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  1. 1. Interior Design Ideas, Interior Designs, Home Design Ideas, Room Design Ideas, Interior Design, Interior Decorating These five lofts are all incredibly different but still manage to use a lofted bedroom design effectively and elegantly. This cozy apartment in Kyiv offers plenty of spaces for both adults and children in its calming and welcoming design.
  2. 2. A slanted ceiling gives even the most cramped space an almost ethereal feel. This bachelor space in Kiev is the perfect calming retreat for a discerning man. These comfortable, cozy, and stylish living rooms designs are perfect for relaxing, even for the most design conscious. A mid-century modern home in Palm Springs is the embodiment of its time and style.
  3. 3. Take a look inside this luxurious home in the round for a glimpse at stunning California desert style. Whether you're hosting a dinner party of eating cereal, it's always best done in a beautifully designed dining room like these. Exposed brick can play center stage or a supporting role in your interior. See how two designers approached this texture in their ...
  4. 4. Inspired by Brutalism and built by the sea, this stunning and innovative house is a sight to behold. Step inside a modern Miami apartment that strays from the ideas of South Beach brightness in favor of cool, muted tones. Cheerful yellow and bright blue make these two homes pretty and perky in their simplicity.
  5. 5. Take a look inside these three homes that each have their own modern take on rustic, vintage design. Four colorful kids room designs from four different designers are unique, colorful, and sophisticated. Surrounded by Oak Trees, this Oak Pass house is truly modern and ultra sleek.
  6. 6. Three homes that feature beautiful and vibrant green gardens indoors. Exposed brick can be a focal point or an accent, depending on how you design with it. See two approaches taken by two very differe... Colorful and inspirational interiors from a talented artist. Explore whimsy, color, and geometry in four family-friendly spaces.
  7. 7. Four renovations from the team at Los Angeles-based Commune design will take your breath away. This attic transformation from Gilwice, Poland is an amazing makeover for a modern apartment. 5 homes from the visualizers at Iqosa are each unique, sleek, and elegant in their neutral colors and careful designs.
  8. 8. Nothing can inspire a kid quite as much as growing up in a home where beauty and design are highly valued. In five homes from designer Ewelina Chawawko, you can see the range of styles that encompass modern interiors. These three visualized homes are the epitome of simple elegance with deep colors and rich materials.
  9. 9. An enviable location with an enviable design, this incredible home in Cape Town is nestled in the side of a mountain and offers 36... Cool neutral tones like gray, browns, and cream make these six home pretty and stylish at the same time.
  10. 10. A Bulgarian home that makes clever use of its space. Use of white certainly does not have to mean that design takes a turn for boring. Just look at these three apartments to get a sen... Blending modern design with natural landscapes, these renderings by Terri Brown are nothing short of exquisite. Three examples of...