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Iron Patriot/Man. e.bartos. Let’s begin. Iron Man and Iron Patriot began as an idea. Tony Stark built Iron man in a cave out of necessity Tony needed a way out of a situation, so he built a way to get himself out, and it turned into so much more than an idea. He became an icon, and a symbol. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 2: Iron Patriot/Man

LET’S BEGIN• Iron Man and Iron Patriot began as

an idea.• Tony Stark built Iron man in a cave

out of necessity• Tony needed a way out of a

situation, so he built a way to get himself out, and it turned into so much more than an idea.• He became an icon, and a symbol.


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• Iron man is a symbol, a fictional symbol for technology and brilliance.• Tony is the man behind the symbol of self-help.

• Self help as in not relying on government parties in order to achieve a certain goal.• A symbol of freedom• And a symbol of anarchy

• So why is he a superhero? Because he just is.• Tony is what everyone wants to be, rich, brilliant, has everything on his pocket.


Page 4: Iron Patriot/Man

IRON PATRIOT SYMBOLISM• Iron patriot is an extension of Iron Man, something made

by Tony Stark. So how is he different?• Well, he is “government issued”• He is rebranded as a political machine that fights for “justice”.

• He wears the American flag, possibly a symbol of respect to Captain America. (Stunning resemblance.)• Iron Patriot is the government’s version of a hero, based

off of an already American hero, Captain America.• It symbolizes a new spin on a classic character that

embodies “freedom” and “justice”. (Even though there are so many repressive systems in place, freedom, go figure.)



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• Weaponry• Iron Man’s weapons are hidden away, while Iron Patriot walks

around with a canon on his shoulder at all times.• Both designed to kill, but most of Iron Man’s weapons are

concussive, while Iron patriot has multiple weapons that are not strictly concussive. (Hard to draw these conclusions because kills are off camera and implied. That and it’s mostly structural damage.)

• Funding• Iron Man is largely funded by a privately owned company,

Stark Industries. • Iron Patriot is funded by the U.S.


Page 6: Iron Patriot/Man

SO WHY DOES THIS MATTER?• Iron Man is the id.

• He does what he wants, for the most part.• He wants a girl, he gets one, he wants a car, he buys one.• He wants to declare war against the Mandarin, he got what he wanted and then some.

• Iron Patriot is the ego.• He does what he is told to do by the government.

• He needs to escort the president, that’s what he will do.• He is told to hunt down the Mandarin, he does, and fails for the most part.

• Is there a super-ego?• Yes and no. There is not a suit that acts as the super ego, however Jarvis, equipped in

the suits, can act as the super ego but is largely ignored.• Pepper Pots is the next best thing to the super ego when it comes to Iron Man. She

controls Tony by way of emotion.

Page 7: Iron Patriot/Man

WHERE DOES LACAN COME IN?• The real• Both Iron Man and Iron Patriot are the real. (Well, in the movie

universe that is.)• Iron Man is the part that is free to roam as a child and do whatever is fun.• Iron Patriot does not do this because of the fact that he is order, being

military and part of the governing branch.

• The mirror stage• Iron man is a great representation. Because Iron Man, the suit itself,

became a tool of demand. Demand for the military to have exclusive access to the Iron Man suit, hence Iron Patriot.

Page 8: Iron Patriot/Man

MIRRORS!• Both suits are mostly mirrored physically,

but there are a lot of differences.• The color scheme

• Iron Man: “hot rod” red and gold, which is edgy and unaffiliated with any government.

• Iron Patriot: Red, white, and American blue. With a star on the chest to pay respects to Captain America.

• Weaponry: While not expressly shown off, the weapons are all hidden in Iron Man, Iron Patriot has a big gun on the shoulders. Which reminds people that Iron Patriot in fact was called War Machine.

Page 9: Iron Patriot/Man


• Lacan and Freud have left a lasting mark on psychology as we know it.• Lacan bringing more depth with mirroring, the real, and the symbolic order.• While this analysis has become broader as I have shown, there is still much

more depth than I can fathom at this point with Lacan and all of his work and research.• As for Iron Man, Iron Patriot and Pepper Potts or Jarvis, they are characters

that fully support in some way shape or form of all that I have explained.