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IMPLEMENTING ITIL* WHY, HOW, WHEN, & WHAT IVE LEARNED Slide 2 What is ITIL? Basic Principles How to Use It Bend It to Suit Your Needs Why ITIL Works When ITIL Wont Incompletely Tailored Improper Launch Payoff TABLE OF CONTENTS Fig 1. Total service-impacting issues by month after ITIL implementation. Slide 3 WHAT IS ITIL? BASIC PRINCIPLES Slide 4 WHAT IS ITIL? An acronym. Information Technology Infrastructure Library. A way to find order in chaos. ITIL provides a framework that allows a company to categorize problems, sort them through a workflow, and discover solutions much more rapidly than relying on an organic process. Slide 5 USING ITIL BASIC PRINCIPLES Slide 6 BASIC ITIL JARGON Service- Do you deliver it? Do your customers need it, or you need it to serve your customers? Then its a service. Problem- An aspect of a service that is not functioning properly. If left alone long enough, will become an incident. 1.Process fails 2.Alerts Slide 7 BASIC ITIL JARGON Incident- A service-impacting issue. Requires triage time to resolve and typically impacts a companys customers. 1.Hardware failures 2.Outages Change- A planned alteration to a service. Mitigates problems, and resolves incidents. 1.Also introduces new risk. Slide 8 ITIL BEST PRACTICE MAKING ITIL WORK FOR YOUR COMPANY Slide 9 SAMPLE ITIL PROCESS FLOW Problem Management Change Management Incident Management Production Operations QA/Ops/Prod Slide 10 ITIL DISASTERS LEARNING FROM PAST FAILURES Slide 11 IMBALANCED IMPLEMENTATION Problem Management Change Management Incident and Change Management Effect: Not enough emphasis on the power of Change. Problem Management has no voice. Slide 12 COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWNS Problem Management Change Management Incident Management ? Effect: Problem Management knows whats wrong, but Incident Management and Change Management cant work together to prevent future problems until information is relayed through the middle man. Slide 13 STUTTERING START Problem Management Change Management Incident Management Effect: Implementing ITIL piecemeal causes pain down the line. The late starters may have difficulty finding advocacy or streamlining the process to suit a full-fledged ITIL. ? ? Slide 14 ITIL FOR THE WIN TRUE STORIES OF ITIL PAYOFF Slide 15 TALKING AT YOU FOR A MOMENT Slide 16 QUESTIONS ? THANKS FOR LISTENING. :] Slide 17 APPENDIX RESOURCES FOR PRESENTING Slide 18 APPENDIX DIGITAL: PDFPDF An annotated follow-along.PDF for tablets and smartphones. E-mail out before the presentation. PRINTABLE: NOTESNOTES For those who prefer to take notes on pen and paper. Print and hand out before the presentation.