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From the Back CoverSo you think you can't grow opium poppies because you don't have a patch of dirt in the middle of nowhere? Poppycock. Hydroponic Heroin, by Robert Bunch, reveals how to grow poppies year round without dirt, right in your own home. What's more, you'll learn how to turn that opium into heroin in just three easy steps."Hydroponics has never been used with poppies before. This book is significant in that users and would-be users don't have to venture to the bad side of town for heroin that could be bunk," says Robert Bunch, author of Invisible Marijuana and Psychedelic Mushroom Gardens.The Babylonians used this method in their Hanging Gardens, as did the ancient Chinese, Aztecs and Mayans in their celebrated floating gardens. In this book, you'll learn their secrets as well as the following:* How to avoid the menacing eyes of infrared detectors and nosy neighbors* How to combat an overdose* What size garden is right for you* How to control your opium - without it controlling you* How to purchase equipment without arousing suspicionYou'll have no problem finding the equipment, and no problem paying for it either - by the time you're done, your batch of heroin will cost what you would have paid for an ounce of fine marijuana.Just by reading Hydroponic Heroin, you'll gain all the knowledge you need to become an opium farmer, even if you're a city slicker."Sobriety is the most potent drug known to man," says Mr. Bunch. "Escape it often enough and watch your third eye open."

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CONTENTSHydroponiclleroin: IIow To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil Neil O 1998by"Robert Bunch Ail rights reserved.No part of this book may be without the or reproduced storedin anyform whatsoever rnayquote Reviews of prior writtenconsent the publisher. written consent the publisher of without the brief passages aslongaspropercreditis given. Publlshed by: Introduction.............


Chapter One... ....... .......................5 History Of The Poppy,Opium And Heroin Usage Chapter Two.......... WamingTo Would-BeGrowers Chapter Three The OpiumPoppy Chapter Four......... OverviewOf Hydroponics Chapter Five.......... FromSeed Weed To Chapter Six..... ....... OptimalHarvestParameters ......................11 ...........2t .....................29 .....................55 .....................61

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ChapterSeven ...........67 CreationOf Medicinal And Recreational hoducts From Exudedl,atex Chapter Ei9ht........ .....................77 Dosages, Addiction,Potential Dangers Chapter Nine......... Glossary .....................85




INTRODUCTIONHeroin (her'o-in) n. 1, rccreationalnarcotic that is spthesized from morphine extracted from the opium poppy; highly addictive;cortrnon street nanps include: chinawhite, H, horse,junk, skag,srnackand suicide.2, King of drugs. Casual heroinuseis not only on th upswingagaituit is to now chic and quasi-socially acceptable sport the lithe body, dark sunkeneyes and withdrawn posture of the corunon streetaddict. Supernndels stnrt the catwalk with gauntfranps and heavilyshadowed eyes,afrernative rock music giants axen't giants unlesstbey have been in tbe Betty Ford Clinic at leastonce,andevenhigh-fashion rnogul Calvin Klein bombards generalpopulacewith tebthe vision advertisenpnts which boast sickly teenagerswho look like theyhavebeenon a week-longbender. With the influx of the cbarest smackthe Unitd States has ever seenflowing into a haff-dozen na]x port ciths, anyonewho is'coof is t"Hng a rfoleon the whe huse. The drug war has donc litth, if any damage to tb The demandin 600,00Gpoud worHwid,e heroindemand.

Hydroponic Heroin How To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil


3the United Statesalonerangesfrom 20,000 to 30,000 pure pounds (average 454,000,000 initial uncut doses at 25 mg!), and showsno sign of decline. The reasonwhy smackhasbecomeAmerica's next drug "epidemic" is clear: potent, unadulteratedproduct is hitting the street, and the outdated necessityof intravenous injection hasbeeneliminated.Heroin in the '70s contained 7-l5%opure product, and it took some regular usageto become addicted. Now that supply greatly exceeds demand, streei-leveljunk can register up to 97Vopure! This level of purity allows more aestheticdly correct methods of ingestion such as smoking and snorting. Numerous users have reverted to snorting, for a dose as small as half a grirm can be lethal to a non-tolerantindividual. With the increased purity conrcs the increasedpotential for addiction,and no one is exempt from the psychological dependenceheroin creates. Even though estimates state that only 25-40Vo usersare physicallydependent, you if of know someone who has ever gotten a good dose, you know it is clear that a profound psychological addiction can occur within secondsafter the line is gone or the tourniquet is removed.If the tolerant user attemptsto quit, he can be assuredof a prolonged (at least four months) withdrawal which will be more rnentally debilitating and painful than any form of tortue rnankind might draw from the darkestrecesses its collective mind. of With all of this said, one might wonder why anyone would even attempt to try heroin. The reason is quite simple: in the correct atmosphere,dosage and frequency, a heroin buzz is one of life's great rewards. The intense surge in creativity, euphoria, and relaxation can make the

