Isnt it deadly having a boss looming over your head i will tell you how to fire your boss and get pa

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Do not work to build somebody else's dreams. Live your dreams and do what you are passionate about. It's high time to fire your boss and hire yourself!


  • Isnt It Deadly Having A Boss Looming Over YourHead? I Will Tell You How To Fire Your Boss And GetPaid For That! /how-to-fire-your-boss/

    Anam Tahir

    Ms. Laila* is calling you in her office right now, a colleague of mine broke the newsto me as I entered the staff room, dead tired after taking six lectures in a row.

    My heart sank. I could literally hear my heart pounding in my throat at a speed ofthousand beats a second! My throat got thorny and my legs began to quiver as if rughad been pulled from under my feet.

    Despite the fact

    it was a chilly winter day, I started sweating.

    Its home time already! What does this woman want from me? Why the heck is she calling me again inher office? I said to myself as I put stack of lecture notes in my hand on to my desk.

    Dreading the next few minutes of my life, I decide to leave the grave cold staff room on the third floor ofthe school building for my burial in another grave her office on the second floor.

    Outside, I pretended to be normal. Inside, I was screaming. I wanted to run away from the school likean animal runs away for its life from the predator knowing it is going to be hunted down soon.

    Having no control over my work life, I had to obey by the orders and see the face that I would intimidatelooking at every single morning.

    With little energy left in my legs, I slowly moved down the staircase with failing attempts to calm myselfdown. The time had stood still. I could feel every single beat of my heart. Never had I felt my breath sointensely. As I held tight on to the handrail for my dear self-respect, with my face scrunched up with

  • stress, I found myself standing on the second floor. To me it was no less than a day of judgementbefore the end of this world.

    Three knocks on her glass door. She was going through some papers placed in an unorderly fashionon her desk glancing at her computer screen back and forth. Those ten seconds seemed no shorterthan ten years. Suddenly I dont feel my legs. A cold wave ran down my spine towards my feet.

    Come in, I heard a dimmed voice through the glass, with her head still facing down at the desk. Isqueaked open the door. She asked me to have a seat right opposite to her. Sitting across her tablemade me feel like a culprit in a cell, waiting to be sentenced. Almost another thirty seconds of deadlysilence and she breaks the ice.

    You wont be taking Section D anymore. We have another teacher in place.

    The rug was pulled from under my feet. They took away this one particular section from me, slashed achunk of my already meager salary of Rs.27,000 by 25% coupled with utter embarrassment that I hadto face for the next two weeks in front of my co-workers.

    You must be thinking, why?

    Another member of the faculty, having close terms with the principle, was interested in taking thatsection. And so it happened. Work politics had stabbed me brutally.

    Thats one bitter example of having a boss looming over your head. Havent you ever gone throughsomewhat similar situation?

    Even if you are not working at a school, you must have experienced these insults and harsh momentsat the hands of your boss as well.

    If having a boss around haunts you day in and day out


    Youdonthave togothroughthis

    anymore! You too can enjoy your work without the fear of getting fired or demoted by your boss at anyordained time.

    Wondering how, right?

    Dont worry,

  • Ill Tell You How To Fire Your Boss And Get Paid For That Too!

    Fire your boss and get paid for that

    Have your own business!

    You must be thinking to yourself,

    Duh! As if we dont know that! Dude where to bring that capital investment from? Huh!

    Relax.Relax. Relax.

    I am talking about

    having your very own online business.

    Perks Of Having An Online Business

  • Have anonline

    businessand live



    Number #1: YOU are YOUR own Boss!

    Say No to seeking permissions from others for things YOU L OVE to do in YOURWAY!

    It is the ultimate answer to how to fire your boss!


    Having your very own online business means youdont have to be answerable to anyone!

    No more orders. No more Yes boss.

    No one can bitch around! Excuse my french butthats how it is. People, aka bosses, only knowhow to **tch around and kick your self-esteem inits butt!

    Having your own business means no more other people getting on your nerves. No more b***s*** ofothers turning your nights into sleepless nights and giving you nightmares.

    Number #2: You dont have enough money? No problem!

    A very little initial outlay is required as compared to conventional businesses.

    Starting an online business, quite contrary to the conventional business world as we know it, requiresvery little initial outlay. It can be as little as a couple of thousand dollars. Yes, thats right!

