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Government Officers Salaries, Allowances and Conditions Award  · PDF file 2017-02-10 · 1B. - MINIMUM ADULT AWARD WAGE (1) No adult employee

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  • Government Officers Salaries, Allowances and Conditions Award 1989

    1. - TITLE

    This Award shall be known as the Government Officers Salaries, Allowances and Conditions Award 1989, and shall supersede and replace the Awards or Agreements listed in Schedule C – List of Awards/Agreements which are replaced by this Award.


    (1) No adult employee shall be paid less than the minimum adult award wage unless otherwise provided by

    this clause. (2) The minimum adult award wage for full time adult employees is $504.40 per week payable on and

    from 7 July 2006. (3) The minimum adult award wage is deemed to include all arbitrated safety net adjustments from State

    Wage Case decisions. (4) Unless otherwise provided in this clause adults employed as casuals, part-time employees or piece

    workers or employees who are remunerated wholly on the basis of payment by result shall not be paid less than pro rata the minimum adult award wage according to the hours worked.

    (5) Juniors shall be paid no less than the wage determined by applying the percentage prescribed in the

    junior rates provision in this award to the minimum adult award wage. (6)

    (a) The minimum adult award wage shall not apply to apprentices, employees engaged on traineeships or Jobskill placements or employed under the Commonwealth Government Supported Wage System or to other categories of employees who by prescription are paid less than the minimum award rate.

    (b) Liberty to apply is reserved in relation to any special categories of employees not included

    here or otherwise in relation to the application of the minimum adult award wage.

    (7) Subject to this clause the minimum adult award wage shall: (a) apply to all work in ordinary hours. (b) Apply to the calculation of overtime and all other penalty rates, superannuation, payments

    during any period of paid leave and for all purposes of this award.

    (8) Minimum Adult Award Wage The rates of pay in this award include the minimum weekly wage for adult employees payable under

    the 2006 General Order Wage Case Decision. Any increase arising from the insertion of the adult minimum wage will be offset against any equivalent amount in rates of pay received by employees whose wages and conditions of employment are regulated by this award which are above the wage rates prescribed in the award. Such above award payments include wages payable pursuant to enterprise agreements, consent awards or award variations to give effect to enterprise agreements and over award arrangements. Absorption which is contrary to the terms of an agreement is not required.

    Increases under previous State Wage Case Principles or under the current Statement of Principles, excepting those resulting from enterprise agreements, are not to be used to offset the adult minimum wage.

  • (9) Adult Apprentices

    (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of this clause, an apprentice, 21 years of age or over, shall not be paid less than $421.70 per week.

    (b) The rate paid in paragraph (a) above is payable on superannuation and during any period of

    paid leave prescribed by this Award. (c) Where in this award an additional rate is expressed as a percentage, fraction or multiple of the

    ordinary rate of pay, it shall be calculated upon the rate prescribed in this award for the actual year of apprenticeship.

    (d) Nothing in this clause shall operate to reduce the rate of pay fixed by this award for an adult

    apprentice in force immediately prior to 5 June 2003.


    1. Title 1B. Minimum Adult Award Wage 2. Arrangement 3. Area of Operation 4. Scope 5. Term of Award 6. Definitions 7. Certificate of Service 8. Contract of Service 9. Part-Time Employment 10. Casual Employment 11. Salaries 12. Salaries - Specified Callings 13. Purchased Leave - 44/52 Salary Arrangement 14. Purchased Leave - Deferred Salary Arrangement 15. Salary Packaging Arrangement 16. Supported Wage 17. Traineeships 18. Annual Increments 19. Higher Duties Allowance 20. Hours 21. Shift Work Allowance 22. Overtime Allowance 23. Annual Leave 24. Public Holidays 25. Long Service Leave 26. Sick Leave 27. Carers Leave 28. Parental Leave 29. Leave Without Pay 30. Study Leave 31. Short Leave 32. Bereavement Leave 33. Cultural/Ceremonial Leave 34. Blood/Plasma Donors Leave 35. Emergency Service Leave 36. Union Facilities For Union Representatives 37. Leave to Attend Association Business 38. Trade Union Training Leave 39. Defence Force Reserves Leave 40. Witness and Jury Service 41. Camping Allowance 42. District Allowance

