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Jones Painting is provide a unique interactive Interior Design and Commercialpainting Contractor. We work with a variety of clients all across the CountryOur mission is to listen, design, create and impress. :: 513-407-4803

Vision & MissionWe want to implement communicative strategies capable of giving a true competitive edge toward the competitionOur mission is to provide satisfaction to our customers, really helping them to protact their house. Taking on both small and medium/large projects gives us the possibility to match ourselves with diverse requests, needs and problems, to continuously improve the services we offer. :: 513-407-4803

When it comes to painting your new house or repainting your home, theres only one in Jones Painting that has built its strong reputation and dependability throughout the years. The owner himself manages to maintain a strong relationship with his residential clients and keeps producing amazing results from inside out. They focus on top notch quality of work on each and every project. With more than forty years of experience, they are committed to the highest standards in service and long-lasting results.Their impeccable attention to detail and expertise explains why they grow their business faster and stronger each year. We cant say much more how thankful their clients are and they tend to keep it that way. Exterior and Interior Painting Contractor :: 513-407-4803

Highly experienced technicians simply make their clients happy and satisfied. Thats why we work with you and make you feel that you are on top of your house painting project. We are highly trained with the latest technological methods and safety measures. We provide interior material and design recommendation because we work closely with interior design companies and general contractors. The possibilities are endless with its wide array of solutions for all residential painting challenges. :: 513-407-4803

Interior Design :: 513-407-4803

Squares suggest a rational, stable form with no direction :: 513-407-4803

Call JonesPaintingandCarpentrytoday at North Ohio Branch1375 Ford StreetMaumee, OH 43537Direct:419.740.5800 or visit us online at :: 513-407-4803

ThankYou :: 513-407-4803