How to have fun in science class, while keeping ourselves and our friends safe!

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Lab Safety

Lab Safety How to have fun in science class , while keeping ourselves and our friends safe!

1Staying Safe In the Science ClassI. Goggles- Eye protection should be worn anytime you are using heat, chemicals, sharp objects, or anything with moving parts.

II. Electrical Safety- Electricity can be dangerous in many ways. A. Never use electrical equipment near water. B. Never use electrical equipment that have frayed cords.C. Dont let cords hang onto the floor. This can cause a trip hazard.

2III. Glass Safety- Many items that we use in science class are made of glass. A. Always try to keep glass wear away from the edge of desks or counters to prevent spills or broken glass. B. If glass does break, DO NOT clean it up your self. Tell a Teacher right away. C. Always use common sense when using glass wear.

3IV. Heat and Fire Safety- Heat and fire can be dangerous anywhere, not just in science. A. Always keep your work area clean (this is a good idea even if you are not using heat or fire)B. When heating test tubes, always angle them toward a wall or away from people.C. Never heat a closed container.

4Chemical Safety- Chemicals will be used occasionally during labs and demonstrations. NEVER touch, smell, or mix chemicals unless a teacher tells you to do so. Always wear the proper safety clothing. (Goggles, gloves, apron, etc.)Never use lab glass wear to drink out of or to hold food that will be eaten. The container may be contaminated with chemicals that could make you sick.

Clothing, Hair, Jewelry, and food- Never wear baggy clothing during labs. Always tie back long hair. Never wear long, dangling jewelry. Always wear closed toe shoes. Never eat or drink in the lab unless told to do so by a teacher. Always wash your hands after labs involving chemicals, animals, plants, or anything that may contaminate your hands.