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<ul><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 1/33</p><p>We are here for collaborative</p><p>learning!!!!!!!!</p><p>Case Writing</p><p>The art of developing and</p><p>writing professional case</p><p>studies in the perspective ofacademic research</p><p>publications</p><p>Dr. Veena Tewari Nandi</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 2/33</p><p>Contemporary about..</p><p>Practice &amp; Outreach are actually CONSULTANCY</p><p>(Clues for Case writing)</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 3/33</p><p>Industry-Academia Interactions: All cases developmentrequires a close interaction of the Faculty with theproposed case company. These interactions start with thedesire to help each other and gain from each others'expertise. The industry gains by the study and plausible</p><p>consulting that the faculty provides and the academia gainsby getting not only a case to study in the class, but also anopportunity to suggest improvement in the case company.Most of the interactions result in comprehending andappreciating importance of the issues that each thoughtwere inexistent.</p><p>Library cases help to bring out cases that could not be</p><p>done on field for physical inability to get to the companyand its operations. Moreover, usually cases on industry oreconomy warrant a library case approach over a field caseapproach.</p><p>Perception about the practice and theory of industry, firm,and individual as seen in reality, is exemplified by the case</p><p>itself. This leads to a convergence of knowledge, skill andpractice, essential in the field of business management.Further, an interaction of faculty and industry makes ourstudents prepare for the work and perform in the industry,better.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 4/33</p><p>Decide to publish.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 5/33</p><p>CSR: Similar or Different For Different People</p><p>Comments: The case has not been accepted for your developing a full case for</p><p>presentation at the International Conference on Business Cases(ICBC2010), in the</p><p>following respects:</p><p>1. There is no business case at all. It is more a small lecture on CSR meant forstudents.</p><p>Please prepare afresh and it should be business case like you have done in the past. Iknow you can do it.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 6/33</p><p>Balakrishnan (2010) What is the starting point of a good case study?</p><p>Though intuitively I would say the teaching objective, realistically it is with a good access to a</p><p>story. When you find one interesting case, it is important to bag it by getting permission. Since</p><p>these cases need approval they sometimes start out one way and end another. There is nothing</p><p>wrong in that. The most important point is collecting as accurate a picture of the setting of the</p><p>story which is always the backbone of the decision problem. Another important aspect to explore</p><p>is whether the teaching objectives may spillover to multiple disciplines. Do look at all angles as</p><p>this makes your cases more interesting and widens the reach.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 7/33</p><p>StructuringA case can either be researched base or canportrait real life events. It is a description of aparticular situation facing by an organization andthe people within the organization. Cases should</p><p>ideally have a decision focus. A good case placesthe reader in a position of having to considervarious alternatives and make a decision.</p><p> A teaching note relates the situation described inthe case to the theoretical constructs in a givenfield of study. A teaching note indicates the goals</p><p>and objectives of the case, the courses in whichthe case can be used, suggestions about usingthe case in a classroom situation and alternative</p><p>approaches.</p><p> As for a structuring a case, it is recommended topresent the case like a story, which has aninteresting beginning, suitable background, amiddle and a conclusion.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 8/33</p><p>Ideal steps for publishing..</p><p>Teaching Note:</p><p>* A case must have a teaching note (instructors manual) It</p><p>should begin with the case title.</p><p>The teaching note should include;</p><p>a) Case synopsis (abstract of the case)</p><p>b) Courses and levels for which the case is intended</p><p>c) Teaching objectives (list 2-5)</p><p>d) Theory application. Include linkages to relevanttheory in the field, which should be elaborated in thediscussion question section.</p><p>Research methods:</p><p>* Data sources (e.g., field interviews, observations,personal experience, secondary publications,government data synthesized from the authorsexperience. )</p><p>* Extent of any disguise.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 9/33</p><p>Ideal steps for publishing..(Cont)</p><p>* Suggested teaching approaches</p><p>* Discussion questions and</p><p>answers to those questions.</p><p>* References</p><p>* Exhibits (e.g., financial analysis,</p><p>summary of theory application)</p><p>* Epilogue (if appropriate)</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 10/33</p><p>Teaching Notes</p><p>This is the most important part of a successful case. It will ensure that your case isused the right way in class and that all supporting resources are easily available for the</p><p>students/teachers. This section is easily 2-6 pages long. It can have competitive</p><p>information, reading recommendations (theories, journal articles, web articles, news</p><p>paper articles) and organizational material.