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  • Vocabulary List #2: IslamAll ClassesCaravanOasisProphetMuslimMonotheismPolytheismBoycottImamPilgrimageQurannomadHonors12. People of the Book13. Convert14. Kaba15. Caliph16. Abu Bakr

  • 1. Caravan: a group of merchants that travel together on camels.

  • 2. A place where water can be found in the desert.

  • 3. prophet: a person who speaks to and interprets the words of God.

  • 4. Muslim: a man, woman, or child that practices the religion Islam.

  • 5. monotheism: any religion that believes in only one God.


  • 6. polytheism: any religion that believes in more than one God.


  • 7.boycott: a refusal to do business with an organization, family, or group.

  • 8. imam: a leader of prayer in a mosque.

  • 9. pilgrimage: a journey or trip to any religious site.

  • 10. Quran: the holy book of Islam

  • 11. nomad: a person who moves from place to place looking for food, water, or shelter.

  • Vocabulary List #3KabaShahadahSalatZakatSiyamHajjRamadanAllahu AkbarPeople of the Book Mecca