    Starting a conventional business even at a very small scale from the scratch, for instance, franchisingsome food chain such as SubWay, requires at least 10x more capital investment. Whilst setting up anonline business from the scratch requires very little funds.

    So, no more excuses.

    I dont have enough money to invest or I dont want to put myself at risk by taking bank loan cannothold you back anymore!

  • All you need is a little start-up capital and time. Thats it! And trust me all your time and money investedwill get back to you manifold! Its not some get-rich-quick scheme. It will take some time, a few monthsperhaps to settle down, but once you kick in, it will give you a return on investment way more than whatyou invested.

    Number #3: Time Freedom

    NO BOSS to snub you for not making it on their given time!

    Having your own online business means no more alarm clocks haunting you in your dreams! Having adigital presence means you can start your work literally at any time of the day!

    Say No to alarm clocks!

    Nobody will penalize you if you start your work late. No body will warn youfor not being on time if you overslept because you had gone to yourfriends birthday party last night.

    No more Monday Blues!

    You get to set your work routine yourself. You can start your work at anytime of the day, take as many breaks as you need and at whatever timeyou want, and finish your day at the time that matches your circadian rhythm.

    Okay just let me give you an overview of the laptop lifestyle. Here,

    Youre feeling exhausted. No big deal! Take a nap.

    Youre feeling hungry. Get up and get something to eat.

    Youve been working for quite sometime at a stretch. No worries! Go out, run and take a round. Andthere you are fresh and relaxed! You dont wanna runokay then, watch TV, listen to your favoriteplaylist, have a tea time.

    You want to go shopping with your friends or mum before the sale closes. Nothing to worry about.Reschedule your work for the day and go grab your favorite dress or pair of shoes on sale.

    Your sibling is over from abroad and you want to spend some us-time. No problem! Take some time ordays off!

    The list is endless. Any thing, literally, any thing that comes to your mind you name it and you can do it!

    And and and.

    NO MORE PERMISSIONS from your boss! Phew!

    Number #4: Geographical Freedom

    You dont have to imprison yourself within the office walls any more!

    You do not have to compromise on your passion for travelling!

    No more do you have to ask your boss for going on a vacation!

  • No longer do you have to miss out on that beautiful weather outside!

    You canliterallyworkfrom

    anyplace, anywhere around the world! Even while you are travelling.

    All you need is a laptop and an internet connection . Thats it!

    You can sit on the beach, and work while enjoying the serenity of nature and listening to the sound ofwater.

    Number #5: Runs on Auto-Pilot

    Earn even while you sleep!

    Yes, You read it right!

    Having an online business is no less than heavenly. You earn even while you areasleep. Internet allows people in any part of the world to buy from you through yourwebsite even when you are not working. Once the system is setup, it runsautomatically.

    That means, every morning you will wake up excited to see how much you haveearned over the last night while you were curling up in bed and dreaming or partying hard with friends.

    Number #6: Follow YOUR Passion, Chase YOUR Dreams

    Say NO To Being SOMEBODY ELSES Money Making ROBOT!

  • Do what You Love to live your dreams!

    Isnt it heart breaking when you work your arse offonly to find yourself fulfilling someone elsesdreams?

    I know it is! Diving into the online world andstarting your own business in the digital economygives you all the space not just to dream butactually live your dreams and turn them into realityby working on what you are passionate about inthe way you want it to be.

    So why waste time?

    Number #7: You Dont Even Have To Have Your Own ProductsYour questions,

    But, I dont have any products of my own!??

    But, I have no clue what products should I have?

    My answer,

    No Worries!

    This is the coolest part of running an online business. To run your own business, having your ownproducts is not even a compulsion. You can build your business by marketing someone elsesproducts.

    Isnt that cool!

    Someone else does all the effort, puts in all the resources, spends hundreds of millions of dollars onresearch to come up with those products and you just have to sell them and earn money incommissions.

    And the best part is that you are not their employee.

    Its your business. You run it the way you want it to.

    Number #8: No Commute Fatigue

    NO more TRAFFIC jams!

  • Now this benefit entails a list of other benefits in itself. Not havingto commute to go to work holds that:

    - No more getting stuck in traffic and getting frustrated to the pointwhere you want to pull your hair, smash your cars horn or set thisworld on fire!

    - Not having to worry about catching the train or cab and leavinghome on time.

    - No more wasting tonnes of time down the drain while going fromyour home to office and back home.

    - No more fuel expenses.

