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Green Home Makeover service description.


<ul><li><p>Green Irene Green Home Makeover</p><p> Greening Our World, One Home And Offic</p><p>e At a Tim</p><p>e</p><p>Our flagship service for your home or apartment is a $99 Green Home Makeover. Would you spend a few hundred dollars to save a few thousand dollars while making the healthiest possible home for your family AND having a positive impact on the environment? Even in tough times, most people answer YES to this question!</p><p>The amount of information about going green is overwhelming and often conflicting. Who do you trust to provide the best information about greening your home? Your local Green Irene Eco-Consultant, supported by the resources of Green Irene LLC, is the knowledgeable green friend you have been wishing for. He or she has all the tools and information necessary to move you and your family toward a healthier, greener life. Let them share their knowledge! </p><p>Well Show You How Much Money Our Green Products Can Save You </p><p>Here are just three examples of dozens of money saving, green ideas we can help you implement as part of a 60-90 minute Green Home Makeover. Many of our ideas are actions you can implement that do not cost a penny. Other changes require a small investment to earn big dividends.</p><p>Let your local Green Irene do an inventory of your wasteful incandescent lighting and show you how to save $1,000s on your electric bill. Your consultant can show you the actual </p><p>Copyright Green Irene LLC 2010 All Rights ReservedGreen Irene Green Home Makeover</p><p>What Can I Expect When an Eco-Consultant Arrives at my Home?</p><p>Our Green Home Makeover generally takes from 60-90 </p><p>minutes. When your local Green Irene Eco-Consultant </p><p>walks through your home with our Green Home Makeover Checklist, he or she will point out immediate changes you can make at no cost while customizing a set </p><p>of recommendations on how you can save money, save </p><p>energy, save water and live a healthier life. The Green </p><p>Home Makeover concentrates on the interior of your </p><p>home, though it touches upon yard areas as well. You need </p><p>to be present and be an active participant in the process.</p><p>We review your Green Home Makeover Portal towards the end of our visit and discuss with you how to best </p><p>capitalize on the recommendations. Our Family Action Plan gives you the opportunity to assign specific tasks to each member of the family to involve everyone in reaching </p><p>your goal of a more sustainable lifestyle. We also offer </p><p>you Green Irene Guides to various topics and include the valuable Ask Green Irene service. Your local Green Irene Eco-Consultant will also be able to refer you to other </p><p>qualified green professionals in your area as part of our </p><p>Sustainable Contractors Network.</p><p>Our Green Home Makeover Portal will also introduce you </p><p>to Green Irene recommended products, some of which we offer for sale in person or through an online catalog. </p><p>You will want to consider incorporating these to help in </p><p>your efforts to green your home and save money. </p><p>Green Home Makeover Topics Include:</p><p> Energy Conservation</p><p> Energy Efficient Lighting</p><p> Water Conservation</p><p> Water Purity</p><p> Toxic Free Living</p><p> Indoor Air Quality</p><p> Waste Reduction and Recycling</p><p> Shrinking your Familys Carbon Footprint</p><p> Safety and Emergency Preparedness</p></li><li><p>bulbs and you can see how they look in your home. We carry the best dimmable CFLs as well as all shapes and sizes of the best Energy Star bulbs available. One client spent an incremental $358 upgrading to 57 CFLs and cold cathodes and is saving $6,300 over the life of the first set of bulbs.</p><p>The Green Irene Water Conservation Kit for a two-bathroom home will save up to $8,000 in energy costs over 7 years with an investment of only $133. The energy and water you save from your shower, toilet and faucets will make big impacts on your utility bill and the environment. You dont need to </p><p>spend hours researching the best low flow showerheads (1.59 gallons per minute) that feel like your current wasteful ones. We have already done that for you.</p><p>Wondering how much a specific device costs to run each year? Our Kill-A-Watt tool will help you understand what each appliance or device costs to run each year using your local electricity rate. Your TV, computers, video game consoles and other devices use energy constantly, even when off. Your local Eco-Consultant has tools to measure </p><p>the cost of this phantom energy use and a way to eliminate half of the $200 a year we normally find wasted.</p><p>Well Show You How a Green Home is a Healthy Home</p><p>Want to keep your home clear of harmful cleaning agents with great non-toxic cleaning products? We have them. </p><p>Our HVAC filters are giant steps ahead of those old fiberglass filters (MERV 1) you currently use. We offer electrostatic, washable (reusable) filters you never have to buy again, as well as MERV 13 filters, a very high filtering level, to take allergens and pollutants out of your home air as they pass through your HVAC.</p><p>Green Irenes Support Extends Beyond the Consultation</p><p>Included in the price of your Green Home Makeover is a three-month Ask Green Irene Membership, which gives you access to our extensive green knowledge base. As questions arise on the path to greening your home, you receive email support not only from your local Eco-Consultant, but also from Green Irene LLCs staff of researchers. Well spend the time researching new innovations so you dont have to, and add solutions to our database daily. All you have to do is ask!</p><p>For those who need some extra support in going green, the Green Home Makeover PLUS offers two additional hours of consultation and a 12 month Ask Green Irene Membership.</p><p>Rely on your local Green Irene Eco-Consultant to help you and your family along your path to a greener, healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. If you join us, together well be Greening Our World, One Home And Office At A Time!</p><p>About Green Irene Green Irene will lead your co-workers and family to a healthier, safer and more sustainable lifestyle and save you money, energy, and water with our consulting services and green home and green business products.</p><p>GreenHomeMakeoversGreenBusinessMakeoversGOGREENWorkshopsAskGreenIreneResearchServices</p><p>Green Irene LLCGreening Our World, One Home And Office At A TimeSM</p><p>Green Irene eco-consulting services and GreenIrene-recommended green home andbusiness products are provided by independentauthorized Green Irene Eco-Consultants</p><p>Your Local Green Irene Eco-Consultant</p><p>Want to green your home but not ready to make </p><p>going green your hobby? Rely on Green Irene to do </p><p>the work and give your family the benefits of a Green Home Makeover. </p></li></ul>