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  • iOS Apps for Learning and Teaching

    Since August 2009 the Digital Learning Team have been running iPod Touch and iPad trials in schools throughout Edinburgh. The trials have involved schools in all sectors - early years, primary, secondary and special.

    Using the feedback from these trials, and now feedback from schools who have embedded this technology into the curriculum, this document sets out the recommended apps, how much they cost, a brief description and an indication of the Curriculum for Excellence level they are most suited for. We have grouped the apps into curricular areas and also various other identifiable groups. They are in no particular order and include a variety of free and paid-for apps.

    The apps that allow for content creation are some of the most powerful for transforming learning and teaching, allowing students to demonstrate evidence of their learning. Teachers have found that they return to these apps time and time again and are excited about what they and their student can create on the device.

    All of the apps listed come recommended by teachers and pupils. The list is not exhaustive, but offers a starting point for those new to the technology and will highlight some less familiar apps for those who have been using iOS devices for a while.

    We know you will have fun learning with them!

    The Digital Learning Team

    Our blog is full of useful information. Click on the link below to visit us!

    Check out these useful websites for more App recommendations... APPitic is a directory of apps for education to help you transform teaching and learning. These

    apps have been tested in a variety of different grade levels, instructional strategies and classroom settings.

    iPad Apps and Blooms Taxonomy A primary library media specialist reviews iPad apps as they map to an updated version of Blooms Taxonomy.

    iPad App EvaluationThis visual document helps educators evaluate Apps for the classroom

    Digital Learning Team

    iOS Apps for Learning and TeachingPage 1 of 8

    October 2012


  • Literacy

    Name Cost DescriptionCfElevel

    abc PocketPhonics 1.99

    Teaches the letter sounds for all the letters in the alphabet, including blends, using the synthetic phonic approach. Also teaches letter writing and 170 !rst words.


    Word Magic 69p

    A picture is shown and the word spoken - children touch the missing letter or blend for each picture. Lots of spoken encouragement and praise.


    The Smelly Sprout(Pocket Story) Free

    A 40 page animated book that children can read in either of three modes - autoplay, read to me and read myself. Full narration by the author. (Scottish accent) Other titles available.


    Fry Words Free

    List of the 1000 most popular words in English. Ability to add your own words and record your own voice. Customisable fonts and colours. Game mode.


    Countdown 69p

    Use the Countdown game show to master vocabulary (and maths). Make the longest word possible from 9 letters then try to solve the countdown conundrum.


    Shakespeare In Bits



    Fully animated study edition of the plays. (Two samples included with free app.) Original text as well as modern translations. Biographies for each character and relationship maps...


    Grammar Jammers

    Primary EditionFree

    Animated catchy songs and rhymes to help learn the rules of grammar. Other levels available.


    Grammar Fun Free Free

    Learn correct grammar by matching grammatical constructs to the corresponding words in a sentence.


    iBooks FreeDownload best-sellers and classic books from the iBookstore. Find fully illustrated books, including childrens picture books.


    Book Creator for iPad 2.99

    Create your own books right on the iPad. Sleek, intuitive and easy to use. Import photos from the camera roll and add sound. Perfect for learners of all ages..


    Digital Learning Team

    iOS Apps for Learning and TeachingPage 2 of 8

    October 2012

  • Numeracy

    Name Cost DescriptionCfElevel

    PopMathMaths Plus 69p

    Pairs of bubbles "oat on the screen - pop each matching pair based on the sum. Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


    Math Magic 69p

    Helps children learn addition, subtraction and multiplication. Children touch the correct answer. Ability to customise the level to match the learner.


    Math Bingo 69pChoose from different levels of difficulty and type of sum. Create up to 5 player pro!les. Collect and play with bingo bugs.


    Touch the Numbers Free

    Touch the numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can. Thats it!


    Number Line Free

    Helps students learn about fractions, decimals and percents by ordering equivalent fractions, decimal and percentages on a number line. Multiple levels.


    Talking Maths(by Heinemann) 3.99

    Talk Maths is a fun way to get children talking about maths and working together to solve problems. App provides four games to help children practice their mathematical vocabulary and speaking and listening skills.



    Mental Maths 69p

    Choose from different categories and exercises ranging from basic arithmetic, division with remainder, percentage calculation, reading and writing Roman Numerals and common multiples and divisors.


    Flash Tables HD 69p Interactive times tables "ash cards. From 0x0 to 12x12. 1/2

    Khan Academy Free

    The best way to view Khan Academys complete library of over 3,200 videos. Alongside hundreds of maths videos (including topics such as algebra and differential equations) are subjects such as !nance, science, history and art.


    Digital Learning Team

    iOS Apps for Learning and TeachingPage 3 of 8

    October 2012

  • Cross-Curricular

    Name Cost DescriptionCfElevel

    Explain Everything 1.99

    Explain Everything is an easy to use design tool that lets you annotate, animate and narrate explanations and presentations. Exports as a movie. Can be used to explain everything - and anything!


    Strip Designer 1.99

    Create your own comic book strips using photos from your photo album and add text, clip art. Choose from different layouts and export options.


    I Can Animate 1.99

    Bring the experience of animating using a desktop or laptop computer to the iPod or iPhone. Animate from anywhere and transfer or export to continue your project.


    Puppet Pals HDDirectors Pass


    version available)

    Star in your own cartoon! Pick out your actors and backdrops, drag them on stage and tap record. Movements and audio recorded in real time and exported as a movie.



    Create HD movies anywhere. Add video, photos, music and sound effects. Add themes, titles and transitions. Browse and play projects.


    Problem Solving

    Name Cost DescriptionCfElevel

    The Oregon Trail 69p

    A strategy game relating the !rst pioneers journey to Western America. In the role of Wagon Leader, children must overcome obstacles by thoughtful decision making in order to reach Oregon safely.


    Scribblenauts Remix 69p

    Think it. Create it. Solve it! Award winning video game available for iPad. Solve the puzzles by creating objects for Maxwell. If you can think it, you can create it!


    Digital Learning Team

    iOS Apps for Learning and TeachingPage 4 of 8

    October 2012

  • Early Years

    Name Cost DescriptionCfElevel


    (Also paid version)

    Encourages shape recognition and motor activity. Different puzzles with sound effects and bright colours.


    Preschool Adventure 69p

    8 different activities including dot-to-dot numbers, colouring book, typing, colours, shapes, monkey body, sounds and matching. Includes Make-a-martian.


    Wheels on the Bus HD 1.49

    An interactive musical book based on the childrens song. Encourages language, musical and motor development. Winner of Best Childrens App 2010 International CES


    Giraffes Preschool

    Playground1.49 Giraffe will help young children learn about letters, numbers, shape and movement. E/1

    Dress Chica FreeHelp Chica get dressed by selecting hats, scarves and more by touching the pictures. Save your work and share with others.


    Shapes Toddler Preschool Free

    Children learn to identify shapes through fun games with positive reinforcement. Ability to customise the games.


    Elmos Monster Maker HD 2.49

    Elmo wants you to make a monster friend - choose a monster body and touch its face to give it eyes, nose and a hat. When youre done play with your monster! Saves to camera roll for use in other apps.


    Digital Learning Team

    iOS Apps for Learning and TeachingPage 5 of 8

    October 2012