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 11/33</p><p>Ideal steps for publishing..cont. Abstract, case and teaching note (instructors manual)</p><p>should be submitted as separate documents. Do notplace an abstract at the beginning of the case.</p><p> The case should have a footnote at the bottom of thefirst page as under;__________________________________________________________ This case was prepared by (names ofthe author(s) and university affiliations) and is intendedto be used for class discussion rather than to illustrateeither effective or ineffective handling of the situation.</p><p> Case can be typed in single or double line spaced.</p><p> Leave sufficient margin (1.0 minimum) on the left sideof the odd pages and right side of even numberedpages.</p><p> Author(s) are not identified in except on the cover pagefor the case and the teaching note</p><p> Ensure that the pages are numbered</p><p> Number the exhibits in the order they are introducedin the case</p><p> Short exhibits and tables can be placed as in-text tables</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 12/33</p><p>Identify the</p><p>Objective, Method</p><p>and Facts..Determine the main</p><p>objective of the case study.</p><p>You may be writing a case study to</p><p>fulfill an academic requirement or to</p><p>help solve problems in real-lifesituations (professional obligation!!!!)</p><p>An academic assignment typically</p><p>will come with a specific objectiveand instructions, whereas a</p><p>professional assignment might</p><p>require you to define the objective.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 13/33</p><p>Students all over the world hate to read especially as today time is short. So if the</p><p>objective is to grab their attention, encourage participation and actually stimulate</p><p>active thinking rather than a more passive approach - you should make your caseinteresting and relatively short (2-6 pages). You may have an additional 3-4 pages of</p><p>resources in the teaching notes. This allows the teacher (who is NOT you and may not</p><p>have as much information about your case) to facilitate the class to a more fruitful</p><p>discussion and optimize the teaching objective.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 14/33</p><p>How????????????? Select the best approach.</p><p> Choose an analytical approachto increase awareness.</p><p>In the preliminary stages of solving management problems,an analytical case study mightbest meet the goal of alertingupper management to corefacts and issues. An analytical</p><p>case study primarily focuses onwhat has occurred and why.</p><p> Select a problem-solvingapproach to pinpoint and solve</p><p>major issues.If the goal is to make solutionrecommendations, write aproblem-solving case studythat clearly outlines problemsand solutions.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 15/33</p><p>Be smart.</p><p>Conduct research for your</p><p>case study:Examine the facts, dynamics,</p><p>communications and all</p><p>relevant aspects of the</p><p>particular situation. Research</p><p>might involve interviewing</p><p>people in an organization,</p><p>reviewing written documentsor looking up relevant</p><p>statistics.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 16/33</p><p>Is it important to mention the person and the decision role?</p><p>Yes it is important to mention the person and the decision role. This is because this information</p><p>gives the student an idea of the role they must take. Decision problems escalate with levels,responsibilities increase and so does the strategic time frame. To make the right decision, a</p><p>student must not only know the role they must play, but the decision outcome expected, the</p><p>resources available (money, manpower etc) and the context. You can disguise the company and</p><p>the role title but there must be enough similarity with the situation so that the case can help the</p><p>student understand the complexities of each choice and the outcomes; both in achieving the</p><p>stated objectives and any other sub-objectives that may exist in the system.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 17/33</p><p>USE OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS IN THE GARMENT SECTOR: Ellile Exports (pvt.) Ltd.</p><p>Reading Notes:</p><p>Ellile Export (pvt) ltd. mainly deals with garment manufacturing specialized in gents wearing. They are based at Noida, UP andhave a show room and material collection and dispatch centre in Karol Bagh, New Delhi . It started its business in 1996 with just</p><p>15 employees and they now have 159 employees working in full time basis. Their business model is B-2-B and also engaged in</p><p>trading activity. They take order of garments like t-shirts, shirts, trousers etc. They mainly target those organizations that has</p><p>minimum of 200 employees. It is basically done having seen the requirements in terms of uniforms, special occasion wearing, and</p><p>gifts to the employees or delegates. They also has license of manufacturing specific brands products for them.</p><p>Amresh Kumar after trying his hands in several areas finally found his place in terms of Ellile Export. With his employees and their</p><p>performance he was quite happy. His client coordinator Mr. Saroj Kumar is an efficient person and has never disappointed him in</p><p>terms of performance and trust. He has been with him since the inception. At any point of time, whenever Mr. Amresh finds anyproblem solved to be difficult he call on Saroj and finds out a route.