occasional weekend user soar to heightsneverbeforeexperienced. Because the tolerance of factor,theffiequent'thipper" will get ashigh, if not higher,thanthe most needle-tracked crusty wanderingthe back alleysof the Big Apple. If the unbelievershould debatethe massivecreativity factor of heroin, sonp notableaddictsfor the rebuttal include:enthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers),Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), I-ayne Staley (Alice in Chains), Brad Nowell (Sublfurrc), Jimi Hendrix, JanisJoplin, John Belushi and Robert Downey Jr., all creative geniuses in their own right. To digestall of the government nrediapropaganda, and one would think that all usersdie minutesafter their first dose.This is, as usual tafty far from the truth. Hospital recordsshow that the majority of junkies die from bogus horse, impurities used to cut the srmck, infections and malnutrition,rather than hot loads (a street term used to describe sudden,unforeseenincreasesin purity of the heroininjectedby inravenoususers). For someone who would like to achieve statewiththis out the fear of overdosing,inrpurities,or coming down, there is anothereasily attained drug that is much more (puking can be circumvented) saferthan herpleasant and oin - its grandparent, opium. geared This book is toward the opiate-dependent well as asthe inexperienced recreational drug userwho would like to havehis own stashof l$OVo pure opiumlatex,nnrphine hydrochloride,or, in the caseof the chemicallyinclined, srnack.The text following the introductionwill guide the

HydroPonic Heroin How To Grow Opium PoppiesWithout Soil

Clupter One History Of fhc PopW, OpiwnAnd Heroin Usage

to reader through all of the steps necessary maintain a poppies,therebl year-roundcrop of hydroponicopium of..iog the grower the exclusiverights to the free and pureopiate his choice. of on Readthe text asif your life depended it (it does),esand peciallythe chapteron dosages ingestion.When your the and fittt ctop hasbeenharvested you are experiencing warm opiaterush,know that you havejoined an elite club' Membersinclude: Inrd Byron, Coleridge,CharlesDickens,BelaLugosi,EdgarAllen Poe,Mary Shelly,Thomas de Quinceyand Mao 7*Jrong.You are in excellentcompany for creativity, astral-planeexploring, and higherbrain reformattingvia nreditation'Keep in consciousness mind, however,that you are riding the most majesticand horseon theplanet.Make swe that your reins unbreakable it arekept tight; otherwise, will ride you.



oPlut-t frA/DUSAqE HERofNNo plant in history has causedas much adversity,lry and grief as the opium poppy (Greek opos =juice). First cultivated on the shores of the Mediterranean by prehistoricman, texts regardingthis plant did not appear until the Greels praisedthe poppy 500 yearsbefore the birth of Christ. Hip'pocrates the first physician exploreits haling was to abilities,and Hornersangpraisesof the poppy in his epic, the Odyssey. tThe dnrg willl 'lull all pain and anger,and bring forgetfulness every sorrow." Obviously,Horner of chokeddown a doseor two! The opium poppy next reachedChinesernanuscripts in 700 AD. Chineseand East Indian doctors regardedthe plant as a generalcure-all For the following 700 yearsin the east, rnan and poppy lived in relative harmony.The plant was picked for its 'lniraculous" s@ds and rarely abuseduntil a slick Chineseman in the 15th century discovered that if the capsulewas slicedwithin a ten-day period following the fall of the petals, a wonderful thing

J-r S^t qROW

Hydroponic Heroin How To Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil

Chapter One History Of The Poppy, Opium And Heroin Usage

opium! This is where the easy balance happened between man and poppy dissolves. Arrpd with a powerful drug and having little access to addiction treatment information, Eastern man had unknowingly siarted the opium ball rolling towards the remaining civilized world. Two hundred years after this rnornentousoccasion, most of the East, including India and Persia, abused the opiate in the form of a recreational drink, or by sinply eating it. The stage was now set for Western man to swoop down and make a large scale comrnercial venture from the everincreasing demand. The Portuguese were the first to transport and market Indian opium to the Chinese. It was the Dutch seafarers, however, that hooked the Asians and SoutheastAsians by introducing them to smoking the raw latex. Until this point, the bad taste and slow absorption of opium into the stomach prevented profound addiction. Now that the opium could be snpked and the effects could be felt immediately, demand for the pungent black product skyrocketed. By the mid-l7th century, over 50 tons of opium were flowing into Asia by boat. Eventually, the fazz (the Ernperor Yung Chen) became concerned about the addictioq death and "shriveling of the facial features," and laid down the law on opium - total prohibition on the product, sales, and srnoking dens. This lasted about two minutes, as the Asian people had already developed a sophisticated taste for ttre sweet poppy-resin snpke. The Emperor countered this by placing tariffs on imported opiurn, hoping this would drive up the price, but to no avail; the Chinesehad to get their smoke on at any price.

InL773, the opium trade was madeglobal by the British East India Company.The British traded the Patna opium from India to the other Asians for their porcelains,silks, and spices.They used theseproducts to make a fortune in Europe and the Americas. The Chinese Emperor once again enforced the banning of opium by forbidding exportationof Chinesesilver, and the British responded by waging two all-out wars. These two famous alter