Happy mother’s day from fl fam

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Text of Happy mother’s day from fl fam

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers DayLove,Your Florida Family

This is where it all began

You found your soul mate

Became a forever family

Your heart was broken but instead of giving up

You put your cape back on

Your strength and courage won over our hearts (the Olive Garden breadsticks helped)

You changed Baby Xs name to Xander

You made sure that we all knew that we were part of your forever plan

You loved every beat of his heart

You kept a smile on your face even though Sparta held us hostage for three days.

Xander didnt waste any time

Neither did the camera crew (also known as Daddy)

It was your love that brought us all together

You made this experience so much better than we could have ever hoped for.

Happy Mothers Day!