Introduction to LabVIEW. Introduction Welcome to LabVIEW Getting Started Front Panel Block Diagram

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  • IntroductiontoLabVIEW

  • IntroductionWelcome to LabVIEWGetting StartedFront PanelBlock Diagram

  • Introduction to LabVIEWFrom the Getting Started Window, you can open new or oldLabVIEW code, find examples, read articles, andget help.

  • Intro to LabVIEW ContAll LabVIEW code is made up of a Front Panel and a Block Diagram.The Front Panel contains the graphs, knobs, buttons, indicators, controls.The Block Diagram is where the code resides.Front PanelBlock Diagram

  • Controls PaletteThis is available in the Front PanelThis palette allows you to place knobs, graphs, indicators, etc on the Front Panel.

  • Functions PaletteThis is accessed from the Block Diagram.This allows you to place functions on the Block Diagram.You will find most of the Functions here.

  • Context HelpBy hovering over any function and control in LabVIEW, context help gives you a:labelled diagramdescription of the functionlink to more detailed information

  • WiringData is transferred through wiresConnect things like controls to indicators using wiresConnect Wire tool is used to wire in LabVIEW