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Photography Tour of India 2013 with Debbie Kindness and David Metcalf


<ul><li><p>Incredible India Photography Tour November 2013 </p><p>by </p><p>Debbie Kindness the tour guide extraordinare and </p><p>Guru Dave Diwali Metcalf </p><p>Starring ( in no particular order ) Stephanie Brookes Christine Harrison </p><p>Postie Jen Elena Lobl </p><p>Geoff Cooper Vicky Keenan </p><p>Anna Johnston </p></li><li><p>Photos by Geoff </p></li><li><p>Photos by Elena </p></li><li><p>Photos by Debbie </p></li><li><p>Photos by Anna </p></li><li><p>Photos by Christine</p></li><li><p>Photos by Steph </p></li><li><p>Photos by Jenny </p></li><li><p>Photos by Vicky </p></li><li><p>Diwali Dave </p></li><li><p>The Group Shots </p></li><li><p> Thank you to everyone for helping make this a fantastic photographic journey. </p><p>I hope this inspires all of you to get excited about the wonder of the </p><p>photography world and continue to travel to new places, although I think it will be hard to find anywhere quite as </p><p>inspiring,magical and colourful as India. But we can always keep searching! </p><p>Happy trails, and I hope some more with me and Debbie in the future. </p></li></ul>