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HUNTING IN KAMCHATKA Vityaz-Travel tourist company

HUNTING IN KAMCHATKA - vityaz.travelvityaz.travel/files/Kamchatka_hunting_en.pdf · Kamchatka brown bear Kamchatka brown bear lives all over the peninsula. It is one of the largest

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Text of HUNTING IN KAMCHATKA - vityaz.travelvityaz.travel/files/Kamchatka_hunting_en.pdf · Kamchatka brown...


    Vityaz-Traveltourist company

  • Kamchatka is an incredible region attracting by virgin nature! It strikes visitors from all over the world by its beauty!

    Kamchatka is green forests, clear water, majestic mountains that surround the whole peninsula.  

  • Kamchatka is your great opportunity to get a good trophy.

    The tourist company "Vityaz-Travel" is glad to offer you hunting tours in Kamchatka. our highly experiences staff pays special attention to our clients and is happy to make your leisure time comfortable and unforgettable.

    In a hunting camp hunters taste delicious Russian cuisine. During the whole tour you will be accompanied by an interpreter and a guide who is familiar with the area of hunting and is experienced enough to help you to get a Kamchatka brown bear as a trophy.  

    BE ADVISED! A hunter must be physically ready to go skiing running a scent at low temperatures (-30o C)  

  • BEAR  March, 25 – May, 25 August, 20 – December, 15  

    LYNX    October, 25 – February, 28  

    MOOSE    September,  1  –  December,  15  

    WOLVERINE    October, 25 – February, 28  

    BIGHORN SHEEP    August,  1  –  October,  1  

    FOX    October, 25 – February, 28  

    WOOD GROUSE    August,  25  –  December,  31  

    We offer trophy hunting for:

  • Kamchatka brown bear Kamchatka brown bear lives all over the peninsula.

    It is one of the largest beast of prey in the world. the weight reaches 600 kg, length of the animal is about 300 cm. Female bears are smaller. the coloration of fur may vary from light brown to black.

    Kamchatka is known to be the land of bears. Average population is about 12-15 thousand animals.  

  • Hunting for bears is allowed in the presence of licenses. The number of licenses is limited.

    }  Trophy — skin, skull }  Spring: (April, 25 — May, 25) in spring

    hunters go by snowmobiles or skis.

    }  Autumn (August, 20 — December, 15). Hunting is generally held in areas of fish spawning, in places where bears gather to eat berries and cedar nuts. Hunters go by motor boats and off-road vehicles, ride horses.  

    Kamchatka brown bear  

  • East Siberian moose East Siberian moose inhabits the central and northern part of the peninsula Kamchatka. About 2000 mooses live in the central part and around 2500 animals - in the northern. the weight reaches 650 kg (1430 pounds), horns' size is 160 cm (63 inches).

    The moose eat grass, trees' leaves and bushes. Seasonally migrates. Lives close to rivers.

  • }  Trophy: skull with horns, skin.

    }  Hunting season: September, 1 - December, 15

         }  Hunters go by motor

    boats and off-road vehicles, ride horses.

    East Siberian moose  

  • Kamchatka big horn sheep Bighorn sheep live in mountains about 5000-6000 feet above sea level. Population is about 7500 animals. Weight is about 80-95 kg (176-210 pounds). Average length of horns — 85-87 cm (33-34 inches).

    Sport hunting does not threaten the population of bighorn sheep in Kamchatka.

  • }  Trophy: skull with horns, skin

    }  Hunting season: August, 1 - October, 1


    In August — September it is possible to combine hunting for bighorn sheep and bears.

    Be advised to have good waterproof clothing and appropriate equipment with you.

    Kamchatka big horn sheep  

  • Wood grouse (Black billed capercaillie)

    Black billed capercaillie is not so spread on the peninsula as a usual wood grouse. Weight is about 2,8 - 4 kg (male) and 1,7 - 2 kg (female). The head of the grouse is gray with a black beak.

    Their pipe is different. Singing a capercaillies has a good sight and hearing.  

  • }  Hunting season: April, 25 - May, 25

    }  Exciting hunting requiring tenacity, patience and endurance.

    We offer you wood grouse hunting as additional to bear


    Wood grouse

  • Peculiarities of hunting in Kamchatka

    The duration of every day hunting depends on your physical condition. Transportation is possible on slopes of mountains, in deep forests, tundra and on deep snow.

    For overnight stay hunters come back to the camp. If hunting finishes late at night, hunters may stay in a transitional house.

    All the obtained trophies are handled and conserved by professionals according to your preferences and instructions. Packaged before shipment.

    As soon as the tour finishes, you will return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.  

  • The cost of tours includes: }  Transfer from and to the airport.

    }  Transfer (airport-hotel-heliport)

    }  Visa support

    }  Licenses for hunting

    }  Services of a guide, an interpreter, a cook and a worker

    }  Using all the vehicles

    }  Accommodation

    }  Russian sauna ("Banya")

    }  Rent of fire arms

    }  Permission to carry personal fire arms

    }  Electricity in a camp (220V)

    }  Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and necessary equipment

    }  Professional trophy handling

    }  Fishing after hunting, necessary equipment for fishing

    }  Hunting for a duck, a partridge, a hare - after the main trophy  

  • The cost of tours does not include: }  Airplane tickets to and from Kamchatka

    }  Accommodation in hotels before and after hunting

    }  Helicopter services

    }  Additional excursions

    }  Export permission CITES (on demand of a hunter)

    }  Alcoholic drinks

    }  Trophy shipment by cargo flight to Moscow

    }  Tips  

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