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    GoodWORD Partnership, along with other ministries, has taken the lead in launching Mission Africa. In fellowship with Cape Town 2010, the Third Lausanne Congress, Mission Africa will facilitate as many as 50 evangelistic events in several languages in fifteen African countries (Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe) in the months leading up to Cape Town 2010, which is scheduled for October 2010.

    Mission Africa will facilitate partnerships between International and African evangelists and other ministries in conducting a variety of evangelistic outreaches in Africa in communities, schools, prisons, universities, and other locations. The Mission Committee of Cape Town 2010, under the chairmanship of South African evangelist and Christian statesman Michael Cassidy, founder of African Enterprise, a 40-year-old ministry with teams in ten African countries and ministry in additional locations, is coordinating the effort.

    The activities of the Mission Committee increased significantly in

    May 2009 when GoodWORD board member Roy Kruse (representing Blair Carlson) and Mission Committee Co-Director Scott Lenning (Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association) visited South Africa to meet with Michael Cassidy and several other leaders in three main cities. Soon after the visit African

    Enterprise appointed its Director of PanAfrican Ministries, Songe Chibambo, to serve as Co-Director of the Mission Committee with Scott Lenning.

    The partnership theme continues with the involvement of Christ Awakening for Mission Worldwide, a ministry with significant connections to the Anglican Church in the Global South. A recent meeting in Chicago established a relationship between GoodWORD, Mission Africa, African Enterprise and Christ Awakening to work together in Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Uganda, where the Anglican Church is very active in evangelism.


    OUR BiBlical MOdel

    Barnabas, who saw evidence of Gods grace in Antioch, brought in gifted evangelist, Paul, to carry out the work. GoodWORDs passion is to be the Barnabas connection, serving local communities in evangelism and discipleship. ACTS 11:1926

    Scott Lenning and Songe ChibamboCo-Directors of Mission Africa


    The Rev. Blair T. CarlsonGoodWORD Partnership

    PO Box 24104Minneapolis, MN 55424-0104



    Serving Indigenous Evangelists Worldwide

    GoodWoRd PaRtneRshiP incoRPoRated

    Non-profit status granted in 2006. Contributions are tax-deductible.

    Governed by ECFA financial guidelines Careful oversight provided by a small

    Board & a larger Council of Reference with a commitment to evangelism. GoodWORD Board: Blair Carlson, Roy Kruse & Larry Backlund

    Printed MaterialsTo assist local committees in the preparation of outreach events, GoodWORD is preparing a simple manual outlining the key principles and practices for successful outreach. In addition, training materials are being developed to train counselors and follow-up workers for each event. The Navigators have agreed to partner with us in organizing the training through their local ministries.

    FinancesThe Lausanne Movement strongly supports and encourages Mission Africa but is focusing its fundrais-ing efforts on Cape Town 2010. The budget for each Mission Africa event will consist of three parts; 1) local costs for venue, publicity, etc. will be covered by local committees; 2) the international evangelists working in partnership with local evangelists will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expens-es; 3) GoodWORD is committed to raising funds to cover travel and ac-commodation for the Mission Africa Co-directors, printing of materials, and other central costs.

    WE INVITE YOU to be involved in this exciting outreach across Africa. Please pray for Mission Africa

    for the co-directors, the local committees, the international and local evangelists, the preparation process, the training of workers, and for the effectiveness of each event in presenting the Gospel with clarity.

    Please share about Mission Africa with your church and any prayer networks in which you are involved.

    If you know of ministries who would be interested in partnering with African evangelists in outreach, we encourage you to contact Scott Lenning at or (205) 833-9163.

    Please consider supporting this outreach financially with a gift to GoodWORD Partnership, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We anticipate that GoodWORDs budget for Mission Africa will be about $50,000.

    Pietermaritzburg, South Africa - Roy Kruse, Michael Cassidy, and Scott Lenning

    Johannesburg, South Africa - Scott Lenning with leaders from The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa, Operation Mobilisation, and The Navigators discussing Mission Africa plans.

    Pietrmaritzburg, South Africa - Scott Lenning discussing Mission Africa with the African Enterprise South African Team headed by Greg Smerdon


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