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  2. 2. The focus is on what YOUR practice needs. We work with real cases that YOUR providers see. We provide targeted services designed to help make a smooth transition to ICD-10.
  3. 3. Getting Down to Brass Tacks There is agreement that the migration to ICD-10 will affect the bottom line of a significant number of practices. Most agree that one of the weak links in the chain is going to be getting the proper documentation in place so that the proper codes can be assigned and billing performed in an efficient manner. Our goal is to keep your cash flow moving!!!
  4. 4. Avery Partners ICD-10 Transition Support Overview Perform Readiness Survey Gather Data Regarding Your Billing Profile Provide On- site Education and Training
  5. 5. ICD-10 Readiness SurveyICD-10ReadinessSurvey Review of Software and Related Components Questionnaire Phone Call with Practice Admin and Others Executive Report Finding Conclusions Recommendations Step 1
  6. 6. Data Gathering and Analysis In order to target the work which needs to be done, we analyze three sets of codes which we extract from your EHR: Most frequently used diagnosis & procedure codes at risk high rejection/denial rate under ICD-9 high-value procedures that are significant revenue generators Step 2
  7. 7. Data Gathering & Analysis Phase DataGathering&Analysis Most Frequently Used Codes High Risk Codes High Value Codes Focus Plan Target List of Codes Develop Scenarios using Your Codes Dual Coding Exercises Step 2
  8. 8. Educational Services We work to help your staff understand how to document better, not document more. Better documentation leads to better coding and more consistent and timely reimbursement. We use scenario based training and dual coding exercises. The goal is to reduce coding risks and inefficiencies. We will review your templates and favorites lists and provide education and advice to maximize efficiency and achieve accurate results. Step 3 .
  9. 9. We work with your providers by running through a series of scenarios designed to increase their awareness of the clinical documentation needs due to the more specific ICD-10 codes. It is simply a fact that the more practice providers get in documenting various scenarios, the better they will do on 1 October. Scenario-Based Education .
  10. 10. Moving Beyond the 1 October 2015 Transition Date Because the ICD-10 transition does not magically end on 1 October, we have a program which will help ensure that you continue to keep your cash flow where you want it. The next slide provides more information about our ICD-10 Survival program.
  11. 11. ICD-10 Survival Program Monthly Coding & Documentation Monitoring On-Going Support to help with ICD-10 Questions Continued Education/Training Follow-up directly with Insurance Companies to Ensure Receipt and Processing of claims
  12. 12. Dont Delay Call today. Lets put you on the road to a successful ICD-10 transition. Contact Ed Taylor 770-642-6100, Ext. 333 [email protected]