How To Earn A Steady Income Without Leaving Home

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Almost ten years ago, I decided to ditch my day job and decided to work from home. It took me months of mulling over before I filed my resignation. The idea of being able to have more time to be with my children and spouse was very appealing. I felt I was missing a lot, especially because I have children.


  • Working From Home

    Through The

    World Wide Web

  • Almost ten years ago, I decided to ditch my day job and decided

    to work from home. My job back then was stressful, and on top of

    that, the long working hours meant not being to spend a lot of

    time with my family. Then again, I also wanted to make sure that

    I would be able to provide for them.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make money online

    making the opportunity to work from home not impossible at all.

    The first job I took on the Internet

    was to provide administrative

    support to an online marketing

    company. My tasks included

    creating content for client's

    websites, conducting research,

    replying to e-mails, and complete

    various assignments. Pay was

    almost the same as my previous

    job, but interestingly I had more money at the end of the month

    as a content writer. The savings came from not having to pay for

    fuel, transportation and other incidental expenses.

    During my employment a virtual assistant I came across different

    online marketing methods. Eventually, this familiarity developed

    into interest, and I signed up for seminars and took supplemental

    courses to learn the industrys best practices with the intent of

    starting an online marketing firm and be my own boss.

    I teamed up with my wife who knows how to create and design

    websites so we can offer both Internet marketing and website

    set-up services. We provided total outsourcing, and our clients

    appreciated the convenience of getting our services. We put up

    our own website and used optimization strategies to make it

    more visible online. To build our portfolio, we decided to offer our

  • services to non-profit organizations and bloggers first. Eventually

    our customer base expanded and we now cater to businesses

    from various sectors. Our first headquarters was an underutilized

    detached garage in our property. This allowed us to save on

    capital and overhead costs during the companys infancy.

    Business was good, and we are now

    able to afford renting an office space

    downtown. To accommodate the

    growing number of orders, my wife and

    I made the decision to hire additional

    staff. We wanted to give other people

    the ability to make money online from

    their own homes, so majority of our

    staff do tele-work.

    This kind of business requires good communication skills, as well

    as patience and creativity in bountiful measure. You also have to

    be systematic in dealing with projects in order to meet deadlines.

    It also requires a good eye to notice errors and quickly

    troubleshooting them. Open-mindedness is also important since

    the industry continues to evolve.

    Starting an Internet marketing company has

    its own share of risks. For one, there is that

    possibility of you not meeting your

    customer's needs or preferences. Security

    risks, like virus and hacker attacks, can also

    disrupt business operations which can lead to

    loss in client confidence and consequently revenues. However,

    these risks are not entirely unmanageable. The company is now a

    decade old, and it provides a steady and substantial income

    stream for me and my family. Without a doubt, being a stay-at-

    home dad is very rewarding on so many levels.