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The Daily Camera's annual Holiday Gift Guide series begins with Holiday Gift Guide 1, published on November 26, 2009.

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Fight nature deficit disorder Instant Gratification Gifts for women Ten ways to save money this holiday season Six Picks: Gifts for men Six Picks: Gifts for men and women New for 2009: Activity Gifts Tips on navigating the holiday shopping season Holiday Season Fashions: Its a mix-up Where the cool things are

Art Director and Editor: Aubrey Laurence | Photographer: Jonathan Castner | Writers: Judy Finman, L.L. Charles and Julie Kailus | Additional content from Tribune Media Services The 2009 Holiday Gift Guide is a marketing feature of your Camera and Enterprise. Look for this publication and lots of other great content online at DailyCamera.com and BroomfieldEnterprise.com. For advertising information, call your consultant or 303.473.1400. To subscribe to your Camera, call 303.444.3444 or visit DailyCamera.com. Copyright 2009.





Get kids active with outdoorsy gifts this yearBy Pete Zimowsky, Tribune Media Services

Fight nature deficit disordermay not remember a TV show or a computer game, but they sure will remember the first fox they saw in the woods. Youre an outdoorsy guy riding around in a sled and tromping around in the snow. You understand. OK, you can still bring a Wii or PlayStation, but maybe throw in a ringer to get the kids outdoors. Santa, also tell parents that if they get an outdoors gift for their kids, it is a commitment to take their kids fishing, hiking or whatever.

A lot of kids will bomb me with snowballs for writing this letter, but its really important. Youve got to go easy on the electronic games and gadgets, and noimagination toys this holiday season. Promote more outdoorsy gifts. Yup, this is serious. Kids are too plugged in these days. They need to be unplugged and introduced to the outdoors. Thats why when I was in an outdoors shop last week and spotted a pair of pint-sized snowshoes, I immediately bought them for my oldest grandsons gift. There was no hesitation. (Hopefully, my son wont let him read this column, and the gift will remain a surprise.) Santa, youve heard of Richard Louv, author of the book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder. He says kids, who dont get outside, suffer from increased feelings of stress, have trouble paying attention and feel like they are not a part of the world around them. He calls the phenomena nature deficit disorder. Hes right. You just dont see that many kids roaming around outdoors anymore. Im always surprised when I see a couple of kids riding bikes along the Greenbelt and carrying fishing rods. Its an oddity today, but it was very common in the past. Everything is so structured with no-imagination toys to video games to sports. One report said that the average child, 6 to 11 years old, spends an average of 30 hours per week looking at a television or at a computer screen. Kids spend 6.5 hours each day using electronic equipment in their free time, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation study. So, Im suggesting that you bring kids more nature- or outdoors-oriented gifts. Playing outdoors promotes physical and mental health and creativity. They4 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

Dear Santa:

Here are some outdoorsy kids gifts: A new flashy bike helmet may spark more bike riding. Bicycle accessories, like bells and baskets, can come in handy. Inexpensive trekking poles come with a compass built in the handles. Kind of fun. Kid-size Camelbak packs are just the right size for pintsized hikers and skiers. BMX or mountain bike. It will have them out in the neighborhood or doing jumps in the vacant lot. Sleds. It only takes a few inches of snow for sledding. Sleds and toboggans are fun and theres a lot of exercise going back up the hill. By the way, the Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge is one hot sled. Youll fight the kids over it. Kid-size fishing rods and fishing kits with a rod, reel and fishing box may spark a lifelong pursuit. Theres even a Spider-Man fishing kit. A fly-tying kit for older kids will spark an interest in bugs and stuff. Black Diamond even has a Wiz Kids head lamp.

Spark some bird watching. Instead of toys that buzz, light up and make a lot of noise, how about an assortment of wildlife puppets? I really love the snowy owl puppet I got one of my grandkids last year. It was a hit. Compact binoculars. This is one sure way of getting kids interested in wildlife watching. Some high-quality binoculars are made for youngsters.



A good, quality compass will get kids interested in orienteering. Hey, its north then east to Joeys house. Kites. Theres something about hiking around and chasing the wind to fly a kite. I think kite flying is a lost art. Good, high-performance outdoor clothing for kids can be expensive, but it will make outdoor adventures more comfortable for them. Junior-size backpacks, skis, snowshoes, sleeping bags and hiking shoes are available for kids.





Toys for toddlers must meet the demands of on-the-go age groupBy Kristi Elliott, Tribune Media Services

Instant GratificationYounger toddlers still unsteady on their feet may end up leaning too much on Rocky, who could shake off or surprise a small child with his enthusiasm. Some of the trucks from Sprigs simple but effective toy line may be a better fit for less stable children and are available at childrens boutiques. Little mommies will be full of pride and joy as their Little Mommy Walk & Giggle Doll reaches the ultimate milestone walking and takes her very first steps. The doll senses when her mommy is holding her hands to help her walk with help or alone. She

When did your little bundle of joy turn into Veruca Salt, wanting the world and wanting it now?

