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Informatica PowerCenter The Foundation of Enterprise Data Integration

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  • Informatica PowerCenterThe Foundation of Enterprise Data Integration

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    The Right Information, at the Right TimePowerful market forcesglobalization, new regulations, mergers and acquisitions, and business process outsourcing, for exampleare pushing your company to operate more effi ciently and do more with less. Your business needs access to all its data faster than ever before.

    How does your IT organization respond? How does your IT organization access, discover, cleanse, integrate, and deliver critical datawhen, where, and how its neededto help your company reduce costs, increase productivity, and remain agile and competitive?

    Common Challenges Facing Your IT organization

    Rising Complexity of DataYour IT organization is handling more data, in more formats, from more partners and more systems than ever before. How do you provide a single, comprehensive view into your critical information assets? How do you handle the complexity of your enterprise dataits volume, its latency, its many formats and structures?

    Increasing Business DemandsTimely information fuels all your companys competitive business initiatives, such as governance, risk, and compliance programs and mergers and acquisitions. How do you make data available when and how the business needs itin batch, near real-time, and real-time modesto increase operational effi ciency?

    shrinking IT BudgetsEvery business initiative spawns a new IT project. And each IT project requires data integration. How does your IT organization reuse data integration logic and skills across these projects to keep IT costs in check?

    Proliferating Data Quality IssuesThe business must make decisions quickly and base its decisions on complete, current, and reliable data. How does your IT organization proactively prevent questionable, inconsistent, or inaccurate data from proliferating throughout your business? How do you resolve and fi x data quality issues at the point of entry?

    Top ThreeCustomers

    Company 2008 Revenue

    Acme Co. $1,324,543

    Power Co. $1,234,677

    West Co. $ 934,756

    Top ThreeCustomers

    Company 2008 Revenue

    Acme Co. $1,464,600

    Power Co. $1,300,100

    West Co. $1,125,356

    Top ThreeCustomers

    Company 2008 Revenue

    Acme Co. $1,102,982

    Power Co. $1,090,624

    West Co. $ 998,821

    Which report refl ects the right data? The lack of a single, comprehensive view of critical information assets puts your company at risk.

  • 3Informatica PowerCenter: The Foundation of Enterprise Data Integration

    The Foundation of Enterprise Data IntegrationInformatica PowerCenter is highly scalable, highly available, high-performance software that lets IT organizations access and integrate data from virtually any business system, in any format, and deliver that data throughout the enterprise at any speed to improve operational effi ciency. PowerCenter serves as the foundation for all data integration projects and enterprise integration initiatives, including:


    Provide the right information, at the right time, to meet both the analytical and operational data integration needs of the business

    Meet the security and scalability demands for enterprise-wide, mission-critical deployment

    Reduce the development and deployment costs of IT projects by enhancing cross-team productivity and cross-functional collaboration

    Using the Data Integration Analyst Options intuitive Web-based user interface, business analysts can easily defi ne mapping specifi cations and automatically generate PowerCenter source-to-target mappings

    Access, Integrate, and Deliver Data Quickly, Easily, and Cost-Effectively Business analysts, IT organizations, and global development teams all rely on PowerCenter to access, integrate, and deliver data quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

    Business AnalystsPowerCenter delivers trusted, timely data throughout the enterprisein batch, in near real-time, and in real-time modes or on demandto meet the businesss analytical and operational data integration needs. Comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities enable business analysts to support governance, risk, and compliance initiatives. Self-service data integration enables analysts to defi ne and validate specifi cations using an intuitive Web-based user interface and automatically generate PowerCenter mappings.

    IT ManagementPowerCenter offers unparalleled performance, scalability, and high availability to help IT organizations deploy and manage mission-critical, enterprise-wide data integration projects while reducing development time and costs.

    Developers/Global IT TeamsPowerCenter encourages collaboration between the business and IT and across global development teams. The software allows teams to maintain, share, and reuse defi nitions, specifi cations, and data mapping logic across platforms and projects. No recoding means higher productivity and faster time to results.

    Data migration and consolidation

    Data synchronization and replication

    Data warehousing

    Master data management

    B2B data exchange

    Data governance

    Service-oriented architectures

    Integration Competency Centers

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    Key Features of Informatica PowerCenter

    Universal Data Access

    Informatica PowerCenter provides access to more enterprise data types than any other technology on the market. Complemented by Informatica PowerExchange and the suite of PowerCenter Options, PowerCenter lets you access virtually any and all enterprise data types, including:

    Structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data

    Relational, mainframe, fi le, and standards-based data

    NoSQL big data stores such as Hadoop HDFS

    Message queue data

    PowerCenter accesses and delivers data when and how the business demands it. The software offers data access in real time or batches or through change data capture (CDC).

