How to Help Your Child with Maths and English

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How to Help Your Child with Maths and English. INSPIRE 3HF. This morning?. They do it all differently these days! Bridging the gap They are teaching you this morning!. What is important?. A strong foundation in the basics keep returning to the fundamentals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • How to Help Your Child with Maths and EnglishINSPIRE 3HF

  • This morning?They do it all differently these days!

    Bridging the gap

    They are teaching you this morning!

  • What is important?A strong foundation in the basicskeep returning to the fundamentalsYour child should not just be familiar with the basics, but fluentDont be afraid to do the old drills and skills

  • Anything else important?Multiplication tables 2x 5x 10x 3x 4x (all need to be known by the end of year 4)Rapid and accurate addition and subtractionTelling the time, analogue and digital

    Drip, drip, drip.

  • Anything else important?A sound understanding of place value is very important

    Not millions Th H T U . 1/10 1/100

  • So what are the basics?AdditionSubtractionMultiplicationDivisionProblem solving

  • Some practical ideasTimes tables in the cardrill and quickfire

    Real life, Do I have enough money?What change should I get?Which is the best value?

    What time will it be in 25 minutes?

    Cooking, weighing, measuring.Do I have enough rice to make this dish?

  • What methods do we use?Mental first!To equip children for real life, their mental maths skills are the most important.

    Speeding up the accuracy and fluency of mental methods will help with written methods later.

  • What methods do we use?Mental strategies (rounding to the nearest 10, known number facts to help with larger numbers)

    Bonds to 10 and 100

    Partitioning 24 + 43 = 20 + 40 = 60 4 + 3 = 7 60 + 7 = 67

  • What methods do we use?Your turn.Play I say, you say with your bonds to 10, then 100.

    then.Solve these calculations by partitioning54 + 32 = 63 + 21 =47 + 26 =If you finish early, you can practice some of your own.

  • What methods do we use?But they will soon use more written methods in their MathematicsUsing a variety of methodsBuilding towards a standard method

    They often follow the path from an expanded method to a shorter method and finally a compact method

  • Number Line SubtractionUsing addition and rounding to help us subtract78 42 =

    42 78

  • SubtractionUse the number line method and have a go85 36 =

    8565 22 =

    22 65

  • Preparing for MultiplicationChildren must know their tables - fluently

    ? X 5 = 153 x ? = 153 x 5 = ?

    Mad Minutes.your turn!

  • Division in KS2Tables! Tables! Tables! - The inverse operation

    How to rally robin

    Your turn: try it with 2, 5 and 10 x tables.

  • Whats the Time?There is never enough of it

    Being confident in reading the time on analogue and digital clocks.

    Your turn.Have a go at telling the time on the clock faces

  • Problems in TimeWord problems involving time transferring the skills

    Your turnHarry Hill starts at 6.45 and lasts for 25 minutes. X Factor is on for 30 minutes. What time does X Factor finish?

  • Read, read, readIt is important to read a range of texts, fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, poems etc.Reading the words is no longer enough.understanding is key to learning, you need to discuss what is read.3 times a week, fill in reading record.Reading feeds the writing

  • SpellingLCWC

    Wordsearches, mnemonics, spelling games

    Presentation of workHandwriting and use of the ruler!

  • Thank you for coming!School website useful links to look at This presentation will shortly be available on our classblogA more comprehensive version is available on the other class blogs if you would like some tips for the future!Please come to see us with any questions



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