Little Mommy Walk & Giggle Doll

Unlike the first couple of years, your toddler is probably going to be less focused on the spectacle of gift unwrapping and more into whats inside all those pretty, pretty packages. The good news is, its an easy age group to find colorful gifts at all price points. Kids have probably begun to develop preferences for certain TV shows, colors and activities, and theres sure to be a gift out there that caters to them all. Heres a brief selection of a few holiday offerings.

also responds to tummy tickles with adorable giggling sounds and motion. This interactive doll recognizes her pacifier and bottle for realistic nurturing play. And, the Walk & Giggle Doll plays Peek-a-Boo, sings silly songs, walks her puppy on a leash and says sweet phrases like, No, no help Mama, All by myself, and I told you ... I can do it! Little Mommy even smells like baby powder coming out of the box. Just when you begin to fear Little Mommy will give your youngun the false impression that parenting is a cake walk, she throws you for a loop: she requires 6 AA batteries, which are not included. Caucasian and AfricanAmerican dolls available.

This bright yellow and black, fully functional dump truck is packed with personality. This new best buddy can be played with like all traditional dump truck toys but will also have kids laughing and dancing as he stands up, squats, shakes, tells jokes and dances. Kids will delight as Rocky says, Shake what your mama gave you! and wiggles and jiggles to his own fun music. Activated by interactive sensors and featuring motorized movement, his headlights flash and he says more than 100 phrases like Rocky reporting for duty and Lets get to work. Kids will be fully engaged as they get ready to load em up and move em out with real hauling and dumping action. He stands up and shakes out his load and says Great job, Champ! And when the day is done, Rocky goes to sleep, squatting down into his tires, snoring loudly. Note to parents: Rockys energy can hardly be tied down. Though hes ready to roll right out of the box, getting him untethered from his packaging is a 15minute task. His build also makes him a better fit for stable, older toddlers.6 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE CAMERA / ENTERPRISE

Matchbox Rocky The Robot Truck

Kids will feel just like theyve stepped into Handy Mannys world with this kid-sized repair shop that features lots of great projects that they can build, just like Manny does on his show. They simply grab the blueprints, choose a project and slide that blueprint into the diagnostic center and Manny will walk the child through the steps and show how to complete the project. Kids can get to work with the pretend power saw and power drill and the more than forty parts included to complete the more than 20 featured projects.

Mannys Repair Shop

The Fisher Price Imaginext Dragon World Fortress playset is a tall and towering fortress that reveals a world of imaginative play with surprise features and a full range of accessories. Two knights unlock a variety of interactive features open the front door, watch and hear the lightning and thunder, pull the lever to unleash the guard dragon, turn the activation disk to move the dragons head, reveal a hidden staircase, release a ferocious roaring dragon or roll a boulder. The Dragon World Fortress also comes with a bed, helmets, shield and sword, two moveable flags, cannon and a moveable banner.

Imaginext Dragon World Fortress


Crayola Beginnings Color Me A Song

This unique musical activity set lets tots make music and art at the same time. The faster they color, the faster the music tempo. Start by giving baby one of the eight triangular crayons, designed to give children more control as they color. Watch their faces light up and the giggles begin when they scribble and hear the sounds of salsa, swing, country or

rock music. They can add the sounds of a trumpet, guitar, piano and drum by pushing the corresponding buttons that will layer the sounds of these instruments over the rhythm of the song. The set comes with eight Crayola WashableTriangular crayons, an 8-1/2 x 11 drawing surface with storage underneath, a handle for easy portability, three sheets of paper and clip to hold paper in place.

Smart Fit Park is a plug and play learning mat that encourages children to stay physically active while they learn. Just plug the mat into the TV using the A/V cord (included) and kids can walk, run, jump and stomp while they play up to 18 different learning encounters, games and races that teach

Smart Fit Park

letters, numbers, shapes, colors and more. Children can customize their on-screen characters, interact with their learning friend and control the onscreen action the faster they run, the faster their character will move on the screen; when they jump on the mat, the character on the screen jumps as well.


Nancy Greer, MD, PhD Adam Palazzari, MD Amy Lannigan, MD Gene Gonzales, MD

We see all ages newborns to adults!2034 PEARL ST. Boulder 303.444-0602HOURS: 10AM - 6PM EVERYDAY




3301 W 144th Ave, Ste 200, Broomeld, CO 80023


Gifts for womenBy Julie Kailus

Theyre our friends and lovers and moms and just about everything in between.Theres something about a beautiful candle that inspires instance calm in the midst of the holiday rush. Chelsea is carrying clean-burning soy Kobo Botanical Candles in intoxicating scents like Fresh Currant, Golden Mimosa and Vanilla Citrus Zest. Each candle comes with longreach match sticks, an extinguishing lid and gorgeous graphic packaging for an already gift-wrapped presentation. Chelsea, 935 Pearl St., Boulder, 303.447.3760, www.chelseabella.com

The women in our lives give so much to other people. This holiday season, its time to show them just how much they mean to us. Whether its a special night to wine and dine her, or authentic jewelry handcrafted by a local artist, make your gift something shell remember all year long.