    Mission-Critical, Enterprise-Wide Data Integration

    Only PowerCenter can handle mission-critical, enterprise-wide data integration. No other single product on the market manages a broader range of data integration initiatives.

    PowerCenter and the suite of PowerCenter Options meet enterprise demands for security, performance, scalability, collaboration, and governance through such powerful capabilities as:

    Metadata Manager, a key feature of PowerCenter Advanced Edition, delivers end-to-end lineage of all data to increase insight into complex data relationships and build trust in the data driving key business decisions.

    PowerCenter offers unique capabilities to help IT organizations address exponential growth in data volumes and the need for real-time integration of data across systems. Designed to respond to the mission-critical needs of an Integration Competency Center, the software serves as the ideal foundation for complex, enterprise-wide data integration initiatives.

    High availability/failover/seamless recovery

    Grid computing support

    Pushdown optimization

    Dynamic partitioning

    Metadata management

    Team-based development

    Data masking

    Auto-scaling web services

    Self-service data integration

    Data validation

    Proactive Monitoring

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    Global IT Team Productivity

    PowerCenter enables global development teams, as well as cross-functional IT and business analyst teams, to work together more effi ciently and effectively. The software enhances collaboration between IT and the business to successfully execute and manage governance, risk, and compliance initiatives and to increase operational effi ciency.

    PowerCenter offers features specifi cally designed with individual developers, quality assurance professionals, production administrators, and global IT teams in mind. These features include:

    A fl exible, metadata-driven architecture that standardizes and reuses defi nitions across platforms and projects, eliminating the need for recoding

    A set of robust visual tools to manage development and administration and powerful productivity tools to smooth collaboration among architects, analysts, and developers

    Team-based development capabilities that automate and control deployments across environments, locations, and teams to accelerate development, simplify administration, and reduce ongoing maintenance costs

    Metadata management and a business glossary to consolidate technical and business metadata into one data integration catalog, increasing insight into complex data relationships and trust in the data that drives strategic business decisions

    Th e redesigned interface of Metadata Manager makes visualizing data

    lineage much more personalized, interactive, and intuitive, allowing

    developers to quickly understand data relationships and conduct impact

    analysis. Th is really increases our productivity, as well as ensures consistency

    and visibility across the enterprise. Furio Lanzoni

    Global BI Informatica Shared Services, HP

    With the unifi ed Informatica Administrator, you can centralize all PowerCenter confi guration and monitoring tasks to simplify management and quickly troubleshoot all your PowerCenter jobs and services.

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    Meet Every Data Integration NeedBecause every data integration project is different and includes many variablessuch as data volumes, latency requirements, IT infrastructure, and methodologiesInformatica offers four PowerCenter Editions to meet your projects and organizations specific needs. Informatica Sales can help you choose the PowerCenter Edition thats right for you.

    Informatica PowerCenter Standard Edition is enterprise data integration software for accessing and integrating data from virtually any business system, in any format, and delivering that data throughout the enterprise to improve operational efficiency. This edition offers superlative scalability, security, and reliability.

    Key features of PowerCenter Standard Edition include:

    A high-performance data integration server

    A global metadata infrastructure

    Visual tools for development and centralized administration

    Productivity tools to facilitate collaboration among architects, analysts, and developers

    PowerCenter Real Time Edition

    Informatica PowerCenter Real Time Edition extends the capabilities of PowerCenter Standard Edition with the ability to integrate and provision operational data in real time. Packaged for simplicity and flexibility, this edition provides comprehensive data integration capabilities for developing and delivering sophisticated data services to support all business needs. It is ideally suited for service-oriented architectures.

    Key features of PowerCenter Real include:

    Change data capture for relational data sources

    Integration with messaging systems

    Rapid development of scalable and secure Web services

    Dynamic partitioning for high-performance, highly scalable concurrent data processing

    By leveraging the flexible and scalable data services and orchestration

    capabilities of the Informatica PowerCenter Real Time Edition, LinkShare

    will be able to consistently roll out new products faster than before, meet

    customer demands for reporting and analysis, and grow our business by

    supplying its customers and partners with the real-time delivery of holistic,

    accurate, and secure data.Jonathan M. Levine

    Chief Technology OfficerLinkShare

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    The suite of PowerCenter Options extends the softwares core data integration capabilities. Informatica Sales can help you select the PowerCenter Options that are right for you.

