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<ul><li><p>GOODWORDP A R T N E R S H I P</p><p>MID-YEAR REPORT 2010 </p><p>MINISTRY UPDATES</p><p>Mission Africa is underway! This report highlights just a few of the hundreds of outreach events that are being conducted across the continent of Africa, in fellowship with Cape Town 2010, leading up to the October Congress. We are thrilled to see GoodWORD Partnerships matchmaking vision in action as African evangelists are teamed with evangelists from other countries to proclaim the gospel, with many, many thousands of people hearing and responding. Visit to view reports as they come in from the various sites. </p><p>Kikwit, Republic of Congo (14-20 June)</p><p>Leonard Kiswangi (African Enterprise) and Emmanuel Maennlein (France Evanglisation) working in partner-ship in the Kikwit outreach mission. </p><p>More than 15,000 attended the final event, with hundreds indicating first-time commitments to Christ. Ministry in the citys prison has resulted in long-range plans to help improve conditions for prisoners. </p><p>Iganga, Uganda (18-25 July) Tom Fortson (former President of Promise Keepers and now the Founder of Transformed Men) was the international partner with African leader Geoffrey Byarugaba. Fortson is from the US, but went to school in Uganda, and played basketball for the national team. 31,000 attended 36 events, with some 3,000 responses. </p><p>q</p><p>In Rwanda (16-26 July), Lon Allison, of the Billy Graham Center, and several African ministers took turns declaring the Word in genocide-scarred areas. Plans are already being made to invite key Rwandan leaders to bring to America their message of Christs reconciliation. Our hope is that many such ongoing partnerships will be forged as a result of Mission Africa. </p><p>Molo, Kenya (24 June - 4 July) A week-long outreach with evangelists Janet Mwendwa (Africa) and Steve Wingfield (USA) began with missioners cleaning up the town with rakes and brooms. In a rally at one of the towns schools, 52 girls came to the Lord.</p><p>A SAMPlINg of UPcoMINg EvENTS</p><p>Pastors from the Nelspruit Townships meet with Evangelist Scott Dawson (front) and Scott Lenning, Mission Africa coordinator (back). </p><p>Nelspruit, South Africa (August 22- 29): Evangelists Scott Dawson and Stephen Lungu are working together in Mission Mbombela. Events will include 25 preaching locations in Nelspruit and surrounding townships. </p><p>Lilongwe, Malawi (September 1-8)</p><p>Nick Hall (left) and Sammy Wanyonyi (center), international evangelists, will partner with Enoch Phiri (right), from Malawi </p><p>Events planned: a Youth Rally, visits to 23 schools, 11 workplaces, 15 open air locations, 17 JESUS Film showings. Preparation training in local churches will take place August 18-20.</p><p> Enoch Phiri, Malawi </p><p> Nick Hall </p><p> Sammy Wanyonyi </p><p> Enoch Phiri, Malawi </p><p> Nick Hall </p><p> Sammy Wanyonyi </p><p> Enoch Phiri, Malawi </p><p> Nick Hall </p><p> Sammy Wanyonyi </p><p> Scott Dawson, Scott Lenning with Township Pastors </p><p> Stephen Lungu </p><p>1 | P a g e </p><p>NARRATIVE REPORT OF THE KIKWIT MISSION IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CAPE TOWN 2010, CARRIED OUT FROM June 13th to 2Oth, 2010 </p><p> Introduction: Dear Prayer Partners, Thank you so much for your precious prayers and sacrificial financial donations which helped us in accomplishing our mission to Kikwit. We give the glory to the Lord. From left to Right: Leonard Kiswangi (AE DRC Team Leader) and Emmanuel Maennlein, (France Evanglisation) working in partnership in the Kikwit outreach mission. </p><p> Mission Set Up and Discipleship training We organized the first trip to Kikwit to share the vision with the church leadership and provide training for counselors and intercessors. This mission was very successful. 