Inviting Students to Write Using Google Forms for Book Reviews and Other Writing Projects Elizabeth Dejean, MLS P.S. 360 Library

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Inviting Students to Write Using Google Forms for Book Reviews and Other Writing Projects Elizabeth Dejean, MLS P.S. 360 Library What are we writing in the library? Book Reviews Reflections Special Projects Contests Why write for the library? Why students may choose to write like to write want recognition want your attention Want to work outside the classroom CCSS W 6 Use technology, including the internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate What do you want your students to Write? (11/08/2011) Plan your writing prompts How do you want the writing organized? What are the big questions? How can you support the students thinking? Now youre ready to begin! Go to Google Docs Dont have an account? Its free. Create a Form Click Create Click Form Name and Describe your Form Short, descriptive name Longer description Purpose Process Descriptions of Google Forms Composing the Form Duplicate a question Edit the copy Question Types Select the Question Type to match your expectations. Writing prompts will be answered in paragraph text. Required Questions Check this box if the question must be answered. Help Text Detailed instructions for each question can be added Help Text. Close your question Click Done to close the question Test Your Form Close the form editing window. Click the Form tab and Go to Live Form Complete the Assignment Note necessary changes Click submit and close the thank you box. Submit your response Close the thank you window. Edit Your Form Go to the Form tab and Edit Excel Spreadsheet Copy and paste the data from your Google Form to a new Excel Spreadsheet. Include headers (questions) Create Your Merge Format Open a new Word Document Tools Letters - Merge Use the Mail Merge Wizard Click arrow for starting document at the bottom right corner. Select recipients Select Recipients In the dialogue box you can select which responses will be merged. You will do this each time, so you only look at the new responses. Write Your Letter Format Insert Responses by clicking More Items Select an item, Insert, and Close A New Merge Format Preview then Edit Individual Letters Problems? Unexpected Results? Use the back arrow to go back to your format to fix it. Save your format! Go Live! Post the URL on your library home page or to your website. Advertise! Books Marks PSAs Class Introductions Monitor, Respond, Celebrate! Google Docs will send you an Merge Edit individual letters Save as Respond A short note after the students writing works. Celebrate! Ideas and Inspiration How could you inspire your students to write using Google Forms? Questions?


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