    Data Cleanse and Match Option

    Data Integration Analyst Option

    Data Masking Option

    Data Validation Option

    Dual Load Option for Teradata

    Enterprise Grid Option

    High Availability Option

    Metadata Exchange Options

    Partitioning Option

    Proactive Monitoring Option

    Pushdown Optimization Option

    Team-Based Development Option

    Unstructured Data Option

    PowerCenter Advanced Edition

    Informatica PowerCenter Advanced Edition is scalable, high-performance enterprise data integration software for accessing and integrating data from virtually any business system, in any format, and delivering that data throughout the enterprise at any speed.

    PowerCenter Advanced Edition is for IT organizations that are standardizing data integration at an enterprise level, across numerous projects and departments. It combines all the capabilities of PowerCenter Standard Edition and extends them with additional capabilities ideally suited for establishing data governance practices and Integration Competency Centers.

    Key features of PowerCenter Advanced Edition include:

    Dynamic partitioning for high-performance, highly scalable concurrent data processing

    Powerful metadata management for data lineage and impact analysis

    A business glossary for a common taxonomy of business names linked with technical artifacts

    Team-based development to help global teams operate more efficiently

    Web-based data profiling and reporting capabilities

    PowerCenter Cloud Edition

    Informatica PowerCenter Cloud Edition is the worlds first cloud data integration infrastructure that enables seamless integration of data in the cloud and in on-premise systems. This edition combines the power and scalability of PowerCenter Standard Edition and PowerCenter Real Time Edition, with the flexibility, ease of use, and affordability of the latest cloud computing platform. The result is a comprehensive data integration Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

    Key features of PowerCenter Cloud Edition include:

    Runs in true virtual computing environments, such as the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

    Built-in data partitioning support for unlimited scalability

    Data processing latency support, including batch, trickle feed, and real time

    Connectivity to data sources both in the cloud and on premise, and the ability to move data across the two

    PowerCenter Advanced Edition includes all the essential capabilities we

    needhigh-performance, high-productivity data integration with metadata

    management designed for enterprise deployments. The integration metadata

    catalog, with personalized lineage, comprehensive impact analysis, and

    reporting, boosts confidence in our data with enhanced visibility into data

    relationships.Remy van der Kleij

    Information ArchitectAhold

  • Benefits of Informatica PowerCenter

    Provide the Right Information, at the Right Time

    PowerCenter provides universal, right-time data accessthat is, batch, near real-time, and real-time access. This means your IT organization can deliver trusted, timely data throughout the enterprise to meet both analytical and operational needs of the business. You can improve the confidence the business has in the data by supplying enterprise-wide visibility into data definitions, lineage, and relationships and increasing data accuracy and consistency. PowerCenter helps you to answer the questions your business has about its data and to supply the high-quality data it needs, when it needs it, to make better and timelier decisions.

    Meet the Demand for Enterprise-Wide, Mission-Critical Deployment

    PowerCenter meets enterprise demands for security, scalability, and performance and establishes a foundation for enterprise-wide data integration initiatives. Your IT organization can cost-effectively scale to meet increased data demand, save hardware costs, and reduce the expense and risks associated with data downtime. You also reduce the risk of security and privacy breaches with PowerCenters ICC-grade security features.

    Boost Cross-Team Productivity and Cross-Functional Collaboration

    PowerCenter enables teams of developers, analysts, and administrators to work faster and better together. IT projects can be readily administered and managed across complex teams whose members have different roles and responsibilities. And these teams can easily share and reuse work and results with a powerful set of common tools, assistants, wizards, and templates. PowerCenter reduces IT costs by encouraging collaboration, minimizing development complexity, managing the impact of changes, increasing productivity, and accelerating time to delivery.

    PowerCenter is the hub of our integration infrastructure. With

    PowerCenter, we will be able to upgrade our data integration capabilities and

    take on even more projects, without sacrificing responsiveness or scalability.Mark Cothron

    Software Engineering ManagerAce Hardware

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    About InformaticaInformatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) is the worlds number one independent provider of data integration software. Organizations around the world gain a competitive advantage in todays global information economy with timely, relevant and trustworthy data for their top business imperatives. More than 4,000 enterprises worldwide rely on Informatica to access, integrate and trust their information assets held in the traditional enterprise, off premise and in the cloud.