  • 43. Disturbance Allowance 44. Diving Allowance 45. Flying Allowance 46. Motor Vehicle Allowance 47. Property Allowance 48. Protective Clothing Allowance 49. Relieving Allowance 50. Removal Allowance 51. Sea - Going Allowance 52. Transfer Allowance 53. Travelling Allowance 54. Annual Interstate Allowance 55. Mortuary Allowance 56. Weekend Absence from Residence 57. Preservation of Rights 58. Keeping of and Access to Employment Records 59. Notification of Change 60. Right of Entry and Inspection by Authorised Representatives 61. Copies of Award 62. Establishment of Consultative Mechanisms 63. Dispute Settlement Procedure 64. Expired General Agreement Salaries

    SCHEDULE A List of Respondents SCHEDULE B Government Officers Not Covered by the Scope of this Award SCHEDULE C List of Awards/Agreements which are replaced by this Award SCHEDULE D Salaries SCHEDULE E Salaries - Specified Callings SCHEDULE F Clause 41. - Camping Allowance SCHEDULE G Clause 42. - District Allowances SCHEDULE H Motor Vehicle Allowance SCHEDULE I Clause 22. – Overtime Allowance SCHEDULE J Travelling, Transfer and Relieving Allowance SCHEDULE K Shiftwork Allowance SCHEDULE L Other Allowances SCHEDULE M Travel Concessions for Annual Leave SCHEDULE N Named Union Party SCHEDULE O Annual Interstate Allowance Rates SCHEDULE P Expired General Agreement Salaries


    This Award shall apply throughout the State of Western Australia.

    4. - SCOPE

    This Award shall apply to all Government officers eligible for membership of the Civil Service Association of Western Australia Incorporated, employed by the Public Authorities listed in Schedule A – List of Respondents of this Award, except for those officers specified in Schedule B – Government Officers Not Covered by the Scope of this Award, or officers whose salaries or salary ranges, conditions or allowances are determined or recommended pursuant to the Salaries and Allowances Act 1975 or any other Act or are determined or to be determined by the Governor pursuant to the provisions of any Act of Parliament.

    5. - TERM OF AWARD

    This Award shall operate as from 24 November 1989 and shall remain in force for a period of one year.


    "Board of Reference" means a Board of Reference established under the provisions of Section 48 of the Industrial Relations Act 1979. "Casual officer" means an officer engaged by the hour for a period not exceeding one calendar month in any period of engagement, or any officer employed as a casual on an hourly rate of pay by agreement between the Association and the employer. "De facto partner" means a relationship (other than a legal marriage) between two persons who live together in a 'marriage-like' relationship and includes same sex partners. "Employer" means a Respondent listed in Schedule A – List of Respondents of this Award. "Fixed term officer" means an officer who is employed on a full time or part-time basis on a contract of service of specified duration. "Headquarters" means the place in which the principal work of an officer is carried out, as defined by the employer. "Metropolitan area" means that area within a radius of 50 kilometres from the Perth city railway station. "Officer" means a Government officer within the meaning of the Industrial Relations Act 1979. "One working day" shall be equated to seven hours and 30 minutes. "Partner" means either spouse or de facto partner. "Part-time employment" means regular and continuing employment of less than 37.5 hours per week. "Spouse" means a person who is lawfully married to that person. “The Association” means the Civil Service Association of Western Australia Incorporated. “Union” means the Civil Service Association of Western Australia Incorporated.


    On request, the employer shall issue a Certificate of Service containing full information as to the period of service, and nature of duties performed by the officer to the officer on redundancy, retirement, resignation or where contracts of service expire through the effluxion of time.


    (1) (a) Every officer appointed to the employ of an employer shall be on probation for a period not

    exceeding six months, unless otherwise determined by the employer.

    However, officers appointed from the Public Sector who have at least six months' continuous satisfactory service immediately prior to their permanent appointment will not be required to serve a probationary period.

    (b) At any time during the period of probation the employer may annul the appointment and terminate the services of the officer by the giving of one week's notice by either party or payment in lieu thereof, by either party.

    (c) As soon as poss

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