Burning desire

Find the perfect accessory to drape your perfect wife. Or say it that way when you give her a one-of-a kind necklace dripping with semiprecious stones by Boulder jewelry artist Melinda Crocker. Find it at JJWells, alongside other special pieces affixed with handmade pendants by local metalsmith Patti Burton. JJWells, 2460 Canyon Blvd., 303.449.2112, www.jjwells.com

Wearable art

Aprs-sport style

This is not your grandmas reindeer sweater. Give her a stylish, coldweather layering piece that will add interest and warmth to any outfit. Violette stocks an extensive but not expensive range of cozy yet hip sweater possibilities in a variety of designs, colors and lengths, including popular wraps by Elan. Violette, 1631 Pearl St., 303.443.3976

Wrap her up

Every women can use some life-style clothing to take her directly from the slopes to the bar this season. Consider the long, insulated and well-tailored Blazing jacket from Nau; the always-a-goodhair-day Pistil Nanuk hoody that adds a fun faux-fur trim to any outfit; or Tecnicas retro moon boots, with both super-cool and superwarm benefits. All at Outdoor Divas. Outdoor Divas, 1133 Pearl St., 303.449.3482, www.outdoordivas.com





Permanent makeover

Give her the confidence she craves with an aesthetic enhancement from Longmonts popular Board-certified facial, head and neck surgeon, Dr. Peter Schmid. Procedures include face or eye lifts; liposculpture; non-surgical skin treatments; nose enhancements; and hair restoration or laser hair removal. Institute of Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 1305 Sumner St., Suite 100, Longmont, 303.651.6846, www.theaestheticsurgeon.com

Buff is in A cooler commuteGive your superwoman the gift of a super commute. Specialized is leading the women-specific movement in the utility bike category with affordable models for female riders. The Globe series, available at University Bikes, feature racks, fender mounts and a comfy saddle, plus specially designed geometry and tube sets which help women sit more in the bike, according to Universitys fit manager and biker chic Ronie Graczyk. University Bicycles, 839 Pearl St., 303.444.4196, www.ubikes.com


Spa and surf

Just as things cool down for winter, warm her heart with a spa getaway to the tropical Riviera Maya, Mexico, courtesy of the folks at James TravelPoints. With demand down this year so are the package prices to the new five-star, adults-only Secrets Maroma Beach or intimate, boutique-style Zoetry wellness and spa resort. James TravelPoints, 1750 14th St., 303.442.2340, www.travelpoints.com

Fitness: Its the gift that keeps on giving. And the woman in your life will cherish a membership at RallySport Boulders innovative workout facility. Long-time general manager and fitness director Erin Carson looks out for the ladies at her gym, offering over 100 classes a week, 10 highly credentialed female personal trainers, exceptional childcare, a RallyMoms group, and leading-edge equipment including the fun and functional Kinesis training system. RallySport Boulder, 2727 29th St., 303.449.4800, www.rallysportboulder.com


Wine with a view

From truffles to freshly spun ice cream to its cozy setting in a 1929 cabin with a view, Flagstaff House never disappoints for a special holiday dinner. Long considered one of Boulders most romantic dining locations, this familyrun establishment will make a memorable gift, from the first sip of world-class wine through exquisite main course preparations by notable chef Mark Monette. Flagstaff House, 1138 Flagstaff Road, 303.442.4640, www.flagstaffhouse.com






Ten ways to save money this holiday seasonBy Amy Bertrand, Tribune Media Services


Make a budget and stick to it. Plan everything you need using a notebook or an Excel spreadsheet. Write down everything you will need to spend time and money on, including decorations, parties, gifts and even travel.Use real silverware and plates for your holiday dinner. The price of disposable stuff can really add up.

4 5

Shop early and mail your gifts using standard postage. Also, if you are mailing heavier items, mail them at a flat rate, which means you pay the rate based on the size of the box, not how much it weighs. Draw names. There are several ways to do this. You could do Secret Santa in which members of a group are randomly assigned other members to whom they anonymously give a gift. Or you could draw names and purchase gifts for that one person. Or you could do a White Elephant exchange in which each person contributes one gift and ultimately walks away with one different gift from the game.



Give fancy wrapping paper the heave-ho. Its much more ecofriendly to wrap your gifts in recycled newspaper or butcher paper anyway. For an added personal touch, buy a roll of brown or solid colored paper and some ink pads, make some potato stamps with your children (simple shapes like trees or bells are easy to carve), and then let them embellish the presents with the stamps. So cute ... and it also gives an organic feel to the packaging. Re-gifting is becoming more socially acceptable since the days of Seinfeld. Just make sure you dont forget who gave it to you.


Have a covered dish party rather than making everything yourself. Or have your party earlier in the day and serve only hors doeuvres. Or have the event later in the evening with only desserts. Instead of going out to buy new things, trade decorations with a friend or neighbor. Hey, its new to you. Personalize your Christmas tree by reusing the ornaments passed down through generations. Decorate your home in family heirlooms rather than the newest store decor.





Buy in bulk. Stock up on wine or fancy olive oil by the case to use as hostess gifts or gifts for co-workers.

Boulders Premier Eyewear Destination

*excluding eye exams and contact lensesIN THE

hell be seeing you.VILLAGE AT 2525 ARAPAHOE CALL 303.447.0210

20% OFF*








By Charles Dickens. Adapted by Philip C. Sneed and The Foothill Theatre Company



Swedish Massage, Moon Goddess Facial, Tropical Citrus Spa Pedicure and Manicure with catered luncheon. 5 Hrs. Pamper someone special this Holiday Season. $200.00

Holiday Favorite!


