Human Resources Management (Personnel Management).

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<ul><li><p>Human Resources Management(Personnel Management)</p></li><li><p>Human Resources Managementconsists of all the activities involved in acquiring, maintaining, and developing an organizations human resources</p><p> (Pride, Hughes, and Kapoor, 2005)</p></li><li><p>Phases of HRM Activities1) acquiring</p><p>2) maintaining</p><p>3) developing human resources</p></li><li><p>AcquisitionIncludes planning as well as the various activities that lead to hiring new personnelHR PlanningJob AnalysisRecruitingSelectionOrientation</p></li><li><p>MaintenanceConsists primarily of encouraging employees to remain with the firm and to work effectivelyEmployee RelationsCompensationBenefits</p></li><li><p>DevelopmentConcerned with improving employees skills and expanding their capabilitiesTraining and Development </p><p>Performance Appraisal</p></li><li><p>The Workforce in Funeral Servicecurrent demographics2010?racist professionchange?compensationquality employeessecond career funeral directors</p></li><li><p>Job Description a document that lists the major responsibilities and tasks of the job</p><p>Job Analysis: the process of determining the critical components of a job for the purpose of selecting, training and rewarding personnel</p><p>Components of a Job Description</p></li><li><p>Job Specification a document that lists the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics a job holder must possess to perform effectively</p></li><li><p>RecruitmentSources in Funeral Service</p><p>Factors affecting recruitment and selection</p></li><li><p>Employment Application ProcessBona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) a qualification that is absolutely necessary for the job; it is an allowed and approved reason for discrimination</p></li><li><p>The Employment InterviewInterview Preparation:1) suitable time and place2) others to be notified3) necessary data and information4) employees not to interrupt5) list of points to cover6) clear and reasonable objectives7) applicants objectives8) follow-up steps9) record of the interview10) follow-up interviews</p></li><li><p>Employment Interview (contd)Beginning the interview:During the interview:Terminating the interview:</p><p>Structured InterviewUnstructured Interview</p></li><li><p>Reference Checkspersonal referencesillegal informationsigned releasecontacting referencesif reluctant to cooperate</p><p>New Employee Orientation</p></li></ul>


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