    Number #9: Dont feel like dressing upthen Dont !Seriously,

    Tell me,who onEarthwants toget upearly inthemorningandjumpintothosefitteddressesandheels ifyou areawoman, or a suit if you are a man.

    No one!

    Waking up (at your own time) and NOT having to take off your pajamas just to fit in those ironed,starched, stiff clothes is one of the best, if not the best, feelings in the world! Honestly everyone wantsto have some me-time in those heavenly PJs, have breakfast, watch some TV and then change.

    This is absolutely not a dream when you have an online business.

    Number #10: No Deadlines!The pressure of meeting deadlines is deadly! Right?

  • Haveyou ever

    experienced feeling like running away from your own life?

    Have you ever wished to escape the blood-sucking corporate life and start living in the mountainsbecause you just cant take the pressures anymore and that too imposed by others upon you?

    Have you ever been there when you have to submit a report and time is running fast, and you want topull your hair or break somebodys head or slap someone in their face?

    I am sure you have been there as well.


    why dont you do something that enables you to break free from these nerve wrecking pressures andstop lashing your brain for once and for all?

    Having your own online business eliminates the pressure of meeting endless deadlines from theroot. Owning an online business means no bosses on your head. No boss means no one to report to.And having no one to report to means no deadlines.

    Isnt it great!

    Number #11: Better Health

    Hitting the gym, running on the beach or going for a walk in the park no more adelusion! As now you have all the abundance of time that you have always cravedfor.

    Cutting off yourself from all the negatives of being somebodys employee and exposing yourself to theabove mentioned benefits of working in a digital economy will give you all the time freedom to focus onyour physical wellness that in turn will give you the much sought-after peace-of-mind.

    Here comes in the famous But

    Who Will Give YOU The Road Map To Build YOUR Own Online Business?

    I dont know where to start from.

  • I dont have anyone to guide me.

    I dont have any experience in online industry, how can I be an onlineentrepreneur?

    There is a lot of scam out there in the name of get-rich-quick schemes. Who do Itrust?

    These are a few of the many obvious fears popping up in your head right now .

    Relax and take a deep breath!

    Here is the solution.

    Six Figure MentorsSFM is an online training platform that provides you with a ready-to-go business system setup.Every tool needed to setup your own online business is provided to you in a done-for-you state.

    From designing your own website to marketing your business, every single tool is provided to youalong with regular online training. Jay and Stuart, co-founders of SFM, walk you through every singlestep needed to build your online business from the scratch! So, dont worry even if you are a newbie.

    Do not think of Six Figure Mentors as just another online educational platform. Because it is not.

    SFM is a unique and one of the best affiliate marketing educational platforms out there. It not onlyprovides you with all the necessary tools needed to start your own online business but gives youongoing live training sessions by masterminds where you can interact with real people in real time.

    If you want to learn more about Six Figure Mentors, then click here.

    No more staring at the computer screen and feeling like a robot.

    Arent you excited to fire your boss and get paid for that!

    If you are curious to know more onhow to fire your boss, then clickhere. If you liked it please feel freeto connect with me on socialmedia and share it with yourfriends and family.

    I would love to have yourcomments and hear back fromyou!

    I wish you all the very best in yourendeavors to live a life of yourdreams.

    Anam Tahir

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    Isnt It Deadly Having A Boss Looming Over Your Head? I Will Tell You How To Fire Your Boss And Get Paid For That!If having a boss around haunts you day in and day outIll Tell You How To Fire Your Boss And Get Paid For That Too!Perks Of Having An Online BusinessNumber #1: YOU are YOUR own Boss!Say No to seeking permissions from others for things YOU L OVE to do in YOUR WAY!

    Number #2: You dont have enough money? No problem!A very little initial outlay is required as compared to conventional businesses.

    Number #3: Time FreedomNO BOSS to snub you for not making it on their given time!Say No to alarm clocks!No more Monday Blues!

    Number #4: Geographical FreedomYou dont have to imprison yourself within the office walls any more!You do not have to compromise on your passion for travelling!No more do you have to ask your boss for going on a vacation!No longer do you have to miss out on that beautiful weather outside!

    Number #5: Runs on Auto-PilotEarn even while you sleep!

    Number #6: Follow YOUR Passion, Chase YOUR DreamsSay NO To Being SOMEBODY ELSES Money Making ROBOT!Do what You Love to live y...