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<p>Information literacyby Ariyadi Wijaya</p> <p>Submission date: 06-Nov-2017 12:02PM (UTC+0700)Submission ID: 875032936File name: Inf ormation_Literacy_AW.docx (878.3K)Word count: 3311Character count: 20505</p> <p>10%SIMILARITY INDEX</p> <p>8%INTERNET SOURCES</p> <p>9%PUBLICATIONS</p> <p>3%STUDENT PAPERS</p> <p>1 1%2 1%</p> <p>3 1%4 1%5 1%6 1%7</p> <p>Information literacyORIGINALITY REPORT</p> <p>PRIMARY SOURCES</p> <p>www.neliti.comInternet Source</p> <p>Wijaya, Ariyadi, Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen, and Michiel Doorman. "Teachersteaching practices and beliefs regardingcontext-based tasks and their relation withstudents diff iculties in solving these tasks",Mathematics Education Research Journal,2015.Publicat ion</p> <p>www.olis.oecd.orgInternet Source</p> <p>www.researchgate.netInternet Source</p> <p>www.corporatecomm.orgInternet Source</p> <p>www.slideshare.netInternet Source</p> <p>Emerging Technologies for STEAM Education,</p> <p>1%8 1%9 1%10 1%11 1%</p> <p>12 1%</p> <p>Exclude quotes On</p> <p>Exclude bibliography On</p> <p>Exclude matches &lt; 1%</p> <p>2015.Publicat ion</p> <p> Source</p> <p> Source</p> <p>www.dissertations.wsu.eduInternet Source</p> <p>Communications in Computer and InformationScience, 2013.Publicat ion</p> <p>Submitted to Florida State UniversityStudent Paper</p> <p>Information literacyby Ariyadi Wijaya</p> <p>Information literacyORIGINALITY REPORTPRIMARY SOURCES</p>


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