WWW.COLORADOSHAKES.ORG or 303-492-0554 for tickets Gift Certicates Available

GIVE THE GIFT OF RELAXATIONSALON OFFERFree Haircut! $45 value w/ Haircolor or Highlight ------- or --------50% OFF Haircolor or Highlight w/ Kindra or Ika New clients only

Dual Swedish Massages with Mint ScalpTreatments in our ultra private couples suite. $130.00

S P ANEED A SPA GIFT ? Instant online Gift Certcates at Finishingtouchspa.com

Your Used Winter Sports Gear Headquarters

GREAT STOCKING STUFFERS!Starting at just $5!

this g in Brin for ad



RELAX & UNWIND $15 OFF MASSAGE Choose your favorite Swedish - Deep Sports - Lava Stone new client special offer

50% off Any Waxing 50% off First Microdermabrasion 50% off Oxygen Mineral Facial Free Manicure! w/ Seascape Spa Pedicure


303-499-2011M - F 10am - 7pm Sat 10am - 6pm Sun 11pm - 5pm

653 S. Broadway Table Mesa

Shopping Center


27th Annual

Handels Messiah Sing-AlongSaturday, December 19, 7pm Sunday, December 20, 2 pm & 7pm

Hitting the


We need your newspapers (while youre out-of-town).You can help students in Boulder County while youre blazing down the highway ... donate your vacation newspapers to our Vacation for Education program. Your papers will be used as a learning resource through the Camera in Education program. Your generosity gives local students the opportunity to practice lifelong learning skills as they study reading, writing, science, math, social studies and more using your donated newspapers in their classrooms.To send your vacation newspapers to school, call our customer service hotline at 303.4 4 4 . 3 4 4 4 or log on to dailycamera.com/customer service The kids thank you!

St. Johns Episcopal Church 14th and Pine, BoulderTickets $13 in advance, $15 at the doorScores available at the door for loan o r purchase. Tickets available at Johns Cleaners, 28th & Iris; St. Johns, 14th & Pine in Boulder; West End Wine Shop, 8th & Pearl; The Trattoria on Pearl Street, 15th and Pearl, and Page Two in Gunbarrell

www.messiahsingalong.orgNOVEMBER 2009





Six Picks: Gifts for menBy L.L. Charles Massage Envy Twenty Ninth Street Mall, Boulder, 303.447.3689; 210 Ken Pratt Blvd., Suite 180, Longmont, 303.772.1400 1170 US Highway 287, Suite 300, Broomfield, 303.404.3689, www.massageenvy.com Mellow out your man with an introductory massage from Massage Envy ($39), an excellent way to take his stress level down a few notches. Experienced, professional therapists use their hands-on skills to relax the muscles, find those tight spots and unwind them. Gift cards are available (minimum $50) and can be redeemed at any Massage Envy location. A perfect antidote for todays busy lifestyles.

One-Hour Massage

Pure Digital Flip Mino HD CamcorderMikes Camera 2500 Pearl St., Boulder, 303.443.1715 www.mikescamera.com Gadgetize your guy with the sleek Flip Mino ($229.99), a pocket friendly camcorder that is designed for easy operation and downloading. Just push the big red button on the back to record up to one hour of video at 1280 x 720 high-def resolution, with 4 GB memory and flip-out USB connector that delivers true plug-and-play convenience.

mont-bell Twenty Ninth Street Mall, Boulder, 303.449.5331, www.montbell.com This versatile and durable pullover ($80) will become an essential piece of his outdoor gear but its good looking enough for hanging out at the coffee house as well. Natural, superfine Merino wool is odor resistant, soft and wicks away moisture. The Zip Pullover is machine washable and the flat seams keep it comfortable for easy layering perfect for our ever-changing weather.

Merino Wool Zip Pullover

Fly Tying for Beginners Class

Boulder Beer Company 30th Anniversary Beer Mug

Boulder Beer Company 2880 Wilderness Place, Boulder, 303.444.8448, www.boulderbeer.com Help your beer buddy celebrate great local brew with his very own 30th Anniversary beer mug from Colorados first microbrewery. This hefty 20-ounce ceramic mug ($20) features the 30th Anniversary logo on one side and the classic Boulder Beer logo on the other. And help him load up his new mug with a gift certificate, starting at $10. Cheers to ya!12

Front Range Anglers 629-B S. Broadway (Table Mesa Shopping Center), Boulder, 303.494.1375, www.frontrangeanglers.com Whats better than bagging a prize brookie? Hooking him on a fly you tied yourself! Introduce your angler to the historical art of fly tying. Hell learn all the fine points of tying the popular local patterns, from hackles to caddis, using the right materials and techniques. Four two-and-a-half-hour classes (four classes for $150) provide plenty of time to develop the basic techniques; small classes keep it personal and fun. New classes start in January.

The Beatles: Rock Band

Target 2800 Pearl St., Boulder, 303.449.3400; 551 S. Hover Road, Longmont, 720.864.4393; 1660 W. Midway Blvd., Broomfield, 303.460.1177; 400 Marshall Road, Superior, 303.209.0106, www.target.com Musicians and nonmusicians alike are rockin this one! Whether your guy remembers the Beatles from the first time around or is just discovering them, Rock Band (Nintendo Wii, $59.99) brings the music to life in completely new ways. Play along using practically any existing music-game hardware. Its also packed with amazing extras on the band, the music, legendary venues and their instruments.




Six Picks: Gifts for men and womenBy L.L. Charles

The Gift of Art

Tasty Centerpieces

Edible Arrangements 205 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, 303.678.0101, www.ediblearrangements.com Fruit trumps flowers in these colorful, edible centerpieces hand crafted with generous portions of melon, berries, pineapple, grapes, apples and more. Many selections include fruit pieces that have been hand-dipped in white or dark chocolate. Or choose the Fruit Truffles Bouquet, with almonds, gourmet chocolate, cinnamon chocolate and coconut. Prices start from as low as $59. They make great hostess gifts, too!

Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery 1421 Pearl St., Boulder, 303.443.3683, www.boulderartsandcrafts.com A special piece of artwork can grab your soul and make it feel alive! Share the passion with some lucky person on your list with a gift from the Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery. Choose an artisan glass paperweight, a tastefully framed photograph, a beautiful kaleidoscope handcrafted in fine hardwoods with brass fittings, freeform ceramic tea cups that nestle in your hand, or an incredible collection of art jewelry in the shape of pendants, bracelets, earrings and decorative pins. The choices are vast, and there is something here to fit every budget.

like the Tissot T-Touch from Swiss Chalet. Designed for active lifestyles, the T-Touch features chronometer, altimeter, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, titanium case and auto-wind mechanism, and is available in both mens and womens editions.

CU Gifts

University of Colorado Book Store 1669 Euclid Ave., Boulder, 303.492.6411, www.cubookstore.com Got a Buffs fan on your gift list? Go old school with logo items from CUs book store. Wrap them up in a Buffs Sweatshirt Blanket ($29.95 to $34.99), keep them on schedule with a Neon Pub Clock ($89.99) or go the distance with a 10-by-10-foot Black & Gold Tailgate Tent ($250). Buff Up for the holidays!

Mountains as a backdrop, seeing familiar landmarks from a new perspective and experiencing the giddy feeling of unfettered freedom. Treat someone to their own personal sailplane ride from Mile High Gliding, a safe and exciting adventure they wont soon forget! Flights start as low as $79 and colorful gift certificates are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Sumi Calligraphy Set

Tissot T-Touch Watch

Swiss Chalet 1642 Pearl St., Boulder 303.443.0346, www.swisschaletboulder.com There are hundreds of ways to spend your time, but no better way to keep track of it than with a special watch,

Mile High Gliding 5534 Independence Road (Boulder Municipal Airport), Boulder, 303.527.1122, www.milehighgliding.com Theres nothing like soaring silently over the Flatirons with the Rocky

Glider Ride

McGuckin Hardware 2525 Arapahoe, Boulder, 303.443.1822, www.mcguckin.com Give the gift of creativity this season in the form of a calligraphy set, complete with brushes, ink stick, mixing stone and art notebook. Calligraphy is fun, and you dont have to be an expert artist to enjoy it. From classic hand lettering to free-form doodling, your special someone will enjoy developing their own style of loops, swirls and (sometimes) splats. All in good fun, and easy to store away until the next session. Choose from three different sets, priced from $14.99 to $19.99.

Bra-La-La La-La-La La-La La

2425 Canyon 303-443-2421 Hours: Mon-Sat 10-6 Sun 12-5 www.christinasluxuries.comNOVEMBER 2009

2425 Canyon Boulevard Boulder 303-449-2626 wa lte r sa ndho gse t t . c om




New for 2009: Activity GiftsBy Judy Finman

What gifts will you buy your loved ones this year? Things? Stuff? Gadgets?

Instead, why not give everyone on your list an adventure, an experience, maybe a new lifelong passion? Get them off that couch and out of the house. This is the year of the Activity Gift. You dont wear it, you dont look at it, you do it! Here are some suggestions of local activities to delight your favorite people.

This is sure to be a hit with the kids. Gateway Park Fun Center is Boulders indoor-outdoor family fun park, with go-karts, mini-golf, batting cages, a human maze, and more. The Value Card, at $25, is good for all the attractions within the park, can be used by more than one person, and lets you pick your activity as you go. Or you can buy a gift card for any amount. Gateway Park Fun Center, 4800 North 28th St., Boulder, 303.442.4386, www.gatewayfunpark.com

Family Fun

The Spot is a great climbing gym, with freestanding boulders up to 18 feet high, a 25-foot-tall roped wall, exercise and training equipment and the cushiest hightech flooring. Boulder is the center of the U.S. climbing universe, and The Spot is the epicenter for climbing, asserts Brett Merlin, marketing and membership coordinator. For the climbing aficionados or wannabes on your list you can buy day passes for $15 each, a holiday five-punch pass for $65, or a 10-punch pass for $129 to access the gym, lockers and showers and use the weights to get in shape for climbing. The Basic Bouldering course is $129; it gets you membership for a month and three group training sessions with a coach. Three-, six- and nine-month options start at $480 for full access to the gym and training sessions. The Spot Bouldering Gym, 3240 Prairie Ave., Boulder, 303.379.8806, www.thespotgym.com14 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE


Know a foodie or gourmet cook who delights in discovering new dishes? Let them master the art of cooking Indian delicacies, sushi, pizza, bread and other baked goods, or Hut cuisine (for backcountry adventurers who favor fine dining on the trail). These are among many classes open to the public at the Culinary School of the Rockies. Office manager Sarah Blecher suggests giving gift certificates for $65 to $115 for a one-night course; two-day classes held on weekends can run around $240. Culinary School of the Rockies, 637 South Broadway, Suite H, Boulder, 303.494.7988, www.culinaryschoolrockies.comCAMERA / ENTERPRISE


