ministry. The whole city is talk-ing about this great meeting. One need not

    inquire about this revival for it is the topic of conversation on the street, in the buses, in the restaurants, hotels, shops, schools, churches, and homes.

    Some of these conversations would bring tears to your eyes to hear these folks talk in their own way of the strange and un-usual doings which have brought a revela-tion of the works of God, and have opened the scriptures to thousands in this city.

    People from all faiths and all walks of life came by the thousands and were made to believe when seeing with their eyes, the Gifts of the Spirit in operation.

    Great crowds attended every service as ministers and people

    came from hundreds


    of miles away, from Colorado, Montana, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Ar-kansas, Oklahoma, and other states. Sis-ter Louise Nankivell has a sign -gift minis-try. The gifts of the Spirit were manifested nightly.

    The gift of discernment was prominent throughout the meetings as she described their diseases, their condition and charac-ter, often many things that would be a hindrance to their healing. These people were total strangers to her and things about them were only made known to her by these revelations of the Lord. They were called out of the audience, prayed for and healed, on the spot, coming back to give public testimony of remarkable healings.

    Prophecy was manifested several times in the meeting as she yielded to the work-ings of the Holy Ghost. One night there was no preaching only prophecy which wasfilled with the Word of God and there was a tremendous response at the altar call for souls seeking Salvation. Sinners came nightly in response to the Salvation iiT-vitation until h u n d r e d s came forward throughout the meeting:

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  • lung tissues filling with fluid which hadto be coughed up. This condition madebreathing almost impossible. ~ ~ ,to dehydrate the fluid wel-e given 1was placed under an oxygen tent as soon as an attack was over. Along with the heart condition came the complication of Brights Disease which produces decom-pensation or dropsy, and I had only a 35% kidney function. The kidneys are a filter of the body and when they fail to Junction, poisons are retained in the body. As a re-sult of this last, a severe case of arthritis was brought on and I was bedfast from Aug. 3, 1950 until March 1951, being un-able to walk as the arthritis struck from the pelvis downward.

    I had been given u p by the physicians and lold I was beyond medical help and could only live a short time. But then the miracle happened! Sister Louise Nan-kivell came to our city to hold a revival rneeting [,was taken i n a n antbdance to

    (Continued on Page 6) .,.-_.Mrs. Frances Canterbury, 113 W. Hyde Park Ave., on the cot i n the center, was car-

    ried to the Auditorium. six years ill from arthritis, she had been bedfast for two months., ~ d ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    The pain was too great for her to walk, she could not feed herself, and she could notbend her left knee. She rose from the cot, walked and bent her knee. The Rev. C . B. Roberts i s at the right, and Evang. Nankivell bends over Mrs. Canterbury.

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  • prayer room that is always open.

    Every worker at the Temple is a con-secrated. Christian, capable of leading a soul to Christ, and it would be an unusual day indeed, if from six to ten people did not come to the Temple during office hours with problems of some sort, and be shown by these workers that the solution to the problem lay in surrender to Christ and ac-ceptance o i His salvation.

    Since L

    ouise Nankivell is one of our new associate editors, we hoped to have included her picture with the group. We regret that a photograph was not available in time.

    ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI/Continued from Preceding Page)

    I believe this woman has the gift of Faith, in the face of impossible cases. She possesses a faith that will not be denied. In one case, a man who had received a spinal injury in a car wreck, paralyzing him from the waist down, so that it was difficult for him to get around even with crutches, at-



    7I1 his paper, which carries the news, of the Great Day Healing Camp

    aigns, special sermons by leading men on the field, will be of special help to all those v h o are in need of healing or who desire to have their faith strengthened and encouraged. Subscribe for yourself and for others.I enclose $1.00 for 10 months subscription ($1.50 Canada.) If renewal check here 0Name ...................................Street or Box.............................



    Street or Box Number ...................................................

    City and State....................................................................................................................

    Address To: The V

    oice of Healing, Shreveport, Louisiana

    tended the meeting. Sister Nankivell prayed for him and told him to put away his cr

    utches. He crumpled to the floor, but she insistently commanded him t

    o rise and walk, and he straight-ened up as by a miracle, to the amaze-ment of the people.


    e cases, given up by doctors with even organs of the body missing, and were so far gone that funeral arrangements had been made, were raised up before the eyes of the people, by a miracle of God.

    These meetings were permeated with an unusual depth of spirituality accompanied with weeping, shouting, rejoicing, crying for joy. Eternity alone will reveal the great harvest that

    has been reaped during this great campaign. Fold in this city and peo-ple from miles around will never f

  • orgetthis wonderful visitation and our sisters

    . ministry of love.

  • Page 4 THE VOICE OF HEALING June, 1951

    Anointed Ministry. Reaching the Nation from the Air




    Dear Voice of Healing Readers,:

    ecause of the very imminent return of

    our Lord Jesus Christ, it behooves us of the ministry to employ every vehicle that is at our disposal, for the,spreading of the gospel and the healing of the sick. Therefore through the medium of radio, we are reaching multitudes of lost humanity and the sick and suffering. Many are hearing the Full Gospel through our efforts, for which we thank God. We receive hundreds of letters from people who say they are hearing the message of deliverance from all manner of sickness, disease and afflic-tion, for the first time. So abundant are the testimonies of the people saved, backsliders brought back and especially all manner of sickness and diseases healed by the power of God as a result of the healing cloths laid on their bodies, that it would take a volume to record all the testimonies.

    When God spoke to me several years ago and told me to carry on this radio ministry, He promised to bring such great results that we would be able finally to reach the whole

    1- world with this ministry. As my vision revealed, millions of lost souls and sick and suffering humanity who were unguided in the truths of Gods word regarding complete Bible deliver-ance, are now hearing this life-giving message through four different daily broadcasts as well as the Sunday broadcasts.

    It is my God-given

    order and vision to see that the Full Gospel, via radio, is preached unto all the world before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.1 This is the greatest responsibility I have ever undertaken and only God-given strength sustains us and keeps us giving out these broadcasts to millions who hear each week. We need the prayers of our friends, for we are getting but little rest in order to keep these broadcasts on the air. But the hour is short and the times are critical. Our nation is heading for disaster. Therefore, we must spare no effort in this world-wide revival by radio.