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  • Government of India

    Ministry of Tourism

    (Overseas Marketing Division)

    Transport Bhawan

    1, Parliament Street

    New Delhi - 110001

    No. 15-OM(20)/17 Dated : 19.07.2017

    Tender Document for Construction of India Pavilion at the World Travel Market

    (WTM), London (2017), International Tourism Bourse (ITB), Berlin (2018).


    A pre-bid meeting was held at 15:00 hrs on 17.07.2017 in the Ministry of Tourism (MOT),

    Government of India, Transport Bhawan, 1, Parliament Street, New Delhi to clarify queries

    regarding the Tender Document dated 07-07-2017 issued by the Ministry of Tourism for

    Construction of the India Pavilion at the World Travel Market (WTM) London (2017),

    International Tourism Bourse (ITB), Berlin (2017).

    2. The following officers from the Ministry of Tourism were present to clarify points

    raised :

    i. Ms. Neela Lad, DDG (OM)

    ii. Mr. Karan Singh, Asstt. DG. (OM)

    iii. Mr. Sanjiv Vashist, Asstt. Director (OM)

    3. Representatives from the following agencies attended the pre-bid meeting:

    (i) M/s Incredible design

    (ii) M/s Holtmann Messe + Event

    (iii) M/s Sanket Communications Ltd

    (iv) M/s Milton Exhibits

    (v) M/s Bringing Ideas to life.

    (vi) M/s Falcon business energisers

    (vii) M/s Production Point

    4. At the outset, it was conveyed that the objective of having a pre-bid meeting was to

    clarify doubts and clear any ambiguity that agencies might have regarding the Tender


  • 5. It was conveyed that the objective of the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) for participating

    in important international travel fairs and exhibitions is to promote India as a preferred tourism

    destination and to showcase varied tourism products. Further, that the India Pavilion set up by

    MOT at the above mentioned international travel exhibitions also provides a platform for State

    Governments / Union Territories, Tours Operators, Hoteliers etc. to showcase their tourism


    6. The agencies present were informed that as stated in the Tender Document, the last

    date for submission of bids is 07-08-2017 (15:00 hrs) and the Technical Bids will be opened

    on 07-08-2017 at 15:30 hrs. to ascertain fulfilment of eligibility criteria and submission of

    required documents. It was conveyed that thereafter, agencies who are found eligible after the

    initial screening of the Technical Bids will be required to make presentations on their technical

    bids / design in the Ministry of Tourism. It was also conveyed that these presentations would

    be organized soon after the initial opening and scrutiny of the Technical bids and that the exact

    date/time for the same would be conveyed to the eligible agencies subsequently

    7. The agencies were informed that while submitting their designs for the India Pavilion

    at the 2 events, they would need to adapt the design as per the dimensions of the Pavilion

    contained in the Tender Document for each of the 2 events.

    8. It is also informed that the layout / dimensions of the India Pavilion at WTM London

    (2017) and ITB Berlin (2018) have been uploaded along website of the Ministry of Tourism.

    9. The representatives of the agencies present during the Pre-bid meeting were informed

    that they should refer to the instructions regarding construction of pavilion at the 2 events on

    the respective websites of the organizers of WTM and ITB. The design submitted should be

    submitted timely and also take into account all requirements and restrictions contained in the

    instructions of the organizers .

    10. The agencies were advised that the India Pavilion should reflect the theme

    “ Eco Tourism and Spiritual Tourism.” as indicated in the Tender Document and should also

    present modern technology.

    11. This Tender has also been floated by the India Tourism Offices in London and

    Frankfurt for inviting bids from overseas also.

    12. Based on queries raised during the meeting, the following clarifications / information

    is provided:

    i. Layout Plans of WTM and ITB have been uploaded on Ministry of Tourism’s website.

    The same can also be obtained from the organisers of WTM and ITB.

    ii. The bids have to be submitted in physical form and not online.

    iii. The cost of space at Mezzanine floor will be borne by the Ministry of Tourism.

    iv. The press meet is to be held in the press conference room provided by the organisers

    and the seating capacity theatre style is for 200 pax approx. and banquet style for 120

    pax approx for WTM and 250 pax Theatre style and 150 pax banquet style for ITB.

  • v. Eligibility criteria whether the company has worked for Tourism related International

    event or any other international event as given in the tender is to be followed. Micro

    and small enterprises (MSEs) bidders as defined in MSE procurement policy issued

    by Department of (MSME) or are registered with the central purchase organisation or

    the concerned Ministry or Department are exempt from depositing EMD. However

    the agency has to provide a documentary evidence of the same for exemption of


    vi. As per the tender document the bids are exclusive of taxes. However, the GST and

    TDs will be applicable as per the rules.

    vii. As per the tender document the designated area for the activities will be developed by

    the pavilion constructor and the components Yoga instructor, Henna Artists etc will

    be arranged by Ministry of Tourism.

    viii. The additional components beyond the tender document requested by a co-exhibitor

    will be paid by the co-exhibitor directly to the company.

    ix. Agencies should go through the Tender Document carefully to ensure submission of

    all required documents with their bids.

    x. All details regarding general instruction for construction of the India Pavilion can be

    obtained from the websites of the organisers of the two travel fairs along with a clearer

    layout plan. Details regarding requirements within the India pavilion including

    provision for restaurant/cafeteria (area only) may be provided as per the Tender







    TENDER NO.: 15-OM (17)/2017 Dated: 07th July ,2017

    Construction of India Pavilion at the World Travel Market (WTM), London

    (2017) and International Tourism Bourse (ITB), Berlin (2018) with the theme of

    Eco Tourism and Spiritual Tourism


    The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India regularly participates in major

    international Travel Fairs and Exhibitions, including the World Travel Market (WTM),

    London and International Tourism Bourse (ITB).

    1.1 For setting up an India Pavilion at these fairs, as listed below, the Ministry of

    Tourism requires the services of a professional agency for conceptualization, designing

    and construction of the India Pavilion and providing other related ancillary services

    during the events (as detailed under the Scope of Work).

    (a) WTM – 2017

    (b) ITB - 2018

    1.2 The Indian Pavilion at these International Fairs should present India as a multi-

    faceted destination that combines an ancient culture and heritage with a modern,

    innovative and vibrant present. The pavilion should have an inviting look and should

    be open with minimum barriers. The essence of a visit to the pavilion should be

    experience based and visually appealing with use of various technologies. The aim of

    the India Pavilion is to give the visitor the experience of visiting India as a tourist,

    focusing on its varied tourist attractions.

    1.3 The India Pavilion has as co-exhibitors, Tour Operators, Travel Agents,

    Hoteliers, Airlines and State Governments, who are provided space within the Pavilion

    to showcase their tourism products and packages. The Pavilion will provide each of the

    co-exhibitors with self-contained booths of 4 sq. mtr each. Larger spaces will be

    provided in multiples of 4 (i.e 8 sq. mtr. 12 and so on). The estimated number

    of booths required for co-exhibitors at the above travel fairs will be as detailed under

    Specifications and Requirements.

  • 2


    Name of the Fair Location of the Fair Month of the Fair Area

    (in Sq.m)

    WTM London November 2017 650

    ITB Berlin March 2018 710

    2.1 The Areas indicated above are correct as of 2017 and may be subject to

    change, either by way of an increase or a decrease at the Ministry of Tourism’s



    Conceptualization, designing and construction of India Pavilion and providing other

    related ancillary services, as detailed in the Specifications and Requirements in para 5

    of this tender document, at the World Travel Market (WTM), London (2017) an