IPC Reform Implementation PCT systems and products

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IPC Reform Implementation PCT systems and products. Kader Taibi - PCT-IS kader.taibi@wipo.int June 20, 2005. Summary. Objectives IPC reform requirements Affected Applications/systems Affected Products/Services Implementation main steps. Objectives. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • IPC Reform Implementation PCT systems and productsKader Taibi - PCT-ISkader.taibi@wipo.intJune 20, 2005

  • SummaryObjectivesIPC reform requirementsAffected Applications/systems Affected Products/ServicesImplementation main steps

  • ObjectivesBe able to receive and publish IPC rev. 8 international applicationsBe able to process the MCD reclassification data as it arrives (backfile and updates)

  • IPC reform requirements

    Published documents (ST 36, ST8, ST10/C)IPC reform impact AnalysisPCT users inputPatent information classification and IP standards division inputMCD specifications

  • Affected Applications/SystemsCASPIA (bib. Data, data exchange)SPIDI (Pamphlet FP, wo-pub-app)IB (Art. 20, Rule 87)COR (Pamphlet, Pdocs, IPERS, IASF)IPDL

  • Affected Products/ServicesArt 20 DVDs and Rules 87 DVDXML files/revised wo-published-application.dtdsearch quality OCR data added)SPIDIXML (will be discontinued)SPIDI FTP : wo-published-application.dtd filesElectronic Gazette (wo-gazette.dtd format files)Other (Forms IB/399, IB373, data exchange with some offices)

  • Implementation Main steps (foreseen at this stage)Step 1 : specifications, development based on published standards (up to the end of July)Step 2 : further development based on receipt of test data from EPO (July-September)Step 3 : user testing (September- December)Step 4 : initial data upload (September- December)Step 5 : internal user deployment (October-December)Step 6 : External deployment (January 5, 2006)

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