</p><p>What is happening in his business for the last 4-5 years is quite satisfactory and he is happy with the performance. He has been</p><p>witnessing a growth of 20% over the last 4 years which is above the industry level. But what he discovers in his factory wastage</p><p>house made him bit tensed. Every day he takes a round of his factory and he discovers that as his production level is increasing</p><p>day by day the bins of waste material is gradually increasing. From his experience he finds the period of October to March is a pick</p><p>season, the production level goes up significantly in this season. Outsourcing has always been a major strategy of their production</p><p>schedule. But in house production gives them significant cost effectiveness. Amresh comes to his cabin and thinks over the waste.</p><p>He calculates out that a near about Rs-400000/month has been drain out in terms of waste material.</p><p>Amresh perhaps did not get what he expected from his factory supervisor. He really took the matter very seriously which fueled</p><p>his head-ache. As usual he called on Mr. Saroj.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 18/33</p><p>Set the Scope for</p><p>Readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>Explain the aim of the case study in the opening</p><p>paragraph. The goal may be to understand the</p><p>challenges of an organization or to solve</p><p>interdepartmental conflicts.</p><p> Provide an industry or company overview.</p><p>Certain facts or challenges may be common in</p><p>the particular industry. For example, software</p><p>bugs may be a common problem in the</p><p>technology industry, requiring extensive product</p><p>testing and quality control teams. Explain</p><p>relevant factors to readers.</p><p> Outline relevant theories and knowledge. Case</p><p>studies for academic programs typically require</p><p>reference to theories and information presented</p><p>in class. Refer to these theories and explain theirrelevance to solving the real-life issues in the</p><p>case. For example, a theory may be that training</p><p>employees in too large a group leads to less</p><p>individualized attention and inadequate skills</p><p>mastery.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 19/33</p><p>Focus on Issues and</p><p>Solutions.Identify all relevant issues. If manyissues exist, focus on the mostimportant ones. Some issues may becaused by underlying problems. Forexample, conflicts between teammembers may be due to unclearworkplace policies or employeeresponsibilities.</p><p>Recommend solutions: List the most</p><p>effective solutions first and explainhow they will solve core issues.</p><p> Address the challenges that mightaccompany suggested solutions. For</p><p>example, cross-cultural conflicts inan organization might requireadditional training for managers,which may require funds or anextensive search for topic experts.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 20/33</p><p>Provide a Clear</p><p>Conclusion..Write a conclusion</p><p>that summarizes</p><p>the main issuesand solutions:Emphasize the most effective</p><p>recommendations.</p><p>Include a reference</p><p>to relevant</p><p>management</p><p>theories:Explain in a few sentences</p><p>how these theories support</p><p>your conclusions.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 21/33</p><p>Alternative Solution for Conclusion writing</p><p> Remove any unnecessary words orrepetition</p><p> Break long statements into smallerchunks of information</p><p> Ensure each statement has thesame verbal form as the previousone (where possible)</p><p> Group similar ideas together</p><p>(clearer for the reader)</p><p> Make word choice as informativeand as concise as possible</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 22/33</p><p>Publish</p><p>OR </p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 23/33</p><p>Perish!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DYE GRADUALLY..)</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 24/33</p><p>TAKE AWAYS.</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 25/33 </p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 26/33</p><p>How to build the content?????????</p><p>Describe the industry of operation and especially highlight the unique quirks or issues that</p><p>make the market challenging.</p><p>Describe the country of origin and focal market of operation.</p><p>Describe the organization, its history, its vision, is structure (large, small, diversified, SME,</p><p>adaptable?) and its culture.</p><p>Describe your focus product and help the student understand its potential and its realistic</p><p>performance in the market place vis a vis competitors. How is this product objective fit withinthe organization objective.</p><p>What is the time-line for the objective? Why the urgency? What could be the possible</p><p>consequences for not achieving your objective?</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 how to write a case</p><p> 27/33</p><p>CSR: Driver for Internal Branding</p><p>Dr. Veena Tewari Nandi</p><p>Abstract:</p><p>This case will be highlighting the practical issues of maintain and implementing the human resource policies at a work place. This particular</p><p>issue becomes more acute, if the work place is having employees from different nationalities. We have seen so many times that Human</p><p>Resource Policy Manual is generally maintained by all good organizations but when it is being needed by a particular employee for reference,</p><p>he/she has to really put efforts to get the same. Finally it gets available at some dust filled rack o...</p></li></ul>