45 senior pastors and other church leaders from various denominations were trained and they invited African Enterprise to undertake the mission in accordance with the Cape Town 2010 vision. Then we trained them on the Discipleship training Manuel, on the Decision form and the expected contribution of the local church in such a partnership endeavor. Some practical observations were also given related to the different aspects of the city wide evangelism. This exercise took place from 17th to 22nd march, 2010. </p></li><li><p>GOODWORDP A R T N E R S H I P</p><p>The Rev. Blair T. CarlsonGoodWORD Partnership</p><p>PO Box 24104Minneapolis, MN 55424-0104 </p><p>USAEmail:</p><p></p><p>PRAYER PoINTS </p><p>Serving Indigenous Evangelists Worldwide</p><p>GoodWoRd PaRtneRshiP incoRPoRated </p><p> Non-profit status granted in 2006. Contributions are tax-deductible. </p><p> Governed by ECFA financial guidelines Careful oversight provided by a small </p><p>Board &amp; a larger Council of Reference with a commitment to evangelism. GoodWORD Board: Blair Carlson, Roy Kruse, </p><p>Larry Backlund &amp; Martha Scott</p><p>Cape Town 2010 Were in the final two months before </p><p>the Congress begins, after nearly four years of planning with a cross-cultural, world-wide team. We pray that as 4500 participants gather from some 200 countries, the end result will be a new vision and impetus for world evangelization in this generation. </p><p> Two highlights: Nearly 400 GlobaLink sites (churches, seminaries, bible schools) around the world have signed up to participate in the Congress via the internet. </p><p> Some 300 delegates are confirmed to attend from mainland China to openly participate in this Christian world event. They will share from their experience of Gods faithfulness under pressure.</p><p>The World Cup The Congress will benefit tremendously from the increased infrastructure built for the World Cup, and the world-wide prayer focus on South Africa as evangelism ministries reached out to </p><p>soccer fans. We are reminded how God clearly led us to Cape Town, and pray that this city and nation will be blessed through all of these means.</p><p>Carol GuenterCarols unique experience and gifts con-tinue to be an enormous contribution. She brings administrative skills, missions training, and personal contacts from her previous fifteen years in Cape Town, and most importantly, a heart for God as she assists with all the details. </p><p>Support StaffWe appreciate the administrative and accounting skills of Martha Scott as she serves in Minneapolis, and the oversight of board members Roy Kruse and Larry Backlund.</p><p>Family NewsLiving in Cape Town has been a wonderfully enriching experience for our family. Well be returning to Minneapolis after the girls finish school at the end of the year.</p><p>gENERAl UPDATES</p><p>Thank you for your prayers and support for Mission Africa and Cape Town 2010. </p><p> Pray that the myriad of details for the Congress would come together in a God-glorifying way, and that each aspect of the Congress will honor Him.</p><p> Pray for Mission Africa that through training in evangelism, Christians will be strengthened in their faith, and that those who respond will truly become men and women of God, grow in the church and be a blessing in their community.</p><p> Thank God for funds received to cover the costs of materials for Mission Africa. Approximately $20,000 is still needed. </p><p>Evangelism Training for ChristiansThe Navigators and African Enterprise have teamed up to create a three-phase curriculum in evangelism and follow-up, teaching local leaders who in turn run training courses at the grassroots </p><p>level. GoodWORD is helping to fund the materials being used. Please pray for the training in each Mission Africa location, that many church-goers will be equipped to share their faith and to help those who respond. </p><p>OUR BiBlical MOdel</p><p>Barnabas, who saw evidence of Gods grace in Antioch, brought in gifted evangelist, Paul, to carry out the work. GoodWORDs passion is to be the Barnabas connection, serving local communities in evangelism and discipleship. ACTS 11:1926</p></li><li><p>GOODWORDP A R T N E R S H I P</p><p>SERVING </p><p>INDIGENOUS EVANGELISM </p><p>AROUND THE WORLD</p><p>GoodWORD Partnership</p><p>4619 Arden Avenue </p><p>Edina, Minnesota 55424</p><p>GOODWORDP A R T N E R S H I P</p><p>Yes! I would like to support GoodWORD Partnership with:A one-time gift $ A monthly contribution of $ </p><p>For: Mission Africa GoodWORD Partnership Carol Guenter support</p><p>Please make checks payable to GoodWORD Partnership. GoodWORD is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductible. </p><p>Name </p><p>Address </p><p>City State ZIP </p><p>Email Phone </p><p>If giving by credit card: VISA MasterCard </p><p>Number Security code Exp. Date / </p><p>Signature </p><p>r I prefer to receive GoodWORD Partnership ministry reports by email.</p></li></ul>