In this lively place anyone can have fun while being creative even serious left-brainers. Color Me Mine is a paint-your-own-piece-of-pottery studio for folks to express their inner Picassos. Owner Gloria Schatz welcomes paintbrush wielders of all ages, from toddlers to seniors. Three-year-olds can paint a teapot for grandma, she says. Studio cards are available as gift certificates: $25 and up buys you a small item, perhaps a mug, and paint time. There are several hundred pieces from which to choose. For bigger items, like cookie jars and serving platters, the price is higher. Christmas ornaments and Christmas trees, all made of bisque pottery, can become heirlooms to pass on in the family. Color Me Mine, 1938 Pearl St., Suite 100, Boulder, 303.443.3469; The Village, 1 Flatirons Crossing, Broomfield, 303.469.9337, www.colormemine.com

Painting Pottery



Eldora Mountain Resort has programs and deals to attract skiers of all ages. Rob Linde, director of marketing, says the classes for kids give a gift of skiing for fun and enjoyment for life. Costing $519, Ski Trek, for ages 4 to 6 and 7 to 12, is like summer camp on skis, on six consecutive Saturdays or Sundays, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Eldorables, for 4- to 6-year-olds, includes five weeks of lessons and skiing, two hours on weekdays, for $339. Gift cards start at $20, and a day of skiing last year for adults was $62, ages 6 to 15 was $37, five and under, $8. You can visit the Eldora retail location at 2775 Canyon Blvd., Boulder. Eldora Mountain Resort, 2861 Eldora Ski Road #140, Nederland, 303.440.8700, www.eldora.com


Sometimes people need an extra nudge to try yoga. Its a stress reliever and a really great gift, because so often people wont spend money on themselves, says Courtney Sutherland, assistant manager of CorePower Yoga in Broomfield. This studio and the two in Boulder hold classes for yoga novices as well as experienced yogis. CorePower Yoga offers a host of gift packages for you to give someone on your list who could use a breather for example, a five-class punch pass is $75; drop-in classes are as low as $8 each. And, in addition to what you choose to give, CorePower Yoga studios are advertising a full week of free, unlimited yoga for new customers. Your gift card can also be used in their retail stores for the latest yoga togs and accoutrements. CorePower Yoga, 645 27th Way, Boulder, 303,497.9642; 3280 28th St., Boulder, 303.440.3930; 3700 W. 144th Ave., Suite C100, Broomfield, 720.887.6191, www.corepoweryoga.com





Tips on navigating the holiday shopping seasonBy Eunnie Park, Tribune Media Services

What should be the most wonderful time of the year easily could become the most stressful when youre shopping for the holidays. The traffic! The crowds! The (dwindling) budget! Can anybody help?We reached out to a few shopping gurus to share their tips on getting through the gift list most effectively and efficiently. But proceed at your own risk: The following information includes intense shopping advice that may cause shortness of breath, hyperventilation and extreme dizziness. the best price, says Alicia Rockmore of Buttoned Up Inc., an organizational lifestyle company based in Michigan. Map out where youre going to go and what youre going to get. 3. Eat a balanced meal and pack a bottle of water and an energy bar, Kemble advises. Shopping is a draining activity, and the less time and money you spend at the food court, the better.

handling, Hoxmeier says. Amazon.com offers free shipping on most purchases over $25. Overstock.com has a flat shipping rate of $2.95. WalMart.com also has a Site to Store service that allows you to order online and have the item delivered free to the store of your choice. 3. The Internet is a great place to find unique gifts. Check out sites like Etsy.com, an online marketplace for all things handmade.

certificates that are valid at most stores within the mall. But if you want to avoid the mall crowd altogether, go to a local grocery store, where you can find a wide range of gift certificates, from Gap to Pottery Barn to iTunes.

1. Make a list and when possible find out what your friends and family want ahead of time, says celebrity event planner Steve Kemble. Plan your day around getting those must-haves before they run out. 2. Comparison shop. Go to Web sites like Shopzilla.com to see who has

Before You Go

Shop Online

1. Sign up for e-mail newsletters from all your favorite stores. You will receive coupons and stay updated on all their special promotions, Rockmore says. 2. Look for online retailers that offer free and discount shipping and

1. Avoid peak mall hours. Saturdays between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. are the worst, Hoxmeier advises. Go early in the day, preferably weekdays, or try dinnertime, between 5 and 7 p.m. 2. The easiest way to get through your gift list is to find two or three favorite things (electronic gadget, sweater, book, etc.) and get them for multiple people, Rockmore says. 3. When in doubt, get a gift certificate. Many malls sell gift

Last-minute Mall Call

1. Make it a mission not to pay full price for anything, says Hoxmeier. Shop clearance racks, scour the Internet for coupon codes, and, when possible, haggle. 2. If youre not seeing someone until after Christmas, get their gift on Dec. 26, when prices plummet, Rockmore suggests. 3. Avoid getting the seasons hottest gift. Theyre usually the hardest to get and therefore most expensive, Hoxmeier says. 4. Set a budget and a dollar amount for each person on your gift list. If you stay under budget, reward yourself by buying a little something just for you, Hoxmeier adds.

