HR project on Stress Management

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STRESS MANAGEMENT By .. (Registration No: .) Of.

A project report submitted to FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ANNA UNIVERSITY APRI !""#

$ERTIFI$ATEThis is to certify that the project report on the %& is a bonafide project work done by Ms a full time student of the !epartment of Management "tudies .. in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Master of Business #dministration of the #nna $ni%ersity during the year

. . &roject 'uide

.. (ead of the !epartment Of Management "tudies &rincipal

Internal )*aminer )*ternal )*aminer


DE$ ARATION I hereby declare that the report on all fulfillments of the requirements for the award of the degree in Masters in Business #dministration is a record of original work done by me during the period of study +,,-.+,,/ under the guidance and super%ision of

"ignature of the 0aculty 'uide

.. "ignature of the 1andidate


A$'NO( ED)EMENT I cordially thank #nna $ni%ersity for gi%ing me the opportunity to undergo my project work. I thank the chairman .and the principal

. . for their full fledged support for ha%ing gi%en me the opportunity to study in this Institution. I thank Mr. (ead of the !epartment of Management "tudies for his inspiration and pro%iding me all the facilities to do my project work. I would also like to thank our faculty guide who guided me through out the project. "incere thanks are also to all the staff members of MB# department for their %aluable guidance and support. I would also like to thank . !eputy 'eneral Manager &ersonnel !epartment for permitting me to pursue the project in their esteemed concern and #sst. Manager work and also to all the employees of #%tar "teels.3


!epartment for sparing his %aluable time to guide me during the project

4ast but not the least I would like to thank the almighty my family members and friends for supporting me in hundred little ways that means a lot.

TAB E OF $ONTENTSS.NO $ONTENTS4I"T O0 T#B4)" 4I"T O0 1(#5T" )6)1$TI7) "$MM#58 9 + 2 3 < ; / ? 9, 99 9+ I:T5O!$1TIO: I:!$"T58 &5O0I4) 1OM:8 &5O0I4) 5)7I)= O0 4IT)5#T$5) OB>)1TI7)" O0 T() "T$!8 "1O&) O0 T() "T$!8 4IMIT#TIO:" O0 T() "T$!8 5)")#51( M)T(O!O4O'8 !#T# #:#48"I" @ I:T)5&5)T#TIO:" 0I:!I:'" "$'')"TIO:" 1O:14$"IO: + ; 9< +< +/ 2, 2+ 23 2? -< -; -?

P). NO.


IOB BI:! O0 "T5)"" I: >OB #MO:' !I00)5):T #') '5O$& "T5)"" 1#$"I:' 0#1TO5" #MO:' !I00)5):T 4)7)4" O0 )M&4O8))"

PA)E NO. 2? 3, 39 3+ 32 33 3< 33; 3/ 3?