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  • Hopi Color-Direction Symbolism Colors yel low blue / green red white black / purple al l colors

    Symbolic or Pract ical Signif icance

    Directions NW

    Kwini 'wi Summer Sunset

    SW Te'vya

    Winter Sunset

    SE Ta'tyka

    Winter Sunrise

    NE Ho'poko Summer Sunrise

    Above O'mi

    Below At'kyami

    Rituals fol low counter-clockw ise direct ional c ircui t / Common moti f in r i tual objects / Rain comes from SW

    Clouds yel low cloud blue c loud red cloud white cloud black storm cloud al l k inds of

    c louds Sources of ra in / Depicted in r i tual objects

    Trees Douglas Fir White Fir Red Wil low Aspen - - - - - - Build ing mater ia l / Used in r i tual

    Ponotuwi Huzru ing

    Wuht i ' s House

    Gap near San

    Francisco Peaks

    Kwatipkya Sun 's House

    Kwitcala ( the Gap) - - - - - -

    Used as Sun Watching markers Offer ings deposited at Shrines at Ponotuwi and Kwatipkya

    Places Kishyu'ba Spr ing near

    B lack Mounta in

    San Francisco


    We'nima Lake in But tes

    SW of Zuni Mount Taylor - - - - - -

    Sources of water in rain clouds, snow , or springs / Homes of kachinas

    Birds Oriole (Sun maiden) Bluebird Macaw Magpie Blackbird Canyon WrenSkins & Feathers used in r i tual Symbol ize l ightness / Macaw and Oriole associated w ith Sun

    Maize yel low corn blue corn red corn white corn purple corn sw eet corn Corn ears & meal used in r i tual Pr incipal food Pure colored ears = pure strains

    Beans yel low beans blue beans red beans white beans black beans spotted beans Planted in Pow amu r i tual Keresan use bean meal in r i tual Important food same as meat

    Butterf l ies yel low butterf ly blue

    butterf ly red butterf lywhite

    butterf ly black

    butterf ly al l colors of butterf l ies

    Pollen eaters associated w ith fert i l i ty / Many butterf l ies signify rain and abundant crops

    Flowers Mariposa Li ly Larkspur (b lueb ird

    f low er)

    Painted Cupmansi

    (g i r l 's f low er)

    Primrose (but te r f l y

    f lower) Sunflow er al l k inds of f low ers

    Petals ground to make colored pol len for r i tual / Associated w ith fert i l i ty / Mansi used as oral contracept ive

    Kachina pets

    (w ater pets)

    Frog (w ater -eag le)

    Duck (scoops the

    water) Snipe

    (w ater -b i rd) a smal l f rog

    zra 'na pakisha

    (water hawk) Tadpole Associated w ith w ater / In Zuni myth, chi ldren became w ater animals w hich became Kachinas

    War god pets

    Mountain Lion Bear Wildcat Wolf Eagle Badger

    Carnivores / Associated w ith hunt ing and w arfare

    Somai'koli pets Deer

    Mountain Sheep Antelope Elk Jack Rabbit Cottontai l Important food sources


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