Staying Within Budget

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Holiday Season Fashions: Its a mix-upBy Judy Finman

Ladies: Find those antique rhinestone earrings in the recesses of your jewelry box theyre hot with jeans. Gentlemen: Any old plaid shirts hanging in the cedar closet? Guess what? Theyre back! Store manager Maria Chapman of JJWells/besos (2460 Canyon Blvd., Boulder, 303.449.2112, www.jjwells.com) in Boulder reports on several strong trends this winter. Gray is dominant, Chapman says, whether for casual, work, or dressy wear. To offset its potential dullness, add jewel tones, turquoise, brilliant raspberry, and a lot of sparkle. Designers have turned the gray into a metallic look; metal is even woven into the clothing. For the younger set, she notes, sexy little dresses are in worn with leggings. Long sweaters are ubiquitous, over a variety of tops, like sparkly knits or sheer materials, all of which go over skinny jeans. And, speaking of denim jeans, men and women of all ages still love them. In the New York Times, Eric Wilson recently pronounced them fashions most eternally reinvented staple. For the marvelous mature woman, Chapman says, day wear is jeans and soft cords, paired with wonderful sweaters, such as vest sweaters, with something tight-

Fashion-conscious Coloradans should be delighted with this years mix-it-up trend. In Boulder County and environs, such iconoclastic style has long been celebrated. However you view this seasons fashion directives, have fun with them.

fitting underneath a tank or tee. For dressy wear, look for beautiful long and short skirts, and a lot of taffeta, which Chapman describes as light-weight and easy to wear. She highlights Babettes pleated and crinkled skirts, which travel well. There are different styles of pleats, such as the water pleat or lily pleat, which looks like a beautiful origami. Open jackets over blouses or sleeveless tanks, and pleated trousers are also in evidence. For all ages, scarves, including pashmina, and big wraps are popular, as are multiple strands of necklaces with little dangling charms. Sparkling jewelry is seen for day or evening even with tee shirts and jeans. Accessories handbags, jewelry and belts are key. We have handbags in a variety of prices and different styles; some are made from recycled yoga mats! says Chapman. Erica Dahl, owner of Savvy on Pearl (1114 Pearl St., Boulder, 303.440.3989, www.savvyonpearl.com), says, For the holidays, its all about sequins. Theyre all over the runways. You can make something ordinary glitzy and sparkling. Sequins are on skirts, dresses, and, as always, theyre gold, silver, metallics. Other fashion trends Dahl points to are exposed zippers up and down the back, on sleeves, shoes, everywhere and high-waisted skirts with tops you can layer, floral prints, and tights. Were seeing the comeback of the 90s long-sleeve, tight dresses the kind Meg Ryan wore. They look conservative, but theyre very form fitting. Mix and match is evident this winter. You can take a darkcolored summer dress and pair it with boots and tights and a long sweater. The boots can make it look casual or wintery. And, for the latest in footwear,JJWells





Dahl favors Toms flat canvas shoes in black, silver or gold glitter. With every pair purchased, Toms promises to give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. And lets not forget the men. Steve Jacobs, owner of The Regiment (2425 Canyon Blvd., Boulder, 303.443.2713, www.theregimentshops.com), says that things continue to be more casual. But were reverting to some of the classics more value-oriented and simple clothing, checks and plaid shirts, for example. The older generation loves them and is familiar with them; the younger generation is new to them. He adds, Were focusing on value and price. Some people are on a tighter budget. The Regiment has two different kinds of customers, according to Jacobs: the more classic types; and the more contemporary, who go for unusual patterns. For both groups, black continues to be popular in sweaters, jackets and trousers. Cotton to cashmere quarter-zip

pullover sweaters, layered with sport shirts, are popular this year. Plain front pants are coming on theyre slimming. There are still some pleated pants. The jeans look is showing up in several fabrics like a charcoal gray blended wool/poly/Tencel from Germany that is wrinkle free and washable. Leather coats are still in. What to wear for holiday parties? Some are a little dressier, calling for a suit or sportcoat. For a casual party, you can wear a sportcoat and/or a sportshirt with nice slacks and a belt, and loafers. Long-sleeve sport shirts with darker stripes are in. Or we see denim jeans with a sportshirt and navy or black blazer. The store sells a fair amount of ties, with JZ Richards a popular brand, and Carrot & Gibbs known for bow ties and formal wear. Whatever look you choose this season, the classics are always in. And dont be afraid to mix it up with something unexpected. This year thats the height of fashion!Savvy

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A holiday hit list for the great gifts for kids in your lifeBy Evan Narcisse, Tribune Media Services

Where the cool things are

By now, everybody knows that videogames are a surefire hit with youngsters when gift-giving time arrives. Still, that doesnt mean your little button-mashers cant be creative, active or learning when Santas sleigh touches down on your roof. The elves at Crispy Gamer have assembled their choice picks of the toys, books and gadgets that might just tear the little ones away from the couch or television.

Want to think outside the box for the holidays?

What it is: The kids been asking begging, really for a skateboard. One look at that plank of wood and all you see are broken bones waiting to happen. Thankfully, the skateboard controller that comes with the legendary skaters new game will make a nice injury-free compromise for both parent and child. Why theyll want it: Not only does Ride do a good job of translating the act of skateboarding, it also serves as a virtual airline ticket to far-flung locales like Frankfurt, Germany and New York Citys Central Park. So the kids will learn how to say Sweet ollie! in German, at least. www.thride.com

Tony Hawk: Ride

What it is: If theres a teen in your house whos clamoring for an iPod, they picked the right time to start begging. Starting this year, the smallest of Apples screen-bearing device family now packs a video camera in its tiny shell. So theyll be getting two devices in one. Why theyll want it: Your budding cinematographers will be able to add more than a dozen cool filter effects to the video they shoot. And if they get bored with that, they can rock out to the airwaves via the built-in radio tuner. Another option: If theres an Apple-hater in the family, snatch up a Zune HD ($219 for 16 GB; $289.99 for 32 GB). The sleek redesign for Microsofts portable media player includes a vastly improved user interface. And its allyou-can-eat subscription plan lets you lease all the music you want for 30 days and keep 10 tracks at the end of the month. Buh-bye, buyers remorse!

iPod Nano

What it is: Its never too early to introduce your potential polymath to graphic novels or literary greats. Some of the comics mediums greatest creators lend their talents to fresh, inviting interpretations of Dickens, Melville and others. Why theyll want it: With master cartoonists like Kyle Baker adapting Through the Looking-Glass and Rick Geary envisioning The Invisible Man, both parents and grade-schoolers will have something to enjoy in these handsome volumes. www.papercutz.com

Classics Illustrated

What it is: Your kids have probably clamored for the camera when they want to capture a moment, and youve probably balked for fear of it falling from their fidgety little hands. This rugged point-and-shoot for the preschool set takes that fear away and has big buttons for those tiny fingers. Why theyll want it: The included photo-editing software comes with wacky overlays and backdrops so that your kid can really unleash their imagination. Who knows, you may have the next Annie Leibowitz or Tim Burton on your hands. www.vtech.com20 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

Vtech Kidzoom Plus digital camera

Mask & Tail sets

What it is: Styled to mimic a variety of critters, these fanciful alpaca knits are just the thing for your zoologically-obsessed children. Why theyll want it: After their 17th viewing of Where the Wild Things Are, the kids in your household may be wanting to get their wild rumpus on. Get these sets for when you dont have a full bodysuit handy. Children can be such animals, cant they? www.oeufnyc.com



Snow Shorts

ABC Zoo iPhone App

What it is: You probably know a two-year-old whos savvy enough to unlock an iPhone and launch a few Apps with their chubby fingers. So why not let them learn a little something while theyre at it? ABC Zoo uses colorful visuals to reinforce the language-learning theyre already getting from Mom & Dad. Why theyll want it: Tapping the big, bold letters and goofy animal cartoons to hear them pronounced out loud will likely get toddlers even more excited to learn the alphabet.

What it is: You know how youre always telling your absent-minded munchkins that theyd lose their head if it wasnt attached? Well, they cant lose this sled because its attached to the seat of these insulated shorts. Why theyll want it: Youngsters dont need any more excuses to go frolicking in the snow, but this one-of-a-kind winterwear will send them running to the nearest hill as soon as the flakes start to fall. www.orvis.com

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f o r o u g h o u t! thr store the

Tons of TREES Rolls of RIBBON Loads of LIGHTS Cartons of CARDS Bunches of BOWS Gobs of GARLAND Crates of CANDLES Racks of WREATHS Dozens of DREIDELS Masses of MENORAHS Stacks of STOCKINGS Oodles of OR NAMENTS Plenty of POINSETTIAS

We have


able who see for those m to everythin have g!

mcguckin hardwarem-f 7:30-8, sat 8-6, sun 9-6 mcguckin.com

2525 ARAPAHOE In The Village Boulder (303) 443-1822NOVEMBER 2009 CAMERA / ENTERPRISE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 21

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LEGO Death Star


What it is: You know what it is and you know what it does. Now you can recreate the most infamous instrument of galactic destruction in your living room. This menacing satellite comes with three levels housing details from Episodes IV and VI, like a mini-TIE Fighter; and six figures that you wont be able to find anywhere else. Why theyll want it: This huge globe definitely requires teamwork, so youll finally get the chance to say to your son (or, lets be fair, daughter), Join me and together we can rule the galaxy!

What it is: This filmmaking kit brings specialeffects technology into your home. With the included webcam and green screen, youll be able to insert your familys frolics into scenes from Sesame Street, Ferris Buellers Day Off and other classic movies, TV shows or commercials. Then you can upload them to yoostar.com and share them with friends. Why theyll want it: New clips will continuously be added to the affiliated Web site, so youll be able to build your little thespians repertoire as time goes on. Who doesnt want to insert their kid in the Addams Familys gothcool world? www.yoostar.com

LEGO Rock Band

What it is: Theyve probably played with you before, but kid rockers get their own version of the ubiquitous party game this holiday season. Icons like David Bowie and Iggy Pop will be debuting as playable minifigure characters, too. Get ready to explain the lyrics to Lets Dance and The Passenger. Why theyll want it: The game features 40-plus songs and best of all, if youve already downloaded a load of Rock Band songs, the LEGO version will automatically filter out the ones with R-rated lyrics. www.rockband.com

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on twenty ninth streetSANTAS ARRIVAL & TREE LIGHTING CEREMONYToday, Tomorrow, Friday, November 27 | 6PM | Macys PlazaMeet Santa's Reindeer, enjoy musical entertainment by The Dickens Carolers, get your photo with Santa and end the evening with a complimentary horse-drawn carriage ride!

miracleNovember 28 December 24 | Santas Holiday Home in Macys


Get your photo with Santa and receive a FREE storybook. Pets are welcome for photos with Santa every Tuesday: December 1, 8, 15 & 22.

Dont forget your furry friends this holiday season! Drop off needed items for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, including canned dog and cat food, peanut butter and baby food.

November 28 December 24 | Santas Holiday Home in Macys





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