I go there to get away to play to relax to be refreshed to feel joy to live life to the fullest

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Lake Cabin Looking back, may I have lived a life of few regrets, joyful days, & many laughs. Mrs. Brown. Birch Lake Sand in your toes The breeze in your hair Fresh pine trees The soothing sun The call of the loon Tasting smores Beautiful sunsets. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The place you have chosen

Lake Cabin

Looking back, may I have lived a life of few regrets, joyful days, &many laughs.

Mrs. Brown1

Birch Lake

Sand in your toesThe breeze in your hairFresh pine treesThe soothing sun

The call of the loonTasting smoresBeautiful sunsets

I go there

to get awayto playto relax to be refreshedto feel joy

to live life to the fullest.

solitude & simplicity

I forget about the papers I need to correct, the students Im worried about, the students Im frustrated with, the lessons I need to plan, the meetings I need to attend, the appointments I need to make, the grades I need to enter, the web-pages I need to update, the copies I need to run, getting to school on time, leaving at a decent time, dropping Brielle off at daycare, picking Brielle up from daycare, no time for lunch, what will I make for supper, when will Mr. Brown be home?, will the football team win?, what are the plans for the weekend, I need to do laundry, the garbage needs to be taken out, the toilet needs to be scrubbed (and the bathtub, too), Sadie should get out more, Im ready for Thanksgiving break already(!), the car needs gas, the car needs to be washed, I really need to do my devotional today, those leftovers in the fridge need to be eaten, the kitchen floor needs to be swept, there are dishes in

I just am.



I am similar to Thoreau-I want to live life fully.-Forget about the details in life.-Simplify, simplify, simplify!

My place is similar to Walden-It is near water, amongst the trees.-It is a refuge, a safe place for me.-We have worked hard to make it our own, similar to how he builds his house.-The focus there is on nature, not things.

I am different from Thoreau-I cant stay there all the time.-My family is always with me there.-Its a regular escape, not a twenty-six month journey.

My cabin is different from Walden-It is huge and beautiful and not at all roughing it.-While I have reflected there, I have not (yet?) made or learned any amazing insights and discoveries about myself there.

I am an individualist TV isnt a constant in our house.READ to Brielle.Play and color and do puzzles.Go outside.We are best friends.