How to recover lost data backup with data recovery software

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  1. 1. How to recover lost data backup with data recovery software Backing up data is one of the protecting measures for data information security. But data backup can not prevent data losses. The main purpose of backing up data is to recover lost data when data losses occur, thus reducing influences caused by data losses. However, have you ever thought how to solve the problem when data backup is lost as well? At this time, in order to avoid influences caused by data loss, we need to use data recovery software to recover the lost backup of data information. When choosing data recovery software, we are supposed to pay attention to the security of software. If data recovery software containing viruses is used, more losses will be brought. So when we use data recovery software to recover data backup, the best data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery is recommended because it has high security and is able to recover lost data and data backup in many situations. For example, the lost data backup resulting from our accidental deletions, accidentally formatting partition, and virus infection can be recovered with this data recovery software. Even if the whole partition is lost, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can recover lost data from the lost partition as well, because it is so powerful. Then we'll show the powerful functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. --Source from tml Recovering deleted data backup with MiniTool Power Data Recovery Firstly, if we want to recover deleted data backup with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we need to visit its official website and download it. Then install and run it.
  2. 2. This is the main interface of the data recovery software. In order to recover deleted data, we should select the function module "Undelete Recovery".
  3. 3. In this interface, select the original location where the deleted data are and click "Recover". Then the data recovery software will automatically scan the deleted files. The following picture is shown after the scan is finished. We can see all deleted data files in this interface. At this time, select the files that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to set save path of the selected files. When we set save path, the original partition storing deleted data is not suggested because it may cause data overwritten and influence recovery effect. After setting save
  4. 4. path, click "OK". Until now, we have successfully recovered lost data backup. That's it! Through simple operations, we realize data recovery successfully. It is necessary for us to prepare some powerful data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery. We also suggest that users develop a